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A week later

"Jill, hurry your fat ass up! Sheesh! Why does Chris insist that we drive over together?!" Claire's voice called out loudly from my living room. Get use to it kiddo. With the way things are going...you're going to have to put up with me for a long time. I smirked as I finished the touch ups of make up and adjustment of clothes.

"Claire, I hate to tell you, but I'm done growing my ass. You've got a couple of years to you." I retorted and smiled widely. A whole week of lounging around at Chris's house...no sex but dear lord that man knows how to treat a lady...breakfast in bed...back massages...

"What do you mean by that?!" She spouted out, now standing in my bathroom doorway. I smiled at her.

"You've got hips almost as big as mine and you're still growing kid. Come on, Chris is going to kill us if we ditch." I said and lead the way out to my tracker. It was Chris's idea for me to pick Claire up from the airport and bring her here to get ready.

"It's just a party for the S.T.A.R.S. on closing the Raccoon estacy line...big deal." She joked and we got into the tracker.

"Are you finally warming up to me?" I asked as I backed out. Claire laughed.

"I only hate you being around my brother, other than that, you aren't that bad. At least you don't smell like the rest of his friends." She answered. I shifted it to drive and started towards Barry's house in the suburbs.

"You should smell them after training...sheesh...I run to the showers just to beat their B.O." I joked and we busted out laughing. The witty banter kept up until we reached Barry's house, where his daughters were running around and playing with Joseph's dog. Joseph and Forest were talking with Richard and a new girl. He didn't tell us about his new girlfriend...then again...Chris and I haven't left his house in the past week much less answer the phone. Claire and I stepped out of the tracker, Barry waving at me from over by the grill where smoke was rising rather quickly, and his wife was headed inside to order pizza. Ken came running out with a fire extinguisher, Brad chsing after him with a bucket of water. Claire busted out laughing and ran up to Forest and the other talking. I smiled at the scene and leaned against my tracker, the motor of Chris's motorcycle coming up the road. I looked to see him turn in. He got off the bike, took his helmet off and threw it into the grass, Polly and Moira running up to tackle him over. I smiled at the picture, shooing away thoughts of a simular scene happening down the road. I bumped off my tracker and walked over to where Chris was still lying on the ground, Polly and Moira backing off to tease him.

"Oooo, Christy's gonna get it now! Jilly's here to pick on him sis!" Polly exclaimed and the two ran off towards Joseph's dog sitting on the porch.

"Enjoying to view?" Chris quipped and I held my hand out to pull him up. He grabbed it and jerked me down atop him, rolling me over and pinning me under. I released a breath quickly and blushed at the predicament. Chris only smirked and went in for the kill, his lips crashing into my own. Everyone's gonna see! I feel quickly into rhythm with the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling his closer. I could hear giggling, probably Moira's and Polly's. There was a wolf whistle and then I knew we'd been caught. Jeez, you're only out in the open making out in Barry's front yard with everyone around...you may be stealthy, but you cannot hide this. Chris pulled back, much to my disproval, so I followed his lips, us both sitting up. His arms wrapped tightly around me, holding me closer. I sighed into his mouth and we pulled away.

"That was completely disgusting Christopher!" Claire's voice called out and there was laughing.

"You're only jealous Claire." Joseph's voice cracked and a loud slap echoed. Chris pulled me up with him and we walked up towards the group awaiting an explaination. I blushed heavily, smirking with my face off to the side as Chris grabbed my hand and lead us. I looked up at him and smiled widely, then turn my attention back to the group. Forest was smilely too, knowing about us before, and Joseph scowled because he couldn't blackmail us anymore. Claire was scowling too.

"About time kids." Barry said, still battling the flames from the grill.

"No wonder you weren't home all week Jill!" Brad said, grinning at me like he knew a dirty little secret. Claire glanced back at him and then her expression went to straight anger towards Chris. Richard tapped my shoulder and I turned to him.

"You know how the Redfields are Jill. This is Rebecca Chambers, the new Bravo team medic." Richard introduced the girl and I shook her hand.

"I'm sorry if you're confused a bit, I'm Jill Valentine of the alphas. You look kinda young how old-" I started to ask.

"DID YOU SLEEP WITH HER CHRIS?!" Claire shouted and I jerked my head over to Claire spouting off. Chris had an angry expression on him. This could be a while...

"NO! COME ON CLAIRE, GET THAT BUG OUT OF YOUR-" Chris started but Ken tapped his shoulder and pointed to Polly and Moira looking at him. "Look, Jill and I are dating, and if you don't like it, oh well." He said, reverting to a softer tone. I smiled.

Hours later

The girls were off in bed and things were quieting down, Richard having already taken Rebecca back to her home, Ken and Barry talking off to the side, and Claire riding Chris's bike back to his house. Chris and myself sat on the porch talking with Forest and Joseph.

"So, there's been some weird reports of cannibals in this area, a couple of hikers going missing...I wonder if that's our next case?" Forest pndered aloud and Joseph laughed.

"Yeah, I bet it's just a cult of D&D kids who went too far. I cast zombie on you!" He joked out and Chris scratched his chin with his left hand, his right one around my waist. I yawned, stretching out.

"All I know, I can't wait for this case. It'll be nice to get back into training after a week off." I spoke and Forest nudged Joseph. "What?" I asked.

"What a long week that was wasn't it?" Chris said, and pulled me in close to his, his finger lifting my chin up to his face.

"Best. Sex. Ever." I said and All four of us laughed loudly. It's great to enjoy ourselves like this. I can't help but feel as if things could be like this for years to come...I'd like that too. I glanced over at Joseph and Forest, noticing some of the tension between them, as if they were itching to be open like Chris and myself. There's always more than one answer to every puzzle Jilly. I smiled widely at the two, reaching into Chris's pocket and slipping out his wallet. I shifted through it and pulled out two one-hundred dollar bills. Chris looked down just as I replaced his wallet.

"Jill?" He asked. I kept my attention on Joseph and Forest.

"Now listen here you two. The kiddies are away and it's just us adults. Now I'm feeling a wee bit randy, and for shits and giggles, I have an interesting proposition for you two." I said loudly enough for those that were still around to hear. Forest and Joseph stared at me scared.

"Jill..." Chris warned.

"I dare you two to make out for two minutes, by Chris's watch, for one hundred dollars each." I smiled out, waving the bills in front of them. Joseph wouldn't refuse a dare involving a payoff.

"I'm not having that here Jill." Barry said and pointed at the top window with lights on. Girls are still up. I smiled and nodded, handing Chris back his money.

"Yet let Chris and Jill basically have sex in your front yard." Brad pouted a bit and we all busted out laughing. Brad and his weird porn...I swear. That one time when his porn mag fell out of his locker to the centerfold being anime porn of a japanese school girl getting it from a tenticle monster...ugh.

"Aw, I think Brad likes it like that." Joseph teased, grabbing Forest and holding him close, smiling mischeiviously. Barry threw his arms up and chuckled, heading inside.

"I'm too old for this." Ken admitted and headed for his car, Joseph and Forest laughing and getting up to leave themselves. Brad grunted and headed for his car. Chris stood up and pulled me into a hug from behind. I wrapped my arms around his neck from behind.

"Trouble maker." He whispered as the cars pulled out of the driveway one by one. I smirked.

"You started it. We could still have been like them if you had kept your hormones in check." I taunted. He chuckled and squeezed me close for a second.

"Feels good though doesn't it?" He asked, the crispy cool night breeze blowing across the way.

"Yeah, but you know Wesker's not going to let us work together alone anymore." I responded, enjoying the warmth.

"We'll just have to locked up in the locker room again then." He whispered, nibbling my ear. I pulled away and pressed my index finger on his chest.

"Oh no buddy, we are so not doing that again. I don't feel like sitting around for hours in cold soaked clothes for a long time." I accused and he busted out laughing, the mirth spilling forth.

"Alright, that's fair...but-" He started then stopped, as if it set me up. Don't fall for it Jilly. Don't do it, I mean it don-

"But what Chris?" I asked.

"With as cold as you were, it was one of the hottest things I have ever seen." He said and hugged me close.

"Cold, but hot. Got it." I spoke and smiled as I nuzzled my face into his chest.

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