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So anyway I decided to skip Katnappe, because no one likes her and I don't think she's significant enough to have Rai and Kim write in their diaries about her. Besides now I get to do…

Shen Yi Bu:D

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Dear Diary,

So today we went to Monte Carlo to go get the Sword of the Storm, a Wu that lets you control wind and is shaped like a sword (duh!). We all split up, and Rai found it but he…well…lost it to Jack's new sidekick, Tubbimura. Apparently, he wasn't listening to Omi, when Omi was explaining his 'infinite knowledge' of sword! Typical Raimundo, honestly I'm not surprised. Omi is kinda boring to listen to (ok, REALLY boring) and Rai doesn't have a huge attention span. Even though it's his own fault, I still feel bad for him. Omi wasn't as understanding. He kept going on and on about "How foolish Raimundo acted". But he did try to cheer Rai up… and failed miserably.

What surprised me was Raimundo deciding to study the Shen Gong Wu scroll. He's still studying and it's now…MIDNIGHT! It's like a new side of him that none of us have seen.

I have to admit I think I was wrong about Rai (and I HATE being wrong!). At first, I thought all he cared about was having a good time,pulling pranks on everyone, and flirting with 'hot' girls(I really don't get what he sees in some of the girls he says are hot!) but now he's actually taking something seriously. Hmm, I guess it proves that there is more to people then what meets the eye.

I'm REALLY tired, I'm going to bed. Unlike Rai, some of us need to sleep.



The next day…

Dear Diary,

Guess who just won FIVE Shen Gong Wu and kicked some Tubbimura butt? That's right, I beasted! We all went to go get this new Wu called the Shroud of Shadows (lets its user to become invisible) and I ended up beating Tubbimura (Jack's new sidekick) in a Shen Yi Bu Dare (a Showdown where we each wagered two S.G.W.). I guess studying does help! I wouldn't have known until last night, I never studied for anything before. I'm actually…happy that I worked hard at something. I mean, of course its boring most of the time, but I really feel proud that my efforts paid off in the end. Wow, listen to me! I'm starting to sound like Master Fung! I don't want to feel that smart! That guy seriously needs to just get to the point instead of saying lines like "A drop of knowledge is more powerful then a sea of force." Who can understand that?! Not me! I have a feeling studying won't help me understand either. Man I'm worn out from not sleeping yesterday and kicking Heylin butt. The Heylin side just keeps getting lamer! Ha-ha, I wouldn't join them if someone paid me! But whatever, that's enough writing for tonight. Rai needs his sleepy time!



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