Unlikely By: Phoenix Kaen

Summary: Yami Malik falls in love with a girl and you will NOT believe who it is. Too bad she's completely scared of him. Can Yugi protect her from him? Can Bakura and Malik stop laughing?

A/N: You'll probably think I'm weird for writing this but I just couldn't stop laughing when I thought of this plot.

Additional Coupling: ShizukaxRyou, BakuraxIsis

Yami Malik-Mariku

Regular Bakura-Ryou

Evil Bakura-Bakura

Rebecca cast a glance around the park before being satisfied that he wasn't there. A few bushes, some trees, a few kids playing on the playground on the left and on the right had again a few bushes, a few trees, the elderly playing chess and Kaiba doing taichi. She did a double take. Kaiba doing taichi?! What the-? Oh, wait, no that's just an old man that somehow looks like him. She sighed with relief at the lack of her stalker. "Great. He's not here," she said to herself. The blonde plopped down on the bench with a book clasped in one hand.

Ever since she moved to Japan with her grandpa, Rebecca felt homesick since she wasn't used to the Japanese ways. Well, at least Domino City has a perfectly serene park where she could spend time reading (one of her favorite pastimes). She could've easily went to the local library but the atmosphere was musty and smelt of old books. The park was so much better with the fresh air. She was immersed in another Agatha Christie mystery novel when someone was spying at her from behind a tree.

Meanwhile at the Ishtar residence, Isis was reading a newspaper article about Kaiba's new invention. She was sitting at the kitchen table with Rishid sitting across from her. He was reading the ingredients on the back of a cereal box. It was the new brand of cereal; Yu-Gi-Os. It wasn't really shaped like an 'o'. On the contrary, the cereal had shapes of Yugi's head, Dark Magician Girl's face, Dark Magician's face and the Millennium puzzle.

"There's so much sugar and saturated fat in this," Rishid muttered while shaking his head. He put the box down and got up to make some toast. The second to youngest Ishtar entered the kitchen. He was rubbing his eyes to get rid of his sleepiness.

"Nee-san, Nii-san," Malik said, yawned. "Have you two seen my yami today?"

"No, I haven't," replied a ticked off Isis, who lowered the newspaper from her face. "He was supposed to do the laundry this morning but once again, he forgot!" Malik winced. He could tell Isis wasn't in a good mood today.

Malik chuckled nervously. Everytime his yami doesn't do something, he's the one that gets scolded. "Well, look at this way, nee-san. At least this time you won't find your underwear turned pink."

"I didn't exactly find it amusing when he turned my shorts pink," Rishid said. He turned around to prepare more toast. "Do you want some toast, Malik?"

"No, thanks. I want to eat some Yu-Gi-Os today," Malik said, smiling. Rishid sweat dropped. What happened to the boy that wanted to get revenge on the King of Games?

"Good morning, nii-sama!" Mokuba said cheerfully. Kaiba winced at the volume of his little brother's voice.

"Good morning, Mokuba. What are you eating?" Kaiba asked, pulling up a chair and sitting down next to Mokuba.

"I'm eating Yu-Gi-Os, nii-sama! Wanna try some?" Kaiba groaned, smacking his forehead.

My headache's getting worse. Kaiba thought. Why does he get a cereal deal and I don't?

What's going to happen next? Rebecca smiled widely as she turned the page. She can hardly wait to find out who the murderer was when she felt someone breathing…directly behind her. She slowly craned her neck around and saw…nobody? She shrugged and went back to reading. Guess it was my imagination. She flipped her blonde hair over her shoulders, smacking someone in the face.

"Oof!" That someone said making Rebecca's eyes widen.

"AAHH!" She screamed as she stared at the person who smiled sheepishly back at her except it was more like…smirking psychotically. Before he could say anything, she sprinted in the opposite direction away from him. Mariku looked sadly at the spot where the girl had been.

"Aww, Becca Becca ran away," he sighed. He leaned on the back of the bench, looking up at the sky.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God!" Rebecca exclaimed repeatedly in English. She was still running but to where, she had no idea. She kept trying to shake the feeling of being close to him. For the past five months, she had figured out that someone was watching her whenever she hung out in the park. She thought she was just being paranoid but then she noticed him. He thought he was slick. Then again, the binoculars that he used to point in her direction doesn't exactly help. Yes, he stole a kid's plastic binoculars, sat on the bench right next to Rebecca's and watched her. At the same time, he didn't expect her to notice.

"What's wrong with that guy? Ugh!" She muttered to herself. Mariku sat down on the unoccupied bench. His hand touched something. A mother and a kid passed the psychotic yami.

"Mommy, why's that guy wearing a cape?" The kid asked, pointing to Mariku.

"Shh, honey! It's not nice to point and question the ways of an anime otaku," the mom whispered. "He's probably playing some anime character."

"Okay, mommy." With that, they left. Mariku ignored their comments. He picked up the book that Rebecca dropped. He tried to read the words but couldn't. They were in that funny language that his hikari calls 'Engrish.'

"Engrish looks so weird," he muttered to himself.

Rebecca finally came to a stop in front of a familiar shop. Kame Game Shop. Perfect! Yugi's in there!

"Okay, Yugi, it's your turn," Jounouchi said, peering over the top of his cards at his best friend. The short King of Games smiled and was about to put a card on the tabletop when a certain someone delivered a bone crushing hug from behind. Yugi's smacked face first into the table, scattering the Duel Monsters cards to the floor. Ryou, Anzu, Honda and Jounouchi sweat dropped at the ridiculous sight.

"YUGI!" Rebecca shrieked affectionately. "Huh? Yugi, are you okay?" Poor Yugi suffered a minor concussion from the impact.

"Rebecca! You have to stop doing that!" Anzu yelled at the young girl.

"Sowwy…" Rebecca whined slightly.

A/N: Weird? Funny? I know, I know. You're probably thinking 'what a weird couple'. Yeah, I think so, too. I don't actually support MarikuxRebecca. This is my first story with Rebecca or Mariku as the main character. My reasoning for putting these two together? Well, YM is only six-years-old and I thought why not put him with a younger character but the youngest characters are around 12 (I.e. Mokuba, Shizuka, Rebecca). He's already put with Shizuka and I don't do yaoi so Rebecca was the clear choice. Don't even think about Noa because in my opinion, he doesn't exist.