In a place far far away where the sun no longer shines and the howling winds stray with the mists of time, and the screams of young children are heard in the night, and the Goblins turn to dust at the first sign of light. Of course, we are talking about the Underground. The subversive other world where only the brave and resolute make it through. Well across the realm of enchantment through the great and powerful Labyrinth to the steps beyond the Goblin City lies a castle. Not just any castle. A castle whose ruler is a Goblin King, a Goblin King who calls himself…Jareth!

Jareth assembled himself on his throne. A throne made to represent high status and royalty. But Jareth did not feel like a King at all. In fact he felt like he had be dethroned, I mean he had been defeated by a fifteen year old girl, he has every right to feel humiliated. Sitting on the throne is pretty much all he ever did since Sarah had refused him. He no longer gave attention to the disorderly Goblins like he used to, he just didn't care anymore, he didn't even care to trick some other poor girl into wishing her younger sibling away. What was the point in going through all of that again only to be twice rejected. Heck! He didn't even sing anymore! There was no doubt about it, Sarah had broken his spirit

It's not like Jareth was completely shattered. He occasionally attended dinner parties and masquerades with other immortal beings, but he no longer had that spark. The spark that first attracted Sarah to him and made his wrong doings so forgivable.

Sarah on the other hand was the opposite. She had moved on with her life. She had been on dates, graduated from high school and even made amends with her stepmother. Yes, Sarah was living the good life. Well, she wasn't exactly Miss I-Have-Everything. She still had to baby-sit her brother almost every weekend. Not that she ever objected. After what happened last time she felt like it was her moral duty to take care of the now playful, chatty annoying little brother. Toby had grown up well. He was just like any other 4 year-old, bratty, irritating, but oh so adorable. Sarah loved him so much but sometimes she was tired of living the same old life. She wanted to meet someone special. Someone different and new.

So Sarah's parents gave Toby a kiss and went out to one of their usual dinner parties.

"We'll be back no later than eleven o'clock okay Sarah" her dad shouted as he walked out of

the door.

"Okay, have a good time" replied Sarah.

Toby was playing with his train set in the living room. He seemed intently involved so Sarah did well not to disturb him. She sat down on the sofa and put the radio on . Good choice, it was one of her favourite songs; 'London Calling' by The Clash. She danced along to the music and sang with the chorus. She never used to listen to music but as she matured and become more attuned to the world she realised that she loved the sounds of guitars and saxophones and felt that music was a way out of the real world and gave one a more abstract and theoretical approach to real life situations. As the song came to and end Sarah eagerly awaited the next the next tune, so she could once more pretend she was on stage sing live into her microphone/hairbrush.

The next song began with a Chinese-type melody. It was a fast upbeat tune so Sarah started to wiggle and shake. Just as she was about to attempt several spin rotations she heard a man's voice.

"I could escape this feeling…with my China Girl" he sang. Sarah froze in shock.