A/N: So this is not a full chapter, but this is a preview (the first page - actually, the 2 pages, because I write my chapters in M. Word) because I haven't written the whole chapter yet. But didn't want to keep you guys, besides, this is the boring part of the chapter. It's going to take me more time to write Chapter 11, since I'm planing of including the party and many interactions between characters. Hang in there, because it's going to be posted this week. :)

Preview of Chapter 11

The carriage was shaking more than usual. Naruto figured out that they were going on a dirt road with rocks along the way. His eyes were closed because he didn't want to stare at his Master's handsome figure which made him feel flustered and anxious. Sometimes, he could feel his gaze on him and he would start to blush and feel embarrassed inside, but he kept his eyes closed and pretended he didn't know.

He could smell the wet grass and hear the rustling of the leaves. Besides the sound of the carriage's wheels, it was the only thing he could hear because his Master wasn't saying anything. The carriage was rocking him into nothingness, where all he could see behind his eyes was black, no thoughts clouding his mind. He started to forget the sounds of Nature, and entered a world of silence and relaxation… A warmness in his chest made him melt into his sleep.

He saw himself in the mirror in his bedroom back at the mansion. The room was empty. He was dressed in his luxurious garments and his necklace was on his usual place. Suddenly, he sees in the mirror another hand appearing near his shoulder. He jumped a bit. He followed the hand with his eyes as it slid down his shoulder and over his chest, laying on where his heart was beating strongly. The hand had a ring with a red gemstone as his, and when he realised he suddenly lifted his head to look into the mirror and see his Master's seductive expression. His heart banged hard in his chest, and his Master smirked.

He opened his eyes instantly and stared for a bit into open space.