I wrote this little thingy with Bianca Mephisto and thus she should get half the blame for it, also neither of us own CATS, except on DVD, but sadly enough that doesn't count.

The hat molester cat.

It was a lovely spring day, most of the queens were in heat, and had long since found someone to spend the day with; but their scent still hung thickly in the air of the old abandoned junkyard, as Mistoffelees was unlucky enough to find out.

Mistoffelees sighed as he tried once again to sense if there were any queens nearby - the scent had made him wanton, but there wasn't anyone around. Mistoffelees cursed softly to himself as he sat down next to the hat Bustopher Jones used to sit on whenever he came to visit them at the Junkyard, not that that happened often these days. His owners had moved to an area in London that was quite far from the junkyard. He mindlessly stroked the hat while thinking of how miserable he was, when suddenly his paw cought on something.

Misto tilted his head slightly as he realized there was a hole in the hat. He once again looked around, there was still nobody but him… well besides the hat. Mistoffelees frowned to himself, had he just seriously considered the hat? Nah, he was just joking, yeah, that was it. He was just joking. He tried to convince himself whilst still softly stroking the hat, quite unaware of what he was doing. At least untill he felt the sudden urge of pleasure, that is.

Completely embarrassed Mistoffelees quickly hid the hat and went back to his human's home; he just hoped that no-one would notice the extra stain. But what our dear Mistoffelees forgot was that magical cats have magical seed, and so a few months later, when Bustopher Jones finally came by the junkyard again, and Mistoffelees went to grab a certain hat, it was giving birth to 7 adorable little kittens. As Mistoffelees pulled them out one by one, he vaguely heard his friend The Rum Tum Tugger say: "and they call me a show off! Blasted little kitten."

Hope you enjoyed it sofar, be sure to check the next chapter to see Bianca's work on this little thing :)