While Simba Was Gone

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Summary: What was happening in the Pride lands while Simba was with Timon and Pumba? What was Nala like?

Nala felt the hot tears fall from her eyes as Scar told the whole pride the Mufasa and Simba had been killed and that he would let the hyenas join their pride. Nala wished that she would wake up and find that it was all just a nightmare and Simba wouldn't be far sleeping from her. But, unfortunately, she had to open her eyes to reality and realize that she has to move on. She has to go on in the circle of life. But it was hard.

"C'mon Nala…we have to go to bed now." Nala's mother, Sarafina told Nala, who was recovering from her very own tears. Nala looked at her mother, as she let out a few more tears.

"Mother, can I please stay out for a few more minutes; I want to be alone." Sarafina looked at her daughter and nodded her head knowingly and she walked into pride rock. Nala walked away from pride rock and she went to the special tree that she and Simba used to always meet at.

This tree was full of memories. Simba and Nala first meet each other here when they were still very young. Nala could still remember Simba; he was so funny, golden and even handsome then! Thinking about Simba and how he would never come back, brought tears to Nala's eyes. She wished she could've been there to protect Simba…and that would be something she would regret the rest of her life.

"Oh, Simba! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry I couldn't have been there for you! But I wasn't though! I'm sorry Simba! Please don't be dead! Please don't be dead!" Her pleas were then drained out into loud breaking sobs that could be heard all through the pride lands. She couldn't be comforted by anyone. The only person she wanted to comfort her was her best friend…but he wasn't there anymore.

Just then, Nala heard another cry, but it was a lot quieter than her cries. She got up and saw that it was Rafiki who was crying. She was shocked; she had never seen Rafiki cry once. She walked closer to the crying baboon and tried to be strong for him.

"Rafiki, why are you crying?" Rafiki looked up and saw the beautiful cub staring at him sadly. He could tell by her red eyes and how hard she was trying not to let her voice crack, she had been crying as well. He wiped away his tears and shook his head.

"Oh it's nothing my dearest Nala. I'm just sad about Mufasa and Simba. They were very close friends of mine. I loved them both very much." Hearing their names again, Nala began to cry once more. She hated to hear that they were dead.

"I miss them both so much! I thought that I had lost enough people in my life!" She looked down at her paws and began to sob. Rafiki looked at her sadly.

"What are you talking about?" Nala looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

"My father died after I was born. Simba was the only one who I could talk to about it. And now I lost Simba and Mufasa…it isn't fair!" Nala began to sob once more and so did Rafiki. They were both very sad about their loss.

Suddenly, Nala heard someone calling her name in the distance. Nala turned to see who it was; it was Scar, the new king of Pride rock. She did respect him because he was her best friend and crushes uncle, but he was no Mufasa. He wouldn't be able to be as fun as Mufasa had been.

"Nala, come back home now! You have early training in the morning. And from now on until you are seventeen, you will have a curfew until you learn how to hunt. Let's go Nala." Nala looked down at her paws and let a single tears stroll down her face. She couldn't live a life like this; this wasn't fair. Mufasa never would have done this to her.

Slowly, without looking at Rafiki or Scar, she began to walk back home to the pride lands, thinking about how she could have started that day over again. She would have saved both Simba and Mufasa. She would have stopped Simba from going into the gorge.

But like she said before…she would live to regret this.

Scar watched her gradually walk faster back home and he grinned to himself. Judging by how beautiful her mother was and how she looked now, he knew that Nala was going to grow up beautiful. He smirked once more.

"She would make a fine queen one day." Rafiki overheard this and he hit Scar over the head with his stick.

"Don't you dare think of doing anything to that girl Scar! She is too young for you and not the right one for you!" Scar ignored his comment and began to walk away.

"Whatever you say you blue-butted baboon." Rafiki watched him walk away but paid more attention to the little lioness who was walking in the distance. He knew that she was crying again.

"Be careful Nala…Scar has evil plans for you."

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