Bluefur tenderly held her kits, one in her mouth, and the other propped up on her shoulder. She stared longingly at the patch of dirt. You could clearly see it had been raised up. Her youngest kit had just been buried. Tears welled in the corner of Bluefur's eyes. She had almost moved back towards her camp, but immediately stopped herself.

"Hurry Oakheart. Please," she said almost in whisper.

"I cant do this by myself."

The high pitched yowls coming from her kits forced her to lay them by her side so that they may feed. The rushing river kept her wary, yet she was so tired. Tired of the pain, tired of the sadness, tired of the fact that she was giving her children up.

"I'm here."

Bluefur hurriedly looked up to see Oakheart, her children's father. She still admired the strength and handsomeness of the RiverClan cat. She silently also wished she had never met him. She wouldn't be dealing with this trauma if not for him. Whispering, she said,

"Take them. Before…I change my mind."

Oakheart understood, and he bent his head down to pick up his kits. Bringing his face back up he asked fearfully,

"I…thought…that there was three."

He got his answer when he saw the tears fall from Bluefur's eyes.

"I see."

Once he was fully situated, he began to depart, not saying a word. Bluefur screamed into the night once he was out of site. She didn't care who heard. She screamed and cried as loud and long as she possibly could. She allowed the tears to fall from her face. Desperately she called pitifully for Oakheart.

"I've changed my mind! Don't go! Please! NO! I want them back! Give my babies back!"

Bluefur knew her calls were pointless. He was long gone by now. Gone with her children. She lay there for what seemed like hours. Finally, quivering, she pulled herself up.

You know the rest.