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The story is the seventh episode in a series called 'Rocky path' and begins around one year after 'Chosen'

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Dark. It was dark.

The man opened his eyes and the pain he felt on his side transformed his face in an ugly grimace. His hand instinctively reached for his ribs and his fingers met a sticky liquid. He followed the course of the blood oozing from his body and his hand touched the blood puddle under him. He suddenly felt nauseated but couldn't turn on his side to vomit. A warm liquid flew along his cheek then in his throat.

In a desperate effort, he pushed on his arms and made himself lie on his good side. He slowly turned his head and his eyes roamed around him.

Dark. Everything was dark.

If he compelled his eyes to stay open, he could perceive rocks around him. And trees. If he had been able to look up, he probably would have seen stars shining above his head. Stars could be better seen from the mountains he remembered.

He tried to move again. But he choked in pain. He felt his strength leaving him.

Tears started to roll down his cheeks. That expedition in the mountains was costing him his life. In the distance, he could imagine the town and the night-lights.

Here, everything was dark.

He closed his eyes again and gave up to fight. His arm came to his neck, grabbed a chain hanging there. His fingers ran along the links and closed around a pendant he gripped with little strength left he had. His lips slightly opened and weak words came from the back of his throat.

"Fugaces labuntur anni(1) …"

The man's eyes opened once again and the words came firmer.

"Cor unum et anima una(2) "


"De profundis clamavi(3) "


"Dis aliter visum(4) "

"Manet alta mente repostum(5) "

Then, he suddenly choked again.

"Pulvis et umbra sumus(6) "

"Per inania regna(7) "

He loosened his grip.

His eyes slowly closed again. Dark became absolute again.

"Et tenebrae factae sunt(8) "

And behind the man's dead body, lightning the dark night up, suddenly appeared a white flash of light, which quickly turned fire-orangey.

Notes :

(1)Years quickly fade away

(2)One heart, one soul

(3)From the depths I implore

(4)Gods have decided otherwise

(5)Memories remain deeply engraved in my heart

(6)We're just shadow and dust

(7)In the kingdom of darkness

(8)And shadows are there