I Need You Tonight

By: Imeralt Evalon


Anger flashed in Sasuke Uchiha's eyes, as he pushed the plate of Fettuccini Alfredo back and stood up, knocking his chair down in the process. He looked down at his wife, staring at her bright bewildered green ones, his temper flaring viciously.

"I don't want any of this damn pasta! God, you are so annoying!" his voice gaining more volume as he continued to scream at her. "You incessantly chatter away like a nitwit, how stupid can you be?!" He didn't care how sad she looked at that moment, he was having a horrible day, and her asking him multiple questions was just his breaking point. Even if the question was just, "Sasuke-kun, would you like some pasta?" he couldn't take anymore.

"I hate your stupid pink hair, I mean seriously, who the hell has pink hair? You cry too damn much, always over the stupid things! Sasuke this, Sasuke that. God onna, stop being so damn annoying!"

He kept screaming and screaming, ignoring the stares of the other people in the restaurant. Sakura stayed silent, letting him belittle her in front of everyone.

"I DON'T care! I don't even LIKE you. I only married you because my parent's will! So don't flatter yourself if you think I love you. Because when it comes to love, you are the last person on my list Sakura!"

As she gasped, as if she had lost her breathe, his eyes looked back down to hers, flashing dangerously, he noticed that her eyes were shimmering with unshed tears. He felt slightly proud that she had been able to keep them in, before their marriage, she would have cried and then proclaimed her love to him again, even if he had just stated cruel words to her in front of everyone in the restaurant.

Sakura Uchiha slowly stood up, her head leveled as she stared into her husband's eyes. "I think…I'll be…going home now. Thank you…for dinner." Again, he felt proud that she still remembered her dinner manners as she walked out of the restaurant, strangers and friends staring at her back as the door closed behind her, sending pitying looks at her back as she let the tears glide silently down her face.


When Sakura got home, she broke down in tears, after breaking down, she stared around at her bedroom, and she knew what she had to do.

She had been married to Sasuke for at least 2 years now, and known him since she was 5, and never once had she ever seen him talk from the heart…at least, not until now.

She hurried looked to her dresser and pulled out something she never thought she would see again, the divorce papers. Sasuke told her he wanted a divorce long before this incident, but like a silly lovesick fool she had told him, she loved him with all of her heart and would never want to ever leave him.

But she realized now, how foolish she had been.

Tears fell down to the stack of papers as she quickly signed her signature, Sasuke's already present. I have been so selfish, she thought, as she signed the last sheet. All this time I've been thinking about how much I loved him, never thinking about how he never would love me.

She placed the divorce papers on her…no…his bed and quickly pulled out a roller suitcase. She would leave, somewhere as to never bother him again, and maybe, just maybe, Sasuke would be happy, finally, without her here to annoy him so much.

At that thought, she sprouted some new tears, but she brushed them away as she packed her old clothes into the suitcase. She would not be keeping anything she did not buy with her own money, meaning the expensive red dress she was wearing now would not be leaving with her.

She undressed and quickly put on some denim jeans and a small cotton shirt that said, "Save for a Rainy Day" She sighed dreamily, for so long she had worn expensive dresses and high heels, but now, she was going to go back to her old wardrobe and she missed it.

With a last look, she walked out of the Uchiha mansion. This was the last time she was coming through these doors she thought, this time she was walking out as Sakura Haruno.


Sasuke Uchiha had a strange feeling when he came to his home. It was very similar to the time he found his family massacred by the hands of his older brother, whom had been killed barely 2 years ago, by him.

He opened the door and the house was eerily quiet, the servants were sleeping, and Sakura was probably waiting up for him in bed, as always. The foolish girl…no woman, would wait up for him, even if he had just yelled at her about how she's was the last person he would ever love.

However, as he made his way to bedroom, the chilling feeling came again. When he opened the door to his bedroom, he expected to see the pink haired woman sitting silently on the bed, her eyes red and puffy from crying, but instead, he saw nothing.

"Sakura?" He called out softly, as if she would suddenly appear out of nowhere to cry out 'Sasuke I'm so sorry for annoying you!' but that was not the case. She wasn't there and Sasuke couldn't help but feel as if something wasn't right. Then he noticed it.

The divorce papers.

She had refused to sign them when he had presented them to her, he thought she had thrown them out or probably burned them. However, it was obvious she had not as he flipped through the pages. His eyes widened as he noticed her signature was on all of them.

But he felt no immediate sense of loss, for like he said. He only married her because of his parent's will. Their will stated that they would love to have him married to someone who was well known with a kind heart, someone he knew would always love him, and someone who was close to him.

He never was very close to people, even before going to join Orochimaru. He was always alone, and preferred that way most of the time. However, Sakura had been the only female that was close to him, because Naruto's sexy no jutsu was never going to be a reasonable option to him.

So it was obvious why he chose her. She was the only female he could stand, to an extent. The Yamanaka girl was annoying as hell, the Hyuuga was too timid, and the Bun-bun haired girl…no one knew what the heck her last name was.

Sasuke shrugged, it wasn't really his problem. His parent's never said to stay married to her and so as soon as he could, he tried to file for divorce from his pink haired teammate. Yet, she refused saying that she loved him and would never want to leave him. He glanced back at the papers in his hand, she had signed them Sakura Haruno.

He sighed; he was probably going to hear it from Naruto in the morning. Tch. Whatever. The marriage was stupid anyways. It was never consummated, so in a sense, they were never truly married.

And with that thought, Sasuke fell asleep on his bed, ignoring the fact how his bed seemed to be a little bit bigger than he remembered.


Sakura never knew where she would go exactly. She knew she hadn't been thinking straight as she signed the divorce papers and left the Uchiha mansion; but she knew it was so much better than staying there.

She stifled a sob as she thought about it. She had been a fool, the worst kind ever, a lovesick one. She thought that maybe, with time, Sasuke would eventually fall in love with her. She shook her head sadly as she let loose a stream of tears, what a fool she had been. She wiped her eyes fiercely, but it was no use, the tears just wouldn't stop flowing.

All she really wanted was for him to maybe open up his heart a little. She had been married to him for 2 years, but the closest they have ever been to each other was the small distance between them when they slept in the same bed.

Yet, even then, she knew they were so far away. He was not in love with her, barely even tolerated her. If it hadn't been for his parent's will, she would have probably never have had a chance to be married to the guy she had loved since she was 5.

But what was the use of being married to someone who never even spared a glance at you? Someone who refused to acknowledge the fact that you were their spouse and truly loved them? She almost smiled at the irony as rain started to pour down on her.

She felt like shit and the weather did nothing to appease her angst.

"What have I done to deserve this?" She muttered out loud, her eyes staring at the dark violet clouds looming above her, soaking her clothes.

"Hag?" She turned her head swiftly to the voice and noticed it was her old teammate Sai, standing out in the rain, staring at her with slight confusion. She was surprised how his emotions have grown.

"Sai…" She muttered, nodded her head in acknowledgement, hoping hadn't seen her crying. She was already feeling bad; she really didn't need someone making it worse for her. Though Sai's ability to show some feeling were growing, he still couldn't truly understand some, and would probably make her feel worse than she already was.

"What's wrong Sakura?" Sai asked gently, in his somewhat concerned tone, and Sakura just had to smile lightly. He had been progressing nicely.

"Nothing." She mumbled and she lowered her eyes, hoping his shinobi skills wouldn't detect that she was definitely lying.

"Like hell." He stated simply as he moved closer to her. Her eyes widened as she noticed he held out a gloved hand to her. "Come on Sakura, you can come to my house. We can…talk, the Dickless Wonder is visiting me there."

All she could really do was curse his ANBU skills as she walked, practically prodded, to Sai's house.


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