There's such a sad love deep in your eyes

A kind of pale jewel open and closed

Within your eyes

I'll place the sky within your eyes

There's such a fooled heart beating so fast

In search of new dreams a love that will last

Within your heart

I'll place the moon within your heart

As the pain sweeps through

Makes no sense for you

Every thrill is gone

Wasn't too much fun at all

But I'll be there for you-ou-ou

As the world falls down


Falling down

Falling in love

Sarah and Jareth danced alone across the ballroom floor. Sarah wore a magnificent golden ball gown and she sparkled long with the chandeliers that caught the radiance of her glowing complexion. He sang to her as they danced. She had finally gotten her chance to complete the night with him. No other dancers were there to stare or laugh at them. It was just the two of them, alone and in love. Jareth pulled her close and smiled at her softly.

"Jareth where are we" she said.

"We're in a dream" said Jareth, "where no one can disturb us."

Sarah smiled as the continued to dance the night away. He made her feel like an angel. She never knew how good she could dance when she was with him.

When the dream was over, Sarah slept peacefully in her bed next to Jareth who held her tight. His arms gripped around her waist as she slept.

But then, something startled Jareth. For he had many powers and one of those powers was to sense things in humans that they could not sense themselves. As his hands held her stomach he could feel something inside her. Some kind of energy that moved in her lower abdomen. It was too early for Sarah to have noticed anything. It must have only been there for about eleven days or so.

Oh no Jareth thought, Sarah was pregnant!….

Yes I know, I know, typical cliff-hanger. But I never like to finish a story completely. Otherwise I'll get bored. Anyway now there's a door open for a sequel. Nooooo you cry. Well tough. If I want to write a sequel then I'll write a sequel. But only if I get more reviews. Don't you want to find out whose baby it is. Don't you want to know why the hell Jareth got that owl curse and stuff. If so write a review, if not write a review, if you don't know or just stumbled here by mistake...write a review. Love y'all.

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