Title: Candlelight
Author: A. Haverstock
Characters: Rabi/Lenalee
Rating: PG
Warnings: n/a
Word Count: 482
Genre: Romance/Angst

Rabi/Lenalee (D.Gray-Man) for Juujube101 (482 words)

Prompt: Rabi/Lena, lightning candles

He remembers the exact moment that he began to think of her as more than a friend, a comrade, a sister. He was fifteen and the resident prankster and she had been thirteen and the pride of the Order.

It was nearing midnight and he had been wandering the hallways of the girls dormitories hoping to catch a glimpse of naked skin unnoticed when he noticed the soft, flickering light of a candle filtering out through a crack in a door.

He moved silently forward to look through the crack and was surprised at what he saw. Lenalee was sitting in front of her windowsill, watching the flickering wax candle that sat upon it instead of the brilliant night sky that was contained beyond the glass.

The candlelight danced across her smooth skin, playing with the contours of her face, and lit the silky black hair that flowed down her back and shoulders like a waterfall so that it glowed more beautifully than the moon.

Her eyes shone brighter than the candles that lit them.

He watched in awe as she reached out a slender arm to light another candle, and then another.

"Candlelight is an awful lot like hope, don't you think Rabi? It may flicker and fade but will always come back to brighten our lives."

He gurgled out a few unintelligable sounds in reply, so shocked as he was from her addressing him. She laughed and it sounded like the wind-chimes that he loved so much.

"I saw your reflection in my window," she said by way of explanation.

"Oh," he replied.

She motioned for him to join her by the window and they sat in comfortable silence, watching the flames dance until the night faded into morning and all that was left of the candles was a pile of wax.

Looking at her now -- skin so pallid it is grey, lips chilled and blue, hair caked with blood -- he holds her hand tightly and wishes they go back in time where it was okay to curl up together and watch candles until the sun rose and drowned out the flames.

She smiles at him, almost as though she is reading his mind. She holds onto his hand as tightly as he is to hers.

"I think I loved you," she says. Her voice is soft like summer rain. The tears that run down his face are heavy like an autumn storm.

"I think I loved you too," he replies.

He watches as the light in her beautiful violet eyes flicker and fade away, jus like the candles she loved so much. She smiles at him one last time before letting the air out from her lungs one last time. Her lips are frozen into a small smile just for him.

The grip she has on his hand slackens until he's the only one left holding on.