Sarah's father came to the door.

"Oh hello Lana." he said.

"Hi, is Sarah here." said Lana.

"Well she was, but then she went, but she didn't go, I mean…" he said making Lana confused.

"Well can I come in and see her" she said.

"O…okay" said her dad.

Lana went upstairs to Sarah's room. When she opened the door she gazed in shock. She saw that Sarah's mirror had hands coming out of it. Lana screamed. The hands came out further. Then the hands turn into arms, then came the legs. Lana couldn't believe what she was seeing. Sarah was actually walking out of her mirror. Sarah arrived at her room seeing her friend gawping at her.

"Hi Lana" Sarah said as she walked straight past her and out of her room.

Lana was even more surprised to see the one and only David Bowie walk out of the mirror too.

"How you doing" he said, also walking past her.

Then came the icing on the cake…Jareth walked out of the mirror.

"Hi…" he started to say until he realised that Lana had fainted. He too walked out of Sarah's room and downstairs.

Sarah's father stared in horror as he saw his little girl with two crazy-looking men standing by her. He looked at David.

"You! You will pay for this" he shouted.

"Ooh what are you gonna do - call the police" said David as he laughed.

Then something attracted Bowie from outside of the open front door, so he walked off.

"I'm not finished with you" he yelled at Bowie before turning back to Sarah. "Sarah where did you go" asked her stressed out father.

"Look I'm sorry for scaring you dad, but I'm back now, I'm home okay." she said.

"But it's not okay" said her dad. "You're still with that drugged-up rock star!" said her Dad.

"No, no I'm not" said Sarah. "I've met someone else. Dad meet my new love, his name is Jareth."

Sarah's father slowly looked up at the strange-looking man with the wild hair, who now put his hand around Sarah's waist. He gawped in astonishment.

"Get back with Bowie Sarah" he said. "Please get back with David Bowie."

Sarah and Jareth laughed as they walked out the door to meet David, who was intently involved in a conversation with a woman.

"Oh hi Sarah, Jareth. This is Iman." he said as the woman shook their hands. "Isn't she bloody gorgeous" he said.

Then they all put their arms around each other and strolled away into the sunset. Wait…you say, what about Lana?, she's still unconscious upstairs, and what about Sarah's dad - will he actually call the police? What will happen to the Labyrinth now. Is Angie going to stay there forever. And what will Jenny Connelly say when she sees Sarah and Jareth. Well, that's another story!

The End!


A/N - So, that's the true story of how Bowie met Iman, how Sarah fell for Jareth, and how Angie disappeared off the face of the planet. As Labyanna said, if you wish for something hard enough it will become real. So never give up. Keep dreaming, and be true to yourself. I know I will.

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