Summary- What do you think Raimundo thought of Omi, Kimiko, and Clay when he first me them? How did Kimiko feel when Raimundo joined Wuya? What were Kimiko and Rai thinking after he became leader? Well, I'm going to write what I think Raimundo and Kimiko would write in their diaries after each episode. I might not write an entry for each episode, but I'll write one for most of them. RaiKim in future chapters.

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A/N- I know Rai probably didn't have a diary, but I'll have Master Fung make him. ;)

So anyway on with the story… Let's start it off, with "The Journey of a Thousand Miles". Time to invade Rai's personal thoughts! Muhahaha!

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Dear Diary,

I can't believe I'm writing in one of these things! This is so gay! Only girls have diaries, not boys! But, here I am listening to Master Fung orders, writing in a diary. At least I'm not the only one. My new friends have to write in one too. So today when we all moved to this temple in China I met…

Clay "Cowboy"- This big guy from Texas who really likes to eat! He ate almost everything on the table, and was still hungry! He also talks in all these weird metaphors that get really annoying. Along with his accent that gives me a headache. At least he doesn't brag all the time. This brings me to que ball.

Omi "Chrome Dome"- This really short kid who has a big bald yellow head; he was raised at the temple so is completely clueless when it comes to technology and the world outside the temple. He also has an ego the size of his head. Today he thought that he was our teacher and kept yelling at us, so I pantsed him. That'll teach him! He also blamed us when we didn't get this dumb coin! He is really uptight!

Kimiko "Japanese chic"- This annoying Japanese girl who spent the whole day talking on her phone to her friend Keiko. And when she wasn't on her phone she was playing on her game pal. She is so annoying! The weirdest part was when I played a prank on Omi, she stood up for him! Normally, when I pull a prank on someone, all the girls just laugh because I'm the coolest, hottest guy around, but not Kimiko! She just treated me like a regular person; the same way she treated Omi and Clay. How… weird. Now I can't stop thinking her and how I can get her to notice me. Man, I've never met anyone like her. But she's still really annoying!

Then we met this Goth, emo, kid who wears eyeliner, Jack Spicer and this rank ghost thing Wuya. They were also after the Sheng Gong Wu, which are these mystical objects that give you special powers. Today, Omi won us the Eye of Dashi and Mantis Flip Coin with our Two Ton Tunic. I have to give him props; he was pretty beast in the showdown against Jack. The best part was when Omi pantsed him. I guess he learned something from me after all.

This temple seems ok but I'll miss surfing and playing soccer in Rio. And my bed! Here we only have these lame mat things! What the dilly? Now, Chrome Dome is yelling at me for still being awake so I'll stop here. This place is defiantly weird!



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Next chapter will either be Like a Rock or Tangled Web.