AN: Alright, this is a little 'what if?' story that has been bothering me for some time. Just thought I'd get it out there and outta my head. Quite obviously takes place during and after Divided We Fall. I don't own any of it sob, so don't sue me.

Shayera found the portal. "Flash!" she called desperately as wind buffeted her hair.

"Shayera?" It was Flash, but his voice was distorted. "It's so beautiful here. There's a force- a Speed Force. It's calling me home. I have to go now."

"No Wally!" she cried fearfully. "Take my hand!" She found his wrist amongst the blinding light and held fast.

Lantern came up behind her and took hold of her free hand. "I'm here too, Wally!" he yelled. J'onn, Superman, and Wonder Woman joined the chain.

"We're all here!" Superman encouraged. At the end of the line, Batman took hold of Wonder Woman's wrist with both hands, pulling with all his might.

"You've got to come back to us!" Lantern called.

Finally, with one last tug, Wally came tumbling out and collapsed into Shayera's arms. Breathing heavily, he said, "I can't ever go that fast again. If- oh no. No! You were too late! It won't let me go. . ." His voice faded away, and so did he.

Shayera held empty air in her arms. They looked to J'onn to see if he could sense the young speedster. The Martian sadly shook his head. "Wally!" Tears streamed down Shayera's face.

But it was too late. The Speed Force had claimed him.

Superman stood on the stage looking somberly down at the crowd of press, media, heros, and civilians. In front of the crowd was Lois Lane. He didn't want to think of how disappointed she was going to be of him.

"This is the hardest thing I've ever had to say," he began. "I'm guilty- we're guilty, of the sin of Huberous. We had the best of intentions, to be Earth's guardians, to keep you safe, but we failed you. We looked down on the world from out Tower in the sky and let our powers and responsibilities separate us from the very people we were trying to protect. No one should ever be afraid of us. For that reason, we're decommissioning the Watchtower. The energy weapon up there is already gone. We're taking down the station as well.

"There's more. We want to thank the members of the Justice League for your courageous service, but in the future, you'll all have to act as independent agents. We're not going to be an army any more. As of right now, we're disbanding the Justice League. This is the end." He turned to walk off stage, the other five of the original seven following him.

"Says who?" They stopped and turned to face the owner of the indignant voice. It was Green Arrow. "You remember what we did yesterday? We saved the world-again. You don't think that has any value? Well, think again, pal. The Justice League goes on with or without you. Look, no one can question your service or commitment to making things better. If your quitting because you think you've already done your fair share, fine. We'll throw you a parade. But if your quitting because it's easier than continuing the fight, then your not the heros we all thought you were. The world needs the Justice League, and the Justice League needs you Superman."

The gathered crowd cheered and applauded. Superman, on the other hand, just shook his head sadly.

"I'm sorry," he said. "We lost a valuable member yesterday." He swallowed a hard lump in his throat. "A founding member, and a friend. We refuse to put anyone else in danger. We're disbanding the League and decommissioning the Tower, and that's final. I'm sorry, but we have no choice."

Green Arrow looked at them in disgust. "Then I guess you really aren't the heros we thought you were."

"No," the Man of Steel said sadly, looking away. "I guess not." Then they walked off the stage as the bewildered audience looked on in shock.

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