Rating: M

Warnings: Slash, Mpreg

Pairings: SS/HP and SB/RL

Genres: Romance, Drama, Angst

Summary: Sequel to 'Life, Love and Everything in Between.' Back from their Holiday, Harry and Severus decide its time to tell Sirius and Remus about their relationship and Sirius is not happy. Harry decides he wants more from their relationship, but can Severus provide what he needs?

This fic contains pregnant men...as in men having babies. Please don't read it if you hate that sort of thing.

Chapter One: Life Goes On

Harry stumbled out of the fireplace rather ungracefully, trying to keep quiet yet giggling like a naughty schoolgirl. He knew he shouldn't have had that last bottle of wine his lover (yes, his lover! – he still couldn't quite believe it sometimes!) had brought out from the kitchen, but what was life if you weren't going to live it to the full?

He took a moment to steady himself before venturing out into the softly lit hallway; if he had been sober enough he would have realised that that in itself was rather odd – Sirius and Remus never left the lights on. But, as it was, this little oddity went by unnoticed has he began to climb the stairs and head towards his bedroom.

He had just returned from yet another visit to Severus' house. Ever since they had returned to the country following their romantic getaway, they had both been reduced to sneaking around in order to spend time with one another as their relationship was still a secret.

The holiday had been a trip of a lifetime. Rome had been incredible. As well as seeing all the famous sites such as The Colosseum, The Pantheon, The Forum, The Trevi Fountain, The Vatican and The Sistine Chapel, Harry had gotten a lot of 'retail therapy' done. Rome was just bursting with fashion labels and on their trip to see the Spanish Steps, Harry hadn't been able to resist the designer shops and boutiques of Via Condotti. He'd seen the names "Gucci" and "Prada" and that had been it; he'd always wanted to see what all the fuss was about with these muggle labels and, now that he had Severus to spoil as well as himself, the time was perfect.

The nightlife in Rome was amazing as well. Every night was a party night in Campo de' Fiori. It took very little to get Harry drunk but he hadn't been worried; he had his Severus to take care of him now. Severus had even allowed himself to enjoy a few drinks as well. With the friendly atmosphere, loud music, and drunken bodies, Severus had found it very easy to let go and have fun, much to Harry's amusement; the morning after a good nights drinking had always found them in interesting positions in bed.

Next, they had travelled to New York. Harry had always wanted to go New York and now he had the perfect someone to take him. They'd booked into a fancy hotel and had gone off exploring the city, taking in all it had to offer. Harry's breath had been swept away when he'd looked out at the city from atop of the Empire State Building. He could only imagine what it would all look like at Christmas time and vowed that he would make sure to re-visit the city during the winter. Of course, Harry had also done a little retail therapy there as well. After all, you couldn't go to New York and not go shopping!

After the 'big apple' came Paris, the City of Romance. After a spending their days exploring the city, visiting such sites as the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and many of the museums and theatres, Harry had dearly enjoyed being wined and dined by Severus whilst sitting alongside the River Seine at night. They had stayed in a marvellous suite in the George V hotel during their stay and had enjoyed a romantic meal at Le Grand Vefour on their last night in Paris. As soon as he had stepped foot in the hotel and restaurants in Paris, he was immensely glad he had bought those Armani suits back in New York.

It really had been a trip of a lifetime. And it killed Harry that he couldn't boast about it to anyone.

Everyone was under the impression that he had gone away by himself, to some place warm and relaxing, to have a break from everything and to enjoy some 'me' time. He wished he could set them straight – he wanted more than anything to shout to the world that he was in love. But he couldn't. Not yet anyway.

Severus and Harry had decided that, when the time seemed right (in other words, when Sirius was in a very happy mood, preferably drunk so that he wouldn't be too bothered) then they would let their secret out. But in the meantime they had to be extremely careful.

They had been on Holiday for three weeks, having spent a week at each destination, and the time away had done them the world of good. But what pleased Harry the most was the change in Severus.

His ex-professor – once a reserved and bitter man – now seemed to be a lot more comfortable with sharing. Indeed, during their holiday Harry had seen more of the kind and caring Severus he knew existed beneath those robes and that sneer. True, there had been times in Rome and New York and Paris when Severus had been the withdrawn man Harry had known growing up at Hogwarts, but the more Harry talked to him and showed him how much he trusted him, the more Severus loosened up. Harry understood that he was still nervous about entering into a relationship so he made it clear to him that he didn't expect anything. After this had been said, Severus had relaxed. Harry knew how hard it must be for Severus to put his trust in someone and so Harry was patient with him.

The holiday was possibly one of the best things that had ever happened to Harry. Not only had it given him a chance to see sites he had only ever dreamed of, it had been a real eye-opener. Harry now knew what he wanted out of life. He'd struggled, he'd fought, and he'd saved the world and now was the time for him to have his fun.

But even though he'd enjoyed prancing round Paris dressed in designer labels and even though he'd tasted what upper-class life was all about, splashing his cash here, there, and everywhere, he much preferred what he had back home. True enough, he wouldn't pass up an offer to go touring again, but it had all made him realise what he truly wanted – to be close to the man he loved and to be loved in return. That truly had been the highlight of his holiday.

Harry entered the kitchen the morning after and slid into a wooden chair. The room was crammed full of pots and pans and the shelves were almost overflowing with cups. But despite the clutter, the kitchen was pretty clean and a faint smell of lemons hung in the air. The notice board over on the far wall, which had previously held notes about Death Eater activity, was now full of smiling photo's of members of The Order of the Phoenix.

Sirius, who had lowered his newspaper when Harry had come in, sat opposite him and Remus was at the other end, busy scribbling something down on a piece of tattered parchment. Tummy grumbling, Harry leaned forwards and grabbed a piece of toast from the plate in the middle.

"Where were you last night?" asked Sirius, looking over at his godson.


"Last night," he said again. "You weren't here so where were you?"

"I went out," said Harry with a shrug.


"I don't have to tell you guys everything."

"We know Harry," said Remus, stepping in before Sirius could respond, "We were just worried about you. We didn't know you'd gone out."

"I wasn't aware I had to let you both know," he said. Ever since Harry had returned from his holiday, Sirius and Remus (ever the protective duo) had noticed that Harry seemed to be keeping something from them. He dearly wished he could just tell them he was in love but he knew how they'd both react, so instead he'd settled for acting the troublesome teen.

"What time did you get back?" Sirius asked. "We waited up 'til half one then went to bed. We left the light on for you."

"Thanks," he muttered. "And I got back around three-ish I think. It was late."

"Well in future I think we'd both appreciate it if you'd – "

"Sirius," Remus interrupted, "Harry's a grown man now. We have to respect his privacy."

Sirius sighed and rolled his eyes. "Alright," he said. "Sorry Harry."

"That's quite alright Sirius," he smiled.

"Good," said Remus. "Now that that's all been cleared up, I'm going shopping this afternoon. Now, I already have the basics written down here but is there anything else you two will be needing?"

"I'm almost out of toothpaste," said Harry; Remus wrote it down.

"Chocolate," said Sirius. "And we need some more strawberries. Oh, and whipped cream as well. And we seem to have run out of lubricant. And a few more packets of condoms wouldn't go a miss either."

"Is it all?" Remus cheeks were starting to redden and Harry hid a laugh.

"Well, I could ask you to buy me a new dildo but I figured I shouldn't say such things in front of Harry."

"Thank you, Sirius, for sparing me the pain of having to hear that."

"Not a problem kiddo. Oh and speaking of kids, a letter came for you whilst you were still in bed. I think it's from Ron."

He poured himself a glass of pumpkin juice then reached for the letter. He saw that it was addressed to him in Ron's untidy scrawl and opened it. He hadn't heard from his friends since the end of the school year, having told them that he was going on holiday and he was only to be contacted in an emergency as he wanted to relax and enjoy himself, away from the worries of home-life. He'd meant to write to them when he'd return to the country but he'd been so loved-up with Severus that it had completely slipped his mind.

Taking a sip of his juice he looked down at the letter.


You'll never guess what! Hermione and I are getting married!!!

As if on cue, Harry promptly started to choke on his drink.

I can't believe it. After all those years of just wanting to be with her, here we are, engaged! Harry, mate, this feeling…it's unbelievable! Merlin, I can't even describe it! I'm just so happy! I mean, I love her so much and I would do anything for her. Now you of all people should know how I'm not one to talk about my feelings and such but I honestly can't wait to start a family with her (and, of course, you will be godfather to all of our children – I thought I should just warn you of that in advance).

I suppose you want to know how I proposed, right? All I can say is that it was completely spur of the moment. I mean, yeah, I'd thought about asking her before but I always wanted to wait a few years before I did. But the other night we just went out for a meal and we had such a good time. I was just sat there, looking at her, and I realised that she really was the one; the one I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life with. So on the way home I just asked her! Just like that! It wasn't romantic at all but who cares? She just got this huge smile on her face and said yes! It didn't even matter that I hadn't gotten her a ring!

And speaking of rings…mate, I need your help choosing one for her. She's my fiancé and she deserves a ring and, well, you know what my tastes are like. I don't know what's a good-looking ring. So you'll help me yeah? Today at lunch in The Leaky Cauldron? Plus it'd be a good chance for you to tell me how your holiday went! Hermione's convinced you went with this mystery boyfriend of yours…

Anyway, I better be going. I'll see you later then yeah?


Harry stared at the letter, a smile on his face. He'd always known those two would end up married some day and, even though this was a lot sooner than he'd thought it would happen, he was really made up for them. He just hoped Ron didn't mess things up; he was right when he'd said he and expressing feelings didn't mix.

Putting aside the letter, he finished the rest of his drink and returned to the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead.

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