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You Can't Capture Cats


"That's it! I'm finished!" Kyo shouted, bursting out the door of the house. In a fit of rage from Yuki's constant insults, he raced off into the woods, fire in his eyes.

"Kyo!" Tohru cried out, her hand against her heart in surprise, the other reaching out slightly. Shigure just shook his head.


Tohru finally found him, cats crawling across his lap, perched on his head or curled around his shoulders, mewing. He sat cross-legged, facing away with her, head in his hand. Carefully she walked up to him, and leaned down to sit next to him. She sat there, breathing slowly, letting her calmness slide to him.

After a while, she carefully put her hand up to his back, pushing the kittens aside gingerly, rubbing her palm against his shirt gently. She wrapped her arms around his middle, and at first he struggled. But Tohru wouldn't let go, and though he refused to look at her, he was settled, the flames of his anger put out. (His face still turned scarlet, of course.)

Tohru slipped her hand in Kyo's, pulled herself up, and helped him up from his sitting position. Kyo told himself that this was the last time he'd let her win him over, but even he knew that was a flat out lie.

As they were walking back home, Tohru fell into a sudden sleepy lapse, and leaned her head against Kyo's shoulder. The boy's face turned a color that rather complimented his fiery orange hair.


They passed Shigure's study while returning to their respective rooms. He was working on his novel, typing away on the computer. He looked up, and stopped Tohru.

"Yes, Shigure?" Tohru said brightly, sitting down.

"Tohru, you do realize that no matter how tightly you hold on, you can't capture a cat? They will always run away."

She looked at him solemnly, square in the eye.

"Kyo isn't a cat. He's a person," Tohru said, standing up and leaving.

Shigure just shook his head.


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