Anything But Normal

Part 1

He was reading the newspaper. She hated when he read the newspaper. Normally, a wife wouldn't think anything of her husband reading a newspaper. But Liz and Dean Winchester were anything but normal.

Liz Atwood had been normal for the first fifteen years of her life. She was your average pretty blue eyed brunette from North Dakota. That all changed when her brother and father were murdered. The investigators didn't have many leads. There bodies were shred to pieces, and their hearts were taken out. She almost couldn't identify their bodies at the morgue. The investigators guessed that it was bears.

Liz knew something wasn't right. Her mother had died in a fire when she was a baby. Then her father and brother mysteriously die. Liz knew the events were connected. She didn't understand it, but she had a feeling that it wasn't an electrical fire or bears that killed her family.

A month after her father and brother died, Liz was living in her aunt's apartment. She was working at a coffee shop and currently on her break. She was trying to get some homework done when she overheard the conversation going on at the table in front of hers. She kept her head down, looking at her book, so the wouldn't notice her.

"So the lunar cycle was the same for all of them?" an older man with dark hair asked.

"Yes, sir. All 8 victims have been killed during the week leading up to the full moon for three months now." a younger boy said. He seemed like a younger version of the older man. He looked to be about 18 or 19.

"Who are the latest victims?" the older man asked.

"Tom and Alex Atwood. Father and son." said a boy who looked about Liz's age. He was tall and lanky with messy brown hair.

"Any living relatives?"

"Yes, sir. Elizabeth Atwood, 15 years old. Daughter and sister to the victims. She lives with her aunt, Bethany Davis." the tall boy said.

"The aunt, is she the sister of the victim, Sam?"

"No," Sam answered, "sister in law."

"His wife?"

"Died in a fire." Sam said staring at one of his papers.

"Sammy, what's with the face? You look like someone just sucker punched you." the older boy said.

"Melanie Atwood was killed in an electrical fire on September 5, 1983. When Elizabeth was exactly six months old."

"That doesn't mean it was the demon." the older boy told him.

"I think it's a safe assumption, Dean. It's the exact same thing that happ–"

"Sammy, we don't assume anything. There could be actual electrical fires. We'll have to look into this more. I'm gonna go our and get amo. We're running low. Dean, take your brother to the library after you finish eating. Find Elizabeth's address and give it to me. Stay at the library with your brother until he's done his report."

"Yes, sir." after the man left Dean said, "Why do you bother with the stupid school work. Shakespeare and Geometry don't help you in the real world."

"I want to go to college. I don't want to be a hunter."

"Yeah, whatever, Sammy."

Liz's break was up. She went to the back and put her apron back on. She went over to Sam and Dean's table. "Do you guys want anything else?" she asked politely, pretending she hadn't just been eavesdropping on them just moments ago.

"God, yes." Dean smirked.

"Just a check." Sam said, rolling his eyes.

"Alright." She came back and placed their check on the table.

"What's your name?" Dean asked.

"Liz. I'm a Pisces and 15, meaning not legal and you're not my type anyways." She was used to guys like Dean. They came into the coffee shop all the time.

Sam laughed. "You accept Visa?" Dean asked, not looking at her directly because he was embarrassed that she turned him down before he could even use a cheesy pick up line.

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