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The Joke's On You

Chapter Thirteen: Never Forget


Kagome smiled as the wind caressed her skin and blew her hair out of her face. She watched as the waves smashed onto the shore and the sun's rays warmed the beach's sand. "Inuyasha, it's beautiful." She felt him walk up behind her and she was suddenly wrapped in his jacket. His chin rested at the top of her head and her body enveloped in his arms. Kagome turned her head slightly so she could see his face. He looked so serene and he was smiling. "It's been a while since you've been to the beach, right?"

"Yeah," Inuyasha spoke gently. "The last time I came here, me and the others were just having some fun during the summer. It was back when we were in high school." Kagome didn't say anything. "...And we were picking up chicks?" He smirked when he felt her go stiff in his arms.

"Picking up chicks?!" She shrieked as she whirled around and faced him. Their noses almost touching, Inuyasha shot her his famous smirk. "You better be joking."

"What? It was before I met you." She only pouted and walked away. He watched as she made her way across the beach, the water eventually coming up once in a while to touch her small feet. Her long black hair swaying back and forth in the wind. "Kagome?" Slightly afraid she was actually mad at him, he called out to her.

"Inuyasha, I was wondering." He could barely hear her voice and she turned around to look at him. "What do you like about me?" Inuyasha stayed silent for a few minutes.

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?!"

"What do you like about me?"

"I asked you first."

"Since you asked, you must have an answer. You tell me, then I'll tell you." Kagome pursed her lips and shook her head. He let out a quiet laugh as she stuck her tongue out at him. "You don't wanna tell me? Fine." He turned away as well and began to take a few steps.

"I like everything about you. Even your flaws."

"Flaws? What flaws?" It was Kagome's turn to smirk.

"You want me to make a list? Alright. Well, there's plenty. You're short-tempered, jealous, egotistic, and as Sango likes to call you, you're the devil."

"Hey! Take that back!" It took Kagome a tiny bit to register the fact that the boy had already started running in her direction. She let out a small yelp before turning around and trying her best to out run the other one, of course, it didn't work out too well. Within seconds, Inuyasha had caught her in his arms and Kagome was screaming. Spinning her around to look at him, Inuyasha stared her in the eye. "I like you, because..." He trailed off. "...even when the devil in me wants to come out, you always - always - bring me back." Kagome smiled as his face inched closer to hers. Her eyes fluttered shut when she felt her lips connect with his. When he broke the kiss, he panicked when he saw her crying. "Oh God, what did I do?" She laughed.

"Nothing. I'm just...happier than I have been in a while." She brought up her right hand to wipe away the tears, and he relaxed as his eyes rested on the ring on her middle finger. "You know, if my dad hadn't died, and my mom hadn't fallen in love with your dad...then we wouldn't have met." Kagome was actually happy that they had gone through this. For what she said was true. Without this whole issue, her and Inuyasha would never have realized their feelings for each other.

"You're wrong."


"Even if it weren't for our parents, we would have met. Maybe, you would have been working at Sango's place, and spilt a drink on me. Maybe, I would have met you through Miroku during a basketball practice, or maybe you fell asleep in the bus seat next to me and drooled on my shirt. Or-"

"Hey! I don't drool!" He laughed.

"Either way, we would have met. You know why?"


"Because we are destined to be together. I would find you." Once again, Kagome gave into tears. "Why are you so emotional today? Aren't we supposed to be enjoying our first official date?" Inuyasha lifted his hand and wiped away her tears with this thumb. "Come on, let's go get some ice cream."

"What are you, twelve?"

"Hey, are you complaining?"

"No, sir."

"Good, let's go."

For the first time in a very long while, Kagome felt truly happy. She was free to be with Inuyasha and she was allowed to love him. Nothing could compare to this.

Kagome sighed as she lifted the towel to dry her damp hair. Her slippers making a slapping sound against the hardwood stairs, she jumped slightly when the phone rang. She hurried down the stairs and ran into the living room, managing to pick up the phone before the person on the other end hung up. "Hello, Takahashi residence, Kagome speaking."

"Kagome?" The woman on the other line sounded confused. "Who are you?" Kagome didn't know how to answer. "Oh, that won't matter for now. Anyway, I'm looking for Inuyasha." The young girl wasn't worried, this woman sounded quite a bit older. "I'm his mother."

"Mother?!" Kagome accidentally blurted out at the top of her lungs.

"Yes, dear. Is he home?"

"Uhh, no. Not at the moment. Could I take a message?"

"Oh, no. That's alright, I'll just call back later. Will you be home at six o' clock?" The woman was speaking directly to her, asking her if she would be home. "Hello?" Kagome blinked several times before she realized she hadn't said anything yet.

"Uh, yes. We'll be home."

"Alright, dear. I'll call back then. Thank you." There was a click. His mother? Inuyasha never spoke about his mother before. Didn't Mom say that Uncle hasn't seen Inuyasha's mother in over fifteen years? I remember Uncle also telling me that he was married once before Inuyasha's mother as well. First, he married Kaoru - Sesshomaru's mother. Kaoru fell ill and she passed away. A couple of years later, Uncle married Inuyasha's mother. Other than that, I don't know anything else. I always thought that Inuyasha's mother had also passed away, since nobody really liked to talk about her much. Kagome turned when she heard her mother coming down the stairs.

"Who called honey?"

"Mom, could I ask you something?" Kagome and Hitomi took their seats on the couch in the living room next to each other. This was going to be a long talk. That night, when Inuyasha came home, Kagome ran out of the kitchen and cornered him at the front door. Inuyasha looked at her and smiled slightly, wondering what she was trying to do. He opened his mouth to ask, but she clamped her hand over the bottom half of his face. "Your mother called today." She saw Inuyasha's eyes go wide and then back to normal. He reached up and pulled her small hand off his face.

"I'm gonna go take a shower." He brushed passed her, not bothering to talk about the fact that his mother had tried to contact him. Kagome figured that she'd ask InuTaisho, if Inuyasha didn't want to talk.

"Inuyasha's mother?" InuTaisho sounded shocked.

"Yes. I've spoken to him, but he didn't seem too happy. If you don't feel comfortable telling me, Uncle, you don't have to."

"No no, Kagome." He smiled at her. "You're going to be a part of this family soon. You have a right to know. You see, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are half-brothers, since they have different mothers. Inuyasha's mother left us when he was just a little boy. Why she left us, we were never really sure of. She just disappeared one day. Inuyasha always thought that it was because of him that his mother left. He blamed himself, and believed that it was because he was a bad child. However, as he grew older, he started blaming his mother herself."


"Kagome, Inuyasha's endured many emotional wounds as a child and a young adult. I just hope you'll be there to support him while I'm not there."


Those were the emotional wounds Uncle was talking about? Kagome was snapped out of her thoughts when Inuyasha came down the stairs. "Kagome, go get dressed."

"What, why?"

"Just go." Reluctantly, Kagome got out of her seat and went up the stairs. Inuyasha let out a sigh and sat down next to his father. There was a thick silence for a few moments. "Dad,"

"Going to see her?" InuTaisho looked up at his son, smiling. "Are you sure you're ready?"

"I don't know."

"It's about time, really. What's the worse that could happen?"

To be honest, Inuyasha wanted to see his mother ever since she started calling a few years ago. He just never had the courage to actually get up and go. However, he never really knew if he had forgiven her yet. What would he do if he saw her? Would he lose control and just lash out at her? He heard the light footsteps of a certain someone. No, he wouldn't. Because Kagome would be there to stop him.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see." He took a hold of her hand and proceeded to the front door.

"Inuyasha, are we going to see your mother?"

"You're not as dumb as you look."

"Hey!" Soon, they found themselves in InuTaisho's car, driving towards the restaurant where they would meet the woman who had abandoned Inuyasha over fifteen years ago. Kagome had a weird feeling in her gut as Inuyasha pulled up in the parking lot. Inuyasha didn't seem as nervous as he made his way around the car and pulling open her door.

"Are you coming?" He extended his hand out to her. Trying hard not to shake, Kagome took his hand and stepped out of the car. When Kagome looked up, a beautiful woman was waiting at the front door. The woman was gorgeous, she had long black hair and stunning gray-blue eyes. Her lips were glossed a light pink, and she looked nothing like a mother.

Inuyasha stopped before the woman.

"Inuyasha," The woman had tears in her eyes as she brought up her hands to touch his face. However, the said-boy moved away, and the woman looked disappointed. She then looked over at Kagome and smiled. "You must be Kagome." Her voice was soft and filled Kagome with a warm feeling. "I've been looking forward to meeting my future daughter-in-law." Kagome didn't know what to do except for smile. The three of them made their way into the restaurant and took their seats. "Kagome, you're still in college, yes?" Kagome nodded. "What are you studying?"

"Well, I..." Kagome and Inuyasha's mother carried on a casual conversation as Inuyasha sat across from them, looking annoyed. "Auntie-"

"Please, call me Izayoi." After a few more sharing of stories, Izayoi turned towards her son. "Inuyasha, I've spoken to your father. I heard he's cancelling the wedding, I was really looking forward to the celebration."

"Hm, what makes you think I care?" Kagome nudged him in the ribs as he made his comment. Sheesh, talk about rude. And to his own mother no less. If he wasn't ready to forgive her, why did he bring us to come see her?

"Inuyasha, I just want to make things right before I leave to America." Izayoi had explained that she was a fashion designer, so travelling wasn't anything new for her. "I left fifteen years ago because being a Takahashi housewife wasn't what I wanted to be-"

"How come you never divorced? You just left without a word, and we didn't know where you were. Even if Dad did want to get married, he wouldn't be able to. He wouldn't even know where to send the divorce papers!" Inuyasha leaned forward in his chair as he ranted. Kagome grabbed a hold of his arm.

"I loved your father, and I still do. I just wanted to go out and find something that gave me more meaning to life. However, your grandmother - she wouldn't allow it. Leaving you was the hardest part, Inuyasha." If Izayoi wasn't near crying, Inuyasha would have laughed.

"You know what? I don't have time for this." Inuyasha threw down his napkin and stormed out of the restaurant. Kagome sat there, stunned at his reaction.

"Izayoi, I'm sorry."

"That's quite alright. I never expected him to forgive me anyway. I just wanted to see him now that he's all grown up. And I can see that he really cares about you."


"Yes. The way he looks at you - that's the way I used to look at his father."

That night, Kagome couldn't sleep. Izayoi looked so hurt when Inuyasha stormed out of the restaurant. Although Izayoi was wrong to leave Inuyasha so long ago - two wrongs do not make a right. However, Inuyasha looked so eager to see his mother again when they were driving there in the car. She had never seen him so nervous. He was constantly sighing and tapping his finger on the steering wheel, biting his lip and fidgeting in his seat. Kagome threw the covers off the bed and got up. She stood outside Inuyasha's room and knocked lightly.

"Who is it?" Kagome didn't say anything as she opened the door. They locked eyes before he quietly turned away.

"Um, you didn't come down for dinner. So, I thought you'd like a midnight snack or something." Kagome said as she stood there awkwardly, twisting her hands together and looking at the floor. Inuyasha didn't say anything. Oh great... Kagome thought. There was one thing that Inuyasha didn't know about her. When she was having a conversation with someone, and they didn't respond - she would never shut up. "Hey, you know what? I was passing that store today and I saw a shirt that would really suit you. I thought about buying it but I didn't know if you'd like it." Inuyasha turned in his seat and shot her a confused gaze. "And you know what else? I was-"



"Shut up."

"Oh, sorry. I was just-"

"What did I just say?"

"Oh." Kagome bit her lip. "Sorry." It was silent for a while before Inuyasha got out of his seat and approached her. Soon, she found that their noses were almost touching as his lips curved up into a small smile. Her ears were filled with the sound of his quiet laughter as he placed a kiss on her lips.

"You worry too much."

"Well, maybe if you knew how to handle things properly, I wouldn't have to worry!" She retorted. Suddenly, Inuyasha's door swung open again - and there stood Hitomi and InuTaisho.

"Inuyasha, your mother is coming to visit tomorrow."

"Alright." The door closed, and Kagome and Inuyasha were alone once again.

"What was that all about?"


"I thought you - she's visiting tomorrow? But-"

"Don't worry about it." He's forgiven her? When did this happen? How come I wasn't there?

"When did this happen?! What made you change your mind?" Kagome smiled as Inuyasha gave her his answer. Inuyasha wasn't as heartless as he made himself to be. She knew he would come around eventually. After all, what would a family be without a mother?

"I just...missed her, that's all."

Kagome let out a victorious laugh as she launched herself at him to embrace him. Her Inuyasha was coming back.

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