Different Time Different Space

Chapter Two: Fun and Games.

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Shinkirou – I can promise it'll be interesting.

IzanagiMikoto – About Irene, I wasn't originally planning on putting her in the story because I just didn't think about it but now that you mentioned her, I'll definitely add her in. And about Hagi, I'm still deciding how I should bring him in. I don't know if I want Lil'Hagi or Big Hagi. If I did Lil'Hagi he could help Kai with pulling pranks and thus bring down the wrath of the Fiery One.

Papapapuffy – Done.

AN: Well this is chapter two. Nuff'said.
A few days had past and things were still the same.

Whenever Kai and Saya would see each other, they'd have a stare-down. This could last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes or in one case, a few hours. Someone would call the other a name and no matter who started it would end with Saya inflicting physical harm upon Kai.

Riku and Diva where about the same as well, Diva would drag Riku all over the place and usually do something to make the young boy blush but that was common for him.

With Saya and Kai rooming next to each other things always got off to a bang.

Kai seemed to have reverted back to his childhood whenever he thought of his number one tormentor (Diva was a close second) and he'd usually pull a prank.

Saya's Room Early Morning

Saya was starting to come to. She could feel something on her chest and heard a peculiar noise. Slowly she opened her eyes to be greeted by the sight of a giant bullfrog looking straight at her.

"AHHH!" Saya screamed, much to Kai's delight.

When Saya look up to see that her door was cracked open she walk over to see Kai standing on the other side, trying to keep from laughing.

"YOU FILTHY BRAT!!" Saya grabbed a vase from a stand next to the door, threw open said door and smashed it over Kai's head.

"Ahh! You bitch, you didn't need to do that!" Kai screamed as he rubbed this bloodied head.

"What...did you...just call...me?" Saya's eyes started to glow red (Not because of her species but because of rage). She tore the doorknob off of a door and crushed it in the palm of her hand. Being as the doorknob was made of brass this was an amazing and for Kai, frightful feat of strength.

Kai decided to run and Saya decided to follow.

All though out the mansion the sound of screaming and smashing could be heard.

Riku's Room

Awaking to a large crash Riku asked himself "What's going on out there."

"Sister and Kai are probably fighting again." Diva replied as she put her arms around Riku and pulled him into a hug.

"Why are you in my bed? Riku asked as he blushed.

"Because you're more comfortable than a stuffed animal." Diva said in the sweetest voice she could muster. Then she just pulled the boy closer, her breast were now pushed against the back of his neck which only made his blush brighten.

"Ah...ah...ah" Was all Riku could stammer out.

Letting out a content sigh Diva said "Anyway it's still too early to be up. Let's get some sleep."

Garden Mid Morning

Kai who was sporting several bumps and bruises (Each) was sitting on the grass petting a goat. When Riku walked up to him.

"Kai what happened to you?!" Riku gasped as he saw his brother for the first time that day.

"Hit wush tat hir-her-hey hitch." Kai said.

Translation: It was that fiery bitch.

Riku just gulped.

"Hay, hair's oow adow?" Kai asked.

Translation: Hey, where's your shadow?

Miraculously Riku could under stand him. This was made apparent when he replied "Joel needed to speak to her and Saya in private." Then he asked "Why is it you refer to her as 'The Ice Queen'?"

"Oow oun't ana owe." Kai said seriously.

Translation: You don't wanna know.

Riku than took a seat next to Kai.

"She seems so nice."

"Ish hehuss ee as u ang or oow." Kai said as he poked Riku in the side with his elbow.

Translation: It's because she has a thing for you.

"K-Kai!" Riku said with a blush. (Told you it was common)

"Eh eh eh eh" Kai laughed when he saw his brother blush.

Joel's Office

"Saya, you know that your actions were unladylike, correct?" Joel asked.

"Y-Yes but..."

"I know that he said some things but you nearly gave the lad a concussion."


"Saya, you need to be gentler, is that understood?"

"Yes sir."

"With that settled there is something else I'd like to talk about. I want all four of you to participate in an interesting game."

"A game?" The sisters asked simultaneously.

"Yes, I'd like for you Saya to look for a species of plant with Riku and for you Diva to look for a special insect with Kai."

"You're sending MY Riku off with this psycho? Who knows what she'll do to him!" Diva slammed her hands on the table.

"Hey! Who are you calling the psycho?!"

"The girl that smashed a vase over the boy's head."

The sibling bickering continued.


Kai and Riku had just stood up and where on their way back to the mansion when Saya and Diva came up to them.

"Joel has asked us to go look for something." Saya said.

"I ope oow oun't et ossed." Kai said sarcastically.

Diva and Saya just stared at him, not knowing what he said.

"He said 'I hope you don't get lost.' He meant it sarcastically." Riku translated.

Deciding to ignore Kai, Saya walked up and grabbed Riku's arm. "Let's go." She said as she pulled the confused and frightened kid along with her.

Diva did the same with Kai but nearly pulled his arm off.

Just then Saya decided to make Diva jealous, or at least more so. Saya leaned down and staring Riku in the eye with an almost dreamy look. Just then she pulled Riku closer and turned his head sideways, then as she kept one eye looking at the boy the other was staring at Diva who had stopped to see what was going on. Then she kissed him on the cheek.

"Et owe ol iey il other, oow eddow-ile." Kai screamed as he tried to rush the girl.

Translation: Let go of my little brother, you pedophile!

Diva who still had a grip on Kai was now looking down at her hand. Just then the air got REALLY cold. "Let's go..." Diva's voice was as cold as the environment now.

Just then she pulled Kai off in the opposite direction.

I know it was a short chapter and it's been a few days. But I really haven't had the time. But that won't be a problem for long. Spring Break is coming up and I'll have plenty of time to continue.

And yes the Saya kissing Riku thing was a bit odd, but that's how sibling rivalry works. Saya is definitely going to be bratty, we all know bratty Saya is fun

And no there's not going to be any real Saya/Riku shipping, though that is an interesting couple, weird but interesting. Saya just like to upset Diva and Riku is the best way.