HEy gusy new story! R & E! (read and enjoy!)

Much amor♥


"Let go of me!" she yelled as she tried to escape the death grip he had on her.

"Get back here, bitch," He yelled pulling her towards him by her hair.

He tried to pull of her clothes, but she resisted, kicking him trying to escape through the door.

"Get back here!" He yelled running in front of her so she couldn't get out of the door.

He hit her; no he slapped her, a hard movie slap where her whole face got jerked to the side.

"You're a bitch," he screamed again trying to pick her up.

"NO!!!!!" She yelled kicking and screaming hoping somebody would hear and save her from this evil.

He dropped her on the bed and climbed on top of her. He started to pull her shirt over…but she lifted her knee up into his groin hard. He yelled in agony, and moaned in pain.

"You fuckin idiot! You're a bitch! Do you know that! You deserve this!"

He climbed back on and sat on her legs pinning her hands down so she couldn't try anything to escape.

No! she thought squirming as he punched her. She saw stars…she always heard about how people see stars when they get hit hard, she never believed it until now. It hurt so much that she couldn't define it as pain. IT was past pain. He kept punching her like she was some sort of punching bag. She tried to resist, but she was weak and small, he was strong and a grown man. She knew it was no good. He punched her one more time, this time in the stomach. If she were standing she would have doubled over, but she was lying on the bed so all she could do was take the sudden loss of air as he hit her. Stop she thought, god please stop this!

He hit her one more time; she didn't even feel it, it hurt so much, "There, that should keep you from trying anything on me,"

He pulled her up still straddling her as he pulled her shirt over her head. With the little strength she could muster she tried to hurt the man, she wanted to kill him, but she couldn't even if she wasn't so weak from the beatings. She punched him, he barely flinched. She kept hitting, and that stupid bastard sat there and laughed. He knew she was weak and couldn't do anything. He would just wait until she was so weak she couldn't move a muscle, then he would do whatever he wanted with her. Her hits slowly stopped coming so fast, but she kept hitting until she could barely lift her arm. She wasn't going to let the bastard get what he wanted without a fight. But she had no fight left in her, she couldn't do anything.

He realized she was falling weak, so he pushed her back on the bed and once again climbed on top of her. He lay down on top of her as she tried one final half hearted attempt to escape by hitting him on his head.

"Stop it, I am NOT taking no for an answer," he moaned in her ear.