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Running, stumbling and meeting

Chapter 1

Konoha was a huge village where the harbors were the 'money-maker' of the village. It was XVIII (18th) century, where exportation and importation was how business was made between countries and other villages.

In Konoha, a blond haired, blue eyed, lithe and smaller then average boys, Uzumaki Naruto, was gazing at the azure sky. Its clouds were reflecting in his innocent azure as summer sky eyes.

Naruto stumbled upon a person as his brain drifted upon the sky. He hit the hard, tall body and landed on his ass. He winced at the pain.

Naruto wasn't known by being polite, so he immediately felt the urge to shout at the person who supposedly, in his opinion, was the guilty one… And, so he did…

"Hey! Watch where you are going!" Naruto glared at the man. But, as he did so, his glare fell upon deep onyx eyes. A smirk was visible on the man's face.

"Hn. You were the one that bumped on me, usuratonkachi. You even fell ungraciously on ur butt."

Naruto glared harder. He could not keep eye contact for a long time, so he resumed inspecting who this man was by taking a whole view of him: the man had a plain white pirate shirt with a red slash on his waist. He also had black pants and brown boots.

Naruto's eyes scanned the man's figure: he had smooth pearly white skin, which was truly amazing, considering that pirates were always in the sun and had many scars because of the fighting and wars. So, if this man didn't have a scratch on his face, then he must be really strong as no man have laid a finger on him.

Naruto also noticed the man's raven locks… They looked so smooth. What made him almost laugh was the back of his hair: its style resembled like a peacock tail feathers. He supposed the man used that hairstyle because it made him feel superior and attract more females to him.

Naruto grunted low in his throat. Yet, the man heard him.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Just your stupid hair." Naruto stood up and burst laughing.

'This guys is really brave, or just plainly stupid' Sasuke thought. He was known and feared all over the world, how could a kid, yes a kid, because Naruto was small, dear to stand up against him? And what wrong was with his hairstyle? All the women he had met, and even some men, said that his hair was sexy, among… other stuff.

As Naruto laughed, Sasuke made an effort as to not laugh with him.

Looking at this kid while he was laughing, it made you wanna laugh with him… It was a strange feeling.

Naruto stopped laughing and whipped his tears, then he looked at Sasuke… at least where he should have been.

"Hey, where have you gon…"

He could not finish his question as he felt a velvet voice near his left ear, tickling it with hot breath.

"Hn. You are cute, you knew that?"

Sasuke smirked as he saw Naruto red up, maybe from anger, maybe from embarrassment. He didn't knew, yet he thought that the blond looked pretty when he was like that: pouty lips, fist clenched, red face, eyes fuming.

"Don't call me cute!!! That's for girls!" Naruto was pissed, more like, humiliated. How could a guy call him cute?! Outrageous!

"Well, you almost resemble one."

Sasuke explained as it was the most logical thing.

As he saw Naruto's face lit up with anger, now he was sure it was anger, he smirked. It was so fun to tease him. Naruto was like an open book.

"Teme!!! Don't call me that! What are you? Gay?"

He almost cackled evilly. Of course he was gay. He was bisexual by the way, yet he preferred men to women as they were really annoying. He couldn't take with the pink haired bitch. Not even the blonde one who was her best friend: always fanning over him.

"Yeah. Precisely, I'm bi. And I just seem to be fond of little blonds."

His smirk increased as he saw Naruto's shocked expression. To make things better, he started walking towards him, and to his amusement, Naruto was taking one-step back as he took one-step forward.

That's how Naruto's back made contact with a wall. How had he gotten himself in an alley? He looked at both sides, trying to find an escape, and as he found none, he almost cried because he glanced at Sasuke and saw in his eyes excitement. Sasuke was the predator and he was the prey. He gulped, and gulped again. What to do?

His mind stopped as Sasuke had one hand next to his head and his face was inches from his.

'Oh God, what to do now?' He just hated himself for being weak, and it was hard to admit it. His strength wasn't more then a girl's. Well, maybe a bit more, yet he was still fragile. He saw Sasuke leaning closer. Oh dear, he was trapped as a mouse…