Kiss My Eyes

Briar Elwood

A/N: There's a lot more to the story but, seeing as I'm writing it on DanAdria and Adria's now dead…the epilogue will be somewhat of a summary.

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Someone told me

Love would all save us

After Adria's death, Daniel went back to his cemented quarters silently, thoughtfully. Everyone had assumed he was grieving, but, truthfully, he was simply considering the conversation they had had. Finally, when Jack had decided to give Daniel another chance, the archeologist went directly to Vala and apologized profusely, letting her know his love. Of course, it took her longer to forgive him personally but when she did, they did not hold back.

Meanwhile, Daniel had given them a new weapon, so to speak, against the Ori. He told them that, yes, the sangraal had worked (which made them a little confused as to how the Ori could've taken away Adria's protections…they decided not to dwell on it, though). Also, it turned out, Tomin had gained leadership of the Ori army and, with the strong friendship Daniel had formed with Vala's husband, this proved to be a great advantage. Tomin changed a few of the policies of the Ori yet continued to preach…without threats. Tomin accepted Daniel and Vala's relationship soon enough and all was well.

Of course, there was always the Lucian Alliance to deal with, as well as the lesser Goa'uld lords such as Ba'al and Athena, and every once and a while, one of the Ori order would weasel out of Tomin's command. SG-1 would always be out saving the galaxy but everything would always go back to normal.

Such is the life of heroes.

And they say that

A hero can save us