Sarah Williams sprinted through the frantic Manhattan streets. Timing was certainly not one of her strong attributes and she was already ten minutes late. Her hair was a bundle of confusion and she had no time to apply her make-up, not that she needed it of course, her innocent complexion and large lustrous eyes enclosed more beauty than any lip gloss or mascara could hold. But Sarah didn't know this. She had always thought herself ordinary and nothing else. Which is why she had probably felt so insecure about racing down the streets with a naked face and damp tresses. She realised that she shouldn't have stayed up so late watching Ghost, one of her favourite movies, in her apartment, as she would not have woken up at the last minute and would not have had to rush her morning shower only to remember that she was supposed to be at Rosie's Café for eight o'clock.

Sarah's life was proceeding fairly well. It wasn't perfect but she had a lot of things that other girls her age would dream of having. For one thing her father had managed to get her a great job in a top advertising company. She didn't really enjoy it that much and she had few friends there but the pay was more than enough to get her through each day. Her real ambition was to become an actress. She had joined a stage school which she attended twice a week after work. Since she was a young girl she had always loved to dress up and act out fantasy scenes from her favourite stories, her father was rather concerned about this because even as a little girl Sarah was an outcast. But that's they way she liked it so that's the way it was. Which is why she was extremely delighted when she was offered a part in the upcoming play of Romeo and Juliet. She was of course playing Juliet and couldn't wait to get home and learn her lines.

As her life was so busy at the moment she almost couldn't fit in time to see Devon, her boyfriend. Sarah never really had much look with boys in her teenage years, but Devon had took to her like a moth to a flame. Sarah, now twenty, wasn't interested in him at first, but he had a very persuasive manner and wouldn't give in until she agreed to go out with him. Now, she had been dating him for almost three months and she felt liked he had transformed her from a young girl into a woman. Devon was one of the only men in her life that she actually trusted. One of the main reasons why she liked him so was because he was in fact a fay, an immortal being from another world. He did not have wings or grant wishes, in truth he hardly ever chose to use his powers. He seemed happy enough living in Manhattan with Sarah. He was overjoyed with the fact that Sarah was the only girl who could appreciate his otherworldliness and still accept him for who he was. Devon knew about Jareth, the Goblin King who Sarah had once encountered when she wished her brother away to the Underground. Sarah used to tell him many stories of her adventure and was glad that she had someone who understood her. She felt that if she kept her thoughts and feelings suppressed inside they may start to creep up on her and haunt her. On the other hand, she never told him about how she was almost tempted to stay with Jareth for fear that he would become envious.

Sarah used to speak to Hoggle everyday through her bedroom mirror. All she'd have to say was "Hoggle I need you" and he would always be there for her. She usually spoke to him about her life and her troubles and he would always give her advice, some which she would take and some which she would not. Sometimes Ludo and Sir Didymus would come and talk too, and every so often when she felt especially lonely they would join her in the real world and play games o chess with her or tell stories or watch movies. She asked them many things about the Labyrinth and they would tell her of tales of mischievous goblins and their wrongdoings, but whenever she asked them about Jareth they would never say too much about him, only that he was back to his usual dry-humoured spoilt self and that she should just forget about him. Even though Sarah never could forget about him. How could she forget such a beautiful and interesting individual. She often wondered what he did with himself these days, whether he attempted to win any other girls' hearts by stealing away their baby brothers or sisters. Partly, she hated him for what he did to her, how he took her brother away and almost killed her. But sometimes she couldn't help feeling a little bit sorry for him. Stuck in a castle for eternity full of disobedient goblins and no real friends. But there was no way she was going to let her thoughts of him come between her relationship with Devon. It was only about three months ago when Sarah decided that she needed to focus on her career and so contact with Hoggle and friends became less frequent.

As for Toby, the six year old had forgotten all about the Labyrinth and the Goblin King, or at least he never talked about it to Sarah. She kept in regular contact with him and her father and stepmother. Her troubled years as a teenager had melted away and now she was on reasonable terms with Karen, although inevitably she could never quite forgive her for taking her mothers place, which was why Sarah felt it best to move to the city where she was closer to her work.

Sarah stumbled into the café where she saw Devon slumped on their favourite corner table in their local café.

"Hi Devon" said Sarah in a cheery voice. "I'm sorry, I know I'm late."

"Ha ha yeah don't worry I'm used to it" said Devon dismissively. "At least you attempted to get here on time."

Devon could see that Sarah had been running, her face was hot and sweaty as she tried to brush the kinks out of her wet and wiry dark hair. She sat down opposite him as he watched her attentively.

"What?" she said. "I don't look that bad do I?"

Devon smiled. He truly adored Sarah, even more so than she adored him. She often wondered what it was about her that he liked so much. No one had ever called her beautiful before, not even Devon, and that's really all she ever wanted to be, beautiful. Devon on the other hand was very handsome, as all the fays and fairy's that Sarah had ever seen are. He had dark russet slick-back hair, small twinkling eyes and a cheeky grin. He wore a leather jacket and fitted denim jeans but still managed to appear elegant and tidy.

"No, no, of course you don't, not once you take silly wig off anyway" Devon said teasingly. That's the kind of guy he was, he never liked to get overly romantic and emotional. He just teased her a she knew that she shouldn't take it too personally.

Sarah ignored his remark. "So you said there was something important you wanted to tell me. I hope it's nothing too serious. You got me worried on the phone."

"No no, well I think it's more good than serious and I hope you'll think so too."
"Well hurry up and tell me, you know I'm going to be late for work."

"What you're going to work today, oh I thought you was joining the mad hair parade." Again her laughed as Sarah combed her hair and tied it up into a ponytail showing off her slender face and swan neck.

"There are you satisfied" she said. "Now come on, tell me what's up."

"Okay, well you know the other day when I was telling you that because of your acting and busy job that I don't get too see that often" he said.

"Yeah" she answered.

"Well, I thought it would be good if maybe we…we perhaps moved in together."

Sarah looked stunned. Her eyes widened and her hands stared to tremble. She hadn't expected this and she certainly hadn't wanted things to move any further. She had never even told him that she loved him yet.