Movie Land

4:13 AM. Tomo was sleeping. Right now, he wasn't supposed to be sleeping.

Yawning, Tomo woke up, wondering why the TV was on in his room. He looked at the TV guide on the floor.

"Oh yeah! I was staying up for the late movie!"

Quickly picking up the book, he read inside. "Oh no! I missed it!" He said, acting upset. "It's over! I was so happy that the movie Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy was going to be on. I anted to see it for such a long time..."

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a pair of female legs came out of the TV, shaking around as if they were looking for something. tomo was so feaked out. He kept poking at them, seeing what would happen.

That, was a mistake.

The legs suddenly grabbed Tomo's head and began to pull him into the TV. This sudden thing could only make Tomo yell out:


Whimpering, Tomo stood up, in a snowy land. "I wonder what they plan on doing to me this time..." He said to himself as he wondered off. Dressed only in his star and moon pajamas, he hugged himself shivering loudly.

It wasn't long before he came across what seemed like black wolf demon twins. Both of them were male, and looked like at age 6. Both of them were smiling.

"Excuse me, could you tell me where I am?" He asked, hoping they would say something helpful. But all that came out were a bunch of...naughty words. Very, very, VERY naughty words.

"Yeow! I certainly hope you're not going to kiss me with those mouths!" He said as he backed up a bit. a few secondas later, the twins held up their hands, into what formed a a mouth using both hands.

But before that, a ribbon out of nowhere appeared and tied both of tomo's hands and raised him up a little. Tomo started struggling, and struggled even more when yellow ball like creatures were coming out of the twins hands. Soon they started biting and shredding off Tomo's clothes.

"No! Those were my best pajamas!" He whined, not noticeing that he was partly naked because of his shredded PJ's. tears start to form from his eyes until he felt something, or someone swoop him up, bridal style. He opened this eyes and found himself being carried in the arms of an angelic like creature. A man, with golden blonde hair, and an equisite white outfit. The man smiled at Tomo.

"Thank you..." Tomo said, blushing. "You saved me from total embarrasment. What are you?"

"I'm an angel, of course." He said, being friendly as he soared through the sky.

"You sure are! Thanks so much!" Tomo said once more.

"Anytime." He chuckled. the strange thing was, he suddenly let go.

Toshiro was falling. Why wasn't he so surprised?

He finally hit bottom, with his head. He whimpered in pain as he stood up, wondering how he survived the fall.

He had to worry now about the man grabbing his shoulders. He yelped as he jumped back in his shredded pajamas. The man was wearing a devious smirk. His hair was long, black, and flowing, his eyes a shining silver, and his costume quite charming. Black dress pants, and a black blouse that seemed halfway opened. A long black cape with a silver feathery collar, and small wings growing on his head.

He walked up to the boy, putted one arm around his waist, and another lifting his chin. He was just inches taller than him. Tomo was kinda tall for his age.

"Hello there, candy darling." He purred, smiling. Noticing the shredded pajamas, he easliy let his hand roam around Tomo chest.

"Hey now, stop that!!"

Oh great, not another weirdo!

"Uh...I prefer Tomo..sir." He said, trying to get away.

"I see, my little bon-bon." He said licking his lips as he pinned Tomo to the ground.

"No! Tomo! TOE-MOH!!" He shouted. He pushed off and ran off, slightly hearing an upset bishounen shouting "Damn! He got away!"

He found himslef running in a futuristic, castle ground. Not caring he kept running,until he found himslef in al aboratory-like surrounding, filled with bishounen in reviling clothing.

"Hey, sexy, care for a smoke?" A man near him said, winking.

"No thanks!" Tomo shouted, running off again. Running into someone. Again.

Looking up, he sees feminine like robots all coming for him. Next thing he knew, he was tied up onto a big stick, that was being carried by the robots. A blonde female walked up to him. "In order to meet the emperor, you need better clothes." Tomo was thrown into a room, where femal like men dressed him up in uniform.

"My school outfit? But this is kinda unformal."

Maybe the Emperor might help me...

He was thrown infront of a shadowy spot. Walking out of the shadows was...

"Oh ho ho ho ho! We meet again, my little scrumptious dish!!" It was that black-haired guy again!

Tomo screamed as he stood up to escape. The strange emperor threw whiplike objects at him, and they were shredding his clothes again!

"I think you'll be quite "tasty" once the wrapping is off..." He said, laughing as he chased him.

"WHY DO THINGS ALWAYS END UP LIKE THIS?!?!??!?" He screamed as he felt himslef being swooped again. He could hear the emperror shouting "Damn! He got away!" again. Looking up, he found himself in the arms of the soaring angel, the same one he met before.

"Aw shucks, you keep saving me!" Tomo said with a very relieved look.

"I am an angel after all." The angel chuckled, forming a sweat drop, and after that, he dropped him.

"GYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Tomo screamed as he fell, until he fell onto his own bedroom.

He sat up, in his pajamas.

"Was it just a dream?" He said to himslef at the clock read 4:13.

"Damn! I was so looking forward to watching that movie!!" He said.

"Would you like something else, my delisious muffin?" A familiar voice was heard.

Tomo turned around, and saw a pair of legs coming out of the TV...

The End...less.