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Chapter 7

«Bite me»

Uchiha Itachi was usually a calm and composed man. But the boy's presence was making his blood excited. He could feel the boy's aura all over the castle. Itachi was feeling restless. He couldn't even sleep.

There were so many dangerous thoughts running through his head and his body was starting to get eager. He hated feeling like that. He didn't remember ever feeling like now. And he wanted it to end.

Rising himself from his throne, he strode off to the dungeons, where the source of his unusual state was.

He heard a pounding getting louder and louder in his head. He squirmed and tried to ignore the annoying sounds. Yet in vain… for they grew louder.

He opened his eyes slowly and he moaned in discomfort for the position he slept wasn't a good one.

His mind was still clouded by sleep but he finally distinguished the sounds as footsteps. Someone was in a hurry.

He grew rapidly alarmed for the steps stopped at his cell's door. A loud click was heard and he immediately woke up. The wooden door was opened and his rage from earlier came back. No other than the king was standing there glaring at him.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the unwelcome presence. His jaw clenched in anger as the man advanced to him. This was the man who accused him unjustly and put him in his current situation.

The king was tall and looked even taller from Naruto's perspective as he was still on the ground.

Itachi looked at him with a frown. His gaze was unnerving. It was as if he was staring at a filthy cockroach that was about to be stepped on. Naruto gritted his teeth in anger. This guy was getting on his nerves… his mere presence was already sending him over the edge, and he didn't know why… It was as if a darker side of him buried deep down was surfacing.

"What do you want!" He just couldn't take it anymore. He had to let some of his anger out or he would explode.

Suddenly, a tight grip encircled his arm and he was lifted on his feet. He winced lowly and just as he was going to protest, a hand gripped him by his throat and pushed him hard against the cold stone wall.

This time, he winced louder as his head hit the wall. He was lifted off the ground, his feet hovering mere inches above it. He was almost levelled with Itachi.

And the man did look furious. Although Naruto didn't know very well the king, from his earlier encounter, he deduced that the man was composed and very calm, so seeing him with his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes blazing was strange for him.

Itachi's fury was as bad as Naruto's, and he wondered what made the man come to his cell like that. He had done nothing wrong.

The smooth fingers were digging into his flesh and the air was starting to close around him. Naruto put his hands on Itachi's arms, trying to separate the hand from his neck.

He saw Itachi close the distance between them and felt hot breath caressing his left ear.

"No one is allowed to speak to me with such manners, boy."

The blond scoffed. Who was he calling a boy? The king wouldn't be more than 6 years older than him! He already hated this man.

"Why? Just because… pant you have r-royal pant blood?" Breathing seemed a much more difficult task to accomplish, so he started to scratch the man's arm in order to let him go.

"No… because I ordered you to do so." The grip on his neck tightened more and this time Naruto whimpered softly. His windpipe was almost being crushed.

"And when I order something, it is to be respected and accomplished."

"G-go to Hell." His eyes were starting to water and he was sure that there would be a bruise the next day… if he would live until then.

His neck was released and he fell on the ground on his knees. Wincing, Naruto threw his head back at the pain. 'Fucking bastard'.

"We'll see who goes first."

He felt again a grip on his arm and he was lifted from the ground again. This time, his handcuffs were being attached to the ceiling. He had to stay on his tiptoes and it was extremely uncomfortable. His arms had already started to hurt.

His nine tails behind him were limp and yet his ears were perked up. He heard Itachi's footsteps going out of the cell and returning a few moments after.

He strained his neck to his right and saw Itachi lock the door to his cell. Suddenly, he felt vulnerable.

His eyes narrowed as Itachi moved behind him and felt a weird fabric gliding on his back and arms. "What the hell are you doing?"

He couldn't see, yet he could swear he felt Itachi smirk.

The man rounded him and faced him with a whip on his hands. "There's something about you that really annoys me and makes me want to crush you, torture and kill you."

Naruto smirked, pleased that he could provoke the same effect as he did on him.

"Glad I can be useful." He could see that his cocky smirk was unnerving Itachi even more.

"I would say that you're in no position to reply back… especially not to me." Itachi's sadistic grin overpowered Naruto's smirk. And just like that, he wasn't feeling as secure of himself as before. Itachi reeked of darkness and his grin served to enhance it.

Yet, his mind wouldn't give up. Naruto could feel the rivalry between them. It was a question of power and dominance.

"Oh yeah? And what are you going to do? Call your petty guards? Leave me without water for weeks?" He knew that that would only serve to stir Itachi more. And his sadistic part (that he didn't know he possessed) loved it.

"Now, now… where would be the fun in that?"

Itachi disappeared from his angle of vision and he felt something clash with his skin. At first, because he wasn't prepared, his mind didn't register what happened. But at the second strike, he winced loudly.

The lashes pained him so much. He didn't know how the man behind him could muster the strength to lash him that hard. Yet he wasn't going to scream… that meant that Itachi had control over him, and he wouldn't show his pain so early.

"You… f-fucking bastard." Another lash.

"I bet your sick twisted mind is enjoying this." And another lash. That one cut deeply.

He could feel the strikes on the same spots where he had already been lashed. How could that bastard aim so well?

At his tenth lash, Naruto's tails tried to cover him. Yet it was in vain, for the lashes continued and his tails were even more sensitive than his skin.

A small tear ran down his face. His teeth were gritting so hard that he thought one of them could break.

There was another lash – the fifteenth – that hit him on a bleeding gap and he gasped from pain.

But then, Itachi stopped, and Naruto couldn't be gladder, although he wouldn't ever admit it loud.

He felt a cold hand on his back and Naruto almost sighed in relief. Yet the nails started to dig into an open wound, making him bleed more. His whimper echoed inside the cell.

His head was pushed back harshly by his hair. "No come back, hm? Maybe I've smothered you too much?"

"Shove that whip up your ass, bastard."

"Hmmm… Maybe I will… But instead of mine, it will be yours." Itachi's nails scratched his back harshly, making him bleed profusely.

This time, Naruto screamed.

His head was yanked forwards. Naruto knew that Itachi was feeling victorious over him. He had screamed, he had admitted through it that he was feeling pain.

"I thought you were stronger than that… Guess I've overrated you."

Naruto's narrowed eyes turned to Itachi who was on his left. He snarled at him. There was no way that Itachi was stronger than him.

He pushed himself a bit higher by the arms and tried to kick Itachi on the head, yet his efforts rendered useless when Itachi caught his foot with only one hand and without an effort.

In his rage, Naruto tried to kick him with his other foot yet he was caught again.

Without arms and legs at his disposition, he couldn't harm or defend himself.

In a blink of an eye, Itachi punched him in the stomach and Naruto gasped and coughed. The pain racked inside of him for he couldn't double over to smoother the pain.

"Another failed attempt I see." Naruto's eyes were covered by his bangs, yet what intrigued Itachi was the boy's smirk.

Surprising Itachi, Naruto released himself from the handcuffs and was able to kick him on the chest with great speed.

He watched as Itachi's back made contact with the wall.

"Well… I certainly wasn't expecting that." The king admitted as he composed himself.

"Then you should get yourself used to it."

Just as he was going to leap in the air towards Itachi, his body paralyzed to the ground. He couldn't move. "W-what the…?" The he moved his eyes to Itachi's and noticed it. 'Bloodline… Damn.'

"This is where our powers differ. It's useless now. You're my prisoner." Itachi smirked in triumph.

'Dammit… I won't let him dominate me like this. There's… just… no…way!'

Red chakra started to swirl around him. He forced his limbs to move, yet they could only tremble.

Itachi watched the display with interest. The chakra was exciting him. His own chakra started to swirl around him. His was a dark shade of purple. Almost black.

He started to move towards Naruto, and their chakra almost touched.

It was very odd for him to see chakra from another human being. Only demons had such a powerful life source. He hadn't told anyone that he possessed chakra… it was just abnormal. He didn't know if he was a demon or not.

There was something really peculiar about the boy in front of him.

Naruto was trying his best to get out of this technique, yet it was proving to be harder than he thought.

Just a moment after, he felt his chakra touch Itachi's and they were both shocked when their chakra fused, making it into complete black.

Although it fused, it was clashing one against another.

And finally, Naruto broke from the spell and lunged forwards Itachi.

The stronger man caught him by the neck and pushed him down to the ground.

Due to their proximity, the chakra surrounding them started to clash against the other. Naruto struggled against the grip on his neck. He scratched on Itachi's arm and kicked him in the guts, making him double over slightly, his grip loosening only a bit.

Naruto felt his eyes burn suddenly and his chakra seemed to be absorbed by Itachi's body along his own.

Only then the cold ground made him realize how much his wounds of the back hurt by being on that position.

Just as he was about to kick Itachi again to let him go completely, his legs were grabbed by a powerful grip and then they were trapped by Itachi's.

Although they were on an embarrassing position, none of them took notice of it.

Naruto squirmed against the hold and his wrists were caught by a single grip above his head.

He bared his teeth in an animalistic way.

"Let me go, you bastard!"

Itachi grinned sadistically above him. Intrigued, he noticed that Naruto's eyes were completely red. There was really something about the boy underneath him. There was no other person he knew with red eyes, except for him.

Itachi decided he liked this position very much. Having dominance over the boy was something really important to him, although he didn't know why exactly.

"Stop struggling."

"Like hell I'll do!" With renewed vigour he squirmed even more.

Itachi's face was near his, his low ponytail falling over his left shoulder.

"Stop struggling." This time, the warning was more dangerous, yet Naruto didn't care. He wasn't about to give up.

"And I said 'the hell I will!'"

"Admit it. I have won. I overpower you easily."

He growled at the king, his defiance never fading. "At least I didn't use any cheap tricks."

The red eyes of the man narrowed and the fingers tightened.

Naruto coughed. It was so hard to breathe.

"Now… admit it."

"There's no way gasp I would pant do such t-thing!"

Itachi snarled. His patience was taking a toll on him.

Naruto felt his neck being released and took in a big breath. He couldn't be dominated just yet. He couldn't!

And there was no way he was going to admit it!

"Release me!"

"No. You'll have to admi-"

"Fuck you! I said I won't!"

Suddenly, he felt teeth press against his throat. Panicked, he tried to struggle free, but the teeth perforated easily his tender skin.

Naruto screamed in pain.

He felt his blood gushing out of his wound right into Itachi's mouth.

Itachi was savouring the tasty blood. Naruto's life essence was delicious. It was very warm and sweet to his lips. He actually drank the blood… and felt on ecstasy. This was complete power over the lithe body underneath him.

Naruto's head was starting to feel lighter, and his body, as odd as it may have seemed, was growing hotter. He started panting. Although it hurt him, it felt wonderful. His skin was on fire, and feeling his blood being drained out of him was so pleasurable. His eyes were half open and a moan escaped his lips. His body wasn't tense anymore and he was starting to feel himself grow hard.

A tongue licked his skin. The feeling was wonderful. His nerves were very sensitive and waves of hot pleasure assailed his body. He moaned again, this time longer and louder. He wanted to feel more… he wanted more pain. He pressed his body harder against Itachi's, demanding for more.

Just by that act, Itachi knew that he had complete power over Naruto. He stopped drinking the boy's blood with reluctance. But if he didn't, Naruto would die from blood loss… And he did not want that… although he wanted other things from the boy.

Naruto moaned in disappointment. He was feeling so lightheaded. His body was demanding for more, more pain, more dominance. He wanted to be dominated at full force.

The air in the cell turned animalistic. There was nothing human there… only demons.

Naruto growled, showing his discontentment. 'Touch me, hurt me badly…'

Yet Itachi had stopped and was only staring at him. Although Naruto could see the masked lust in those eyes, he knew what Itachi wanted from him.

He was grabbed by the front of his shirt and pushed forwards, just an inch of Itachi's face. "Say it." The tone was demanding, imperative and threatening at the same time.

Naruto wanted Itachi to make him feel what he had felt before… more than anything. So he pushed his pride aside and finally said it.

"I… submit to you."

Itachi smirked wickedly and Naruto frowned.

He was pushed back harshly and he grimaced from the pain on his head. He felt his pants being taken away from him and his alarm grew.

"W-wait, that's not what I mean-"

"Hush." An elegant finger silenced his lips.

"W-what? Don't! I already said what you wanted! Let me go!" His rationality came back to him. He didn't want to loose his virginity. Not there, not then.

He tried to lift himself yet his wrists were gripped again by Itachi's bigger hand. Said man ripped Naruto's shirt off and tied the boy's wrists behind his back, rending him immobile on the upper part.

Naruto started to kick Itachi off of him but again, the man being bigger than him helped to render his legs useless.

The tight grips on his thighs were certain to leave bruises.

He was turned over, and Itachi could now appreciate his work on the boy's back. He bit a wound from the whipping and marvelled how erotic Naruto's scream sounded to his ears.

He tried to crawl away from Itachi, he tried and tried yet it was useless. And he was getting angry. He didn't want this to happen.

Something tore through his insides as Itachi penetrated him dry and unprepared. He screamed as loud as he could. No pain could compare to this one.

Itachi stood still. And he was thankful for that.

Not only there was no lubricant, Itachi was big as well. Making it even worse. His hips were being held firmly and he could feel Itachi's hot breath on his neck. He winced when Itachi moved again. The pain was incredible and his bleeding back was making it easy for Itachi's chest to slide against his. He must have undressed while he was with his back turned over.

Itachi gave a hard thrust. "Scream for me, Naruto."

Yet he refused to do so. He refused to give Itachi the pleasure of knowing just how fucking much it hurt him.

He felt his insides tear a bit when Itachi thrusted again, this time impossibly deep and hard. He hated himself for being so weak, for he screamed.

"B-bastard…" He protested weakly.

Itachi started thrusting more and more, at a fast pace.

The friction between him and Itachi was so intense he couldn't take it. Although he was sure that he was bleeding, he was feeling hot all over again. The blood helped the sliding and it made it less painful for him.

Naruto was gasping and when something inside him was brushed by Itachi's long thrust, he moaned in pleasure. He arched his back at the sensation. The thrusts stopped and he felt frustrated. He wanted more, oh so much more. More friction, more pain…

The feeling of being completely full left him as Itachi removed himself from inside of him. He winced at the sensation.

He was turned on his back, his tied hands digging on his lower back and his skin was in contact with the floor.

He could now see Itachi. He could see those red eyes, those demonic red eyes, their colour accentuated by the raw carnal desire.

His legs were open and he was penetrated harshly again.

"Nnnghn!" His painful moan was music to Itachi.

Each thrust was hard, deep and fast, very fast. Naruto closed his eyes as the pain and pleasure coursed through his body making him longing for more. The wounds on his back were scraping against the harsh floor and his wrists and hands were starting to get sore.

He loved it. He never felt so much in his life all at once. He could hear Itachi pant and gasp and he could feel Itachi inside of him, hot, pulsating and huge.

He opened his eyes and he was lifted from the ground by Itachi. His legs entwined around Itachi's hips and he was pressed against the wall.

Itachi thrusted again while looking directly into Naruto's red eyes. The boy didn't falter his gaze although his features twitched in pain.

"Nnnnghnn… too…deep… aaah!" He almost screamed as Itachi accelerated the pace and hit his prostate with every thrust. His insides were starting to feel sore and he was feeling so warm he thought he might melt right in Itachi's arms.

He looked again into those dark red pools and demanded. "Bite me."

Itachi complied without a second thought and bit Naruto right on the same spot. This time it was gentler yet it hurt two times worst since his skin had already been bruised there before. He tilted his head backwards, allowing Itachi more skin.

Again, he felt his blood pump harder in his veins and his heart was pounding in his chest as Itachi greedily drank him.

He moaned loud, and he clenched his hands into fists, his nails digging into the soft skin. He gritted his teeth and his muscles clenched.

He couldn't stop moaning. The friction inside of him, his veins pumping hard and feeling Itachi's chakra cover his body was a wonderful combination.

His insides clenched and unclenched involuntarily and he almost screamed when he released his pearly fluids on his and Itachi's stomach.

He felt a blinding hotness inside of him and heard a low moan from Itachi, indicating that they both had their release.

They were panting, Itachi's chin on Naruto's right shoulder and the blond's head thrown backwards, eyes closed from ecstasy.

Itachi slowly slid both of them down the wall. Naruto ignored the bruises on his back as he felt something enter his system. His skin was absorbing Itachi's chakra like a sponge. It felt fantastic.

They both stayed like that, panting, trying to regain their breath.

But after a while, tiredness overtook Naruto's mind and body, and his eyes closed slowly to the image of Itachi smirking to him.

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