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Red Moon & Golden Sun

Chapter 1


Uzumaki Naruto, a lost hanyou, lives in the Sharingan's forest. Fate's road drives him to encounter Uchiha Itachi, the Sharingan's king. A prophecy was made implying them both. Why is the world's future depending on Naruto?

Why is Naruto on Itachi's clutch?


Itachi – 20

Sasuke – 15

Naruto - 15

Kakashi – 26

Chapter 1:

The Prophecy

Once upon a time… in the Medieval Era, Sharingan was the ruler of the fire country, the best country in that world (A/N: imagine America's current state on the world). Sharingan was a vast kingdom where people were happy and children played outside on the streets without worries.

That was until the ruler of the Sound country, blinded by jealousy and power-thirsty, started a war against the Sharingan kingdom. The ruler of it, named as Uchiha Fugaku went to battle with his troops against Orochimaru and his namely troops.

The battle was bloody, a pure carnage. Fugaku almost won, if not for the tricky minded Orochimaru, who sent a spy with a bomb on his body to where Fugaku was located. The spy, crazy as he was, followed Orochimaru's previous orders and self-blown himself, Fugaku not escaping the merciless explosion.

Most of Sharingan's troops were dead and the kingdom was extremely vulnerable, including its people.

Yet, as Orochimaru climbed the stairs to victory, the infamous Fugaku's son stopped him: Uchiha Itachi. The red-eyed man made him retreat himself to live a life of misery to his country, Sound, without an effort.

Uchiha's were the most respected clan, as they belonged to royalty, and the most prestigious family of that clan, namely Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Itachi (previous included their parents: Uchiha Mikoto previous queen and Uchiha Fugaku previous king, belonged to the throne. Sasuke was the younger brother, so, normally, he was the prince to the kingdom, as Itachi was the king due to the death of their father. Their mother died due to a very rare disease when Itachi was 10 and Sasuke 5.


Currently, Itachi was sat on the throne, inspecting his black-polished nails. Sasuke, who sat next to him knew his brother better then anyone, and he could tell that Itachi was bored. Well, he couldn't blame his aniki: he was pretty bored too.

He glanced at Itachi.

The new king was truly respected over the world, and the female population fawned all over him. No wonder, he inherited the best of the Uchiha genetics: blood red eyes, which could make you piss your pants only with a glare; silky long black hair, which was tied into a low ponytail; tall, lean and muscled body. It only made him look even more intimidating, or, in the female opinion: drop-dead sexy; long eyelashes, which would make any man look feminine and shame all the woman, yet, on him, it made his look more penetrating; perfectly sculpted nose, full light pink lips and elegant eyebrows; manly face, yet delicate; pale skin as the moon, flawless as silk. His daily garments were black, red… and black. He had a black fishnet under the black silky tunic with red streaks on the side, black pants, black skin boots and a long black cape with the Sharingan's symbol in red.

Sasuke sighed.

All in all, Itachi was the most desired king in all kingdoms.

Sasuke was a bit 'jealous' of his brother's frame. Where Itachi was big, Sasuke was small. When an unfortunate girl called Sasuke 'cute', he grew so angry that he glared at her until she fainted of fear.

Since then, if someone dared to call him fluffy names or annoy him, he would glare so much at them that they will drive crazy and run across the sea.

"Aniki, I'm going outside."

"Suit yourself." Itachi sighed. Damn, this was more boring then scrub the whole palace with a toothbrush.

Sasuke smirked. Itachi showed emotions only to Sasuke yet, those emotions were limited.

He had to admit: Itachi was really strong. When their mother died, Sasuke cried. The one able to comfort him was Itachi, even if it was on his way. He was always near his otouto and sometimes soothed him, including, he told Sasuke bedtime stories (A/N: Sasuke was 5 when their mother died).

When their father died, already 1 year ago, he became overprotective of Sasuke. He never let his younger brother out of sight and no enemy dared to touch his otouto.

Sasuke's smirk turned into a small smile. He really liked his aniki. Even if he looked like a ruthless king, inside, he was a gentle, caring person.

And Sasuke was really happy that his brother cared so much for him to 'dare' to show some emotion near him. After all, Uchihas NEVER showed emotions, not even to their wives. Well, the only Uchihas currently alive were them.

"Don't fall asleep Itachi, or the maids will tie your hair in pink ribbons and take pictures of you."

Itachi shuddered. It was actually, pretty possible. A small 'Hn' was Sasuke's answer. He knew better. Under that small reply, Itachi was also saying 'I'll kill them in their sleep if they dare such stupidity'.

"Send someone to call me for lunch. I'm in the gardens" With that, Sasuke left the throne room.


Itachi grew even more bored, if possible. He needed to do something. Sasuke thought that he knew him well. That wasn't quite correct: he had a sadistic part. He actually enjoyed war, although he never showed it, because he could kill and 'smell' the victory. It made him feel alive and powerful.

A knock woke him up from his thoughts.

"Enter." Came the deep baritone voice. He slipped his emotional mask again, because, seeing a blank Itachi was scary in its way, yet, seeing a sadistic Itachi was even scarier.

"Your highness" Said the guard who knocked on the door "Requesting to make a report."

The guard bowed, his right knee on the floor.

"Request authorized."

"Our north gate guards said that they saw a giant beast. A nine tailed fox." The random guard said with a slight shaky voice.

"Where is it directing to?"

"To our land, your highness. It's approaching at a fast pace. By near dawn it will be already at our front gates."

"Hn. Dismissed."

"Yes, your highness." The guard left.

Itachi thought. 'Hn. What is this beast?' Almost as reading his thoughts, his right handed man, Hatake Kakashi, appeared next to him.

"Itachi-sama" Not many people dared to call the king by his first name, except for him and of course, Sasuke. Those fools who did, were tortured to no end "The nine tailed fox mentioned, is Kyuubi, the most powerful beast of the divined ones. It is said that it kills everything on its path and its blood thirst is insatiable."

"Hn. Interesting. Kakashi, prepare my horse."

"Hai, Itachi-sama. May I ask for what?"

Itachi chuckled in a dark way, making Kakashi shudder. Even if he heard his king chuckle before, it didn't stop him to find it surprisingly terrifying.

"Kakashi, my most faithful servant. We are going to meet this so rumored Kyuubi."

The white haired man's eyes almost popped from his skull. "You're serious? B-but why?"

"It will be fun." He mildly stated. "Now go, don't waste my time." Kakashi disappeared.


A small, tanned and incredibly blue-eyed blond was currently walking in the forest of Sharingan. He gazed at the grey sky and frowned when he saw some dark clouds threatening to engulf the not so shining sun.

"Look like it's going to rain…" Naruto sighed. He hated these days, yet, in a weird way, he liked them. He preferred the night to the day, because, contrasting his aspect, he was born in the night. Well, actually, he was born exactly at 1 a.m. on 10th October.

As he walked, small 'crunching' noises could be heard as his feet made contact with the green grass. His blue eyes scanned the beautiful surroundings: trees with tall trunks and vast shapes and colors of the many leaves dangling from branches. Fluffy bunnies hopping to their homes and birds taking shelter in their nest.

Naruto just loved Nature. He was actually, living in the wild Nature. His 'house' was a mile ahead, made of wood. It was a tad small and cold, yet he didn't mind. What he hated in that house was the loneliness of it. Before, he had lived with his caretaker, an old woman who Naruto cherished the most. She was kind to him, something he didn't afford from the others because he didn't had parents and his looks were too different from the others.

The old lady that toke care of Naruto when he was a baby told him, before she passed away when he was 4 years old, that his mother loved him very much, including his father, yet they were killed. She told him also that her mother wasn't 'normal' as the others, and thus, Arashi, the name of his father, was killed because he loved her so much he didn't want to leave her. Her last sentences were:

"Find yourself, lost child, for your power shall prevail and surpass the other world's lords. You shall help the hopeless, sooth the ruthless and love the loveless.

"When the red moon and the sun shall unite, the day will shine brighter then any other. If a demon by blood and a demon by mind will collide in eternal mutual hate, the day shall fall asleep forever, and darkness will mock the world.

"The devil shall take form if not controlled, so be aware, for actions leads to consequences. The red moon needs its light, yet for now, he is lost.

Naruto, my dear, you ar…"

She couldn't finish her last sentence as she passed away. He grieved so much for her death that his own was close if not the soothing Nature and his determination.

Also, when the villagers found out that he could talk to animals they thought he was a demon. He could also feel the Nature talking to him, as the trees, screaming in the wind.

Nature was Naruto's only escape from loneliness. There, in Sharingan's forest where almost no one went, he could talk to anything and more.

Drops of rain started to wash his face and he glared fiercely at the sky. 'Damn it, I'm going to get sick.'

Uzumaki Naruto, a small boy for his age, lithe form and golden tanned skin which seemed to glow even in the night; the most amazing sky blue eyes with deep black eyelashes; full pouty pink lips and a small cute nose; perfectly round face with the oddest whisker-like marks on his cheeks, 3 on each side. He was simply dressed, as he hadn't money to buy new clothes, not that he actually would make complexes as such: light blue round collar tunic of cotton with the upper buttons open revealing a tad of tanned chest; white simple pants and dark blue sandals.

As the rare beauty male walked around, he heard a streak of river on the east. 'Hum… Well, I'm kinda thirsty.'

As he made his way to east, he saw a wolf running on his direction. Yes, a wolf. All the people who saw a wolf would run for their lives, yet, Naruto knew better, because the animal here had yet to harm him.

The grey wolf stopped in front of him and started barking. Yet, Naruto understood perfectly what the wolf said.

"Naruto-sama" he still didn't knew why all the animals treated him as 'sama'. He was just some random kid, he thought "There seems to be a fox kit that has fallen into a human trap."

"Show me where, Pakun." As the wolf started to run, Naruto ran alongside.

Naruto's speed was impressive, always has been. He was faster then a panther and his stamina was huge. He was so graceful that you could say the wind gives him wings to fly.

As they arrived at the local, Naruto winced. What he saw wasn't pretty. A small red fox had its leg was bloodied and maybe broken. The fox kit was currently inside a big hole and whimpering from pain.

Naruto's eyes started to turn red from anger flaring inside of him. 'How dare those despicable humans harm animals?!' Sometimes, when his anger boiled up, he involuntarily started to think as an animal and his eyes changed its shade, without him noticing.

He jumped inside the deep hole and picked the small fox. He noticed a bit amused that it was looking at him (namely his blood eyes). He could say that the fox was 'gawking' at him.

"Hey. You okay there?"

The fox's eyes grew wide. "How can you talk to me?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders lightly. "I've been able to do it since I remember."

The fox sniffed Naruto and it asked him. "Are you going to help me?"

"Well, yeah. I'll take you to my home." He beamed at the fox kit.

'There's something different in him' The fox thought. "What's your name, human?"

"Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto."

With that, Naruto jumped high outside the hole and landed perfectly on the ground, surprising the red fluffy fox.

Naruto dashed towards his house.

Once inside it, he treated gently the fox's leg, sometimes chuckling sweetly when the fox winced and glared at him due to the stinging pain from the disinfectants used.

He finally wrapped the leg in clean bandages and wrapped a wooden stick to it to hold firmly the leg.

"There. All done." He smiled.

"The foxes will be in dept to you, human." Naruto frowned. He hated to be called 'human' although he was one (A/N: hehe… You'll that that statement isn't quite complete).

"Call me Naruto." The fox glanced briefly at him and took his rare appearance in count. 'I've never seen someone as him: he can talk to me, and even if he already had the ability to talk to animals, he shouldn't be able to talk to foxes… After all, I'm a demon's kit…'

"Well then, I'm going to take you home. Where is your family?" Naruto asked the golden-eyed fox.

"I'll go by myself, human." He knew that humans weren't trustworthy. It was stupid that an animal would show where its family was located; the possibility of the human to kill the whole family was high.

He glared at Naruto and tried to walk by himself, yet, as his leg made contact with the ground, a small mewl of pain could be heard from the stubborn fox.

"Oh, come on. You can barely walk. I'll take you there." As the fox saw Naruto's caring face he didn't feel any threat in him, so it complied.

"Fine." With that, Naruto picked the small fox on his arms and chuckled as the fox yawned happily and cuddled itself onto Naruto.

--------- ------------------------------

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