Title: Unlikely

Author: Shoujo's Revenge

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to the rightful owners like Kazuki Takahashi, not I.

Chapter 2: Mariku Bonked Rebecca?!

The sun was setting causing the sky to darken. Mariku walked past the Kame Game Shop with Rebecca's forgotten book tucked under his arm. He had flipped the book once or twice to see if he would recognize some 'Engrish' words. He remember that his other half was studying this language at school. Sometimes he browsed through Malik's English textbook out of boredom. He held the book in front of him. He constantly flipped to the front of the book to look at the Rebecca's neatly scribbled signature. He caught a whiff of her scent every time he flipped the pages quickly.

"Bye, Yugi-kun! I'll see you tomorrow!" Rebecca said, waving energetically to Yugi. The latter waved back with less enthusiasm and a faltering smile. He sighed in relief when she finally left the shop. "Aww, I can't believe I lost my book," she muttered under her breathe, rummaging through her messenger bag. "Now I won't know who the murderer is."

Mariku walked towards her, his head still buried in the book. She was also walking towards him, searching for her cellphone in her bag. As she passed him, the smell of rose scented lotion wafted to his nose. He quickly lowered the book with wide eyes.

"Becca Becca!" He exclaimed. She snapped her head back and saw him. They stood still for a few seconds then she did the predictable.

"AHHHH!" She screamed. Damn it, why did she leave the pepper spray at home today?! She hightailed it down the street, not expecting him to actually follow her this time. But as she turned around, there he was running…and catching up quickly to her. Her blonde hair bounced up and down her back.

"Yugi! Yugi! Help me, Yugi-kun!" She screamed. Inside the Game Shop, Yugi let out a torrent of sneezes.

Is someone talking about me? Yugi thought, not noticing his frowning grandfather behind him. Yugi had just sneezed on a supply of rare Duel Monster cards. They weren't so rare anymore now that it was covered in Yugi's snot.

"Wait! Becca Becca! I just want to give you back something!" Mariku shouted, still chasing after her.

"Would you quit calling me that?!" Rebecca shouted, irritated. "And stop stalking me, you creep!"

"I just want to," He said, huffing loudly.

"Help! There's a rapist after me!" Rebecca exclaimed. She mistook his heavy breathing for him getting aroused.

Meanwhile, Isis was putting Malik's and Mariku's fresh laundry in their drawers. She folded Mariku's Pikachu boxers while her little brother was doing his English homework. She looked over his shoulder to see that he was writing some very simple English sentences.

1. I like Yu-Gi-Os.

2. I like pie.

3. I like underwear.

4. I like Postpartum Erection.

"Stop goofing off, Malik!" Isis scolded.

"I'm not! I'm doing my homework, aren't I?" He retorted.

"You're just finding random words from the dictionary to fill these sentences in!"

"I am not!" He said childishly.

"You just said you like underwear and Postpartum erection isn't a real word! You copied it wrong!"

At the Kaiba mansion, Seto was lying in bed in pain. He suddenly came down with a fever. Mokuba was by his bedside, looking worried.

"Don't worry, nii-sama. You'll get better. Here, I made you some lunch," he said, setting a tray on Seto's lap. Seto's eyes bugged out as he looked at the soup. Shapes of Yugi's head, Dark Magician Girl's head, Dark Magician's head and the Millennium puzzle floated in the soup. "Isn't it cool? The same company that made Yu-Gi-Os is coming out with a whole new line of Yugi themed food!"

Seto's lip quivered. If he didn't feel so weak, he'd knock the soup to the floor but since he was feeling so hungry…He picked up the spoon reluctantly. He picked out the Yugi heads so he could squish them with his spoon later.

Back to Rebecca and Mariku, he was getting frustrated at this. Mariku didn't feel like running anymore. He flung the novel at her and yelled. "Catch!" The flaw with that little plan? She wasn't looking when he threw the hardcoverbook at her head.

"Whoops," he said sheepishly. She was sprawled facedown on the ground before him. He looked to the right then to the left. Nobody in sight except for him and his dear Rebecca...An insane smile lit up his face. He rubbed his hands together deviously. He had a brilliant idea on what to do with her unconscious body. He laughed eerily. He stopped and stooped next to her, reaching into her bag. Luckily, he was able to find a notepad and a small keychain pen. He scribbled unrecognizable letters onto the notepad and ripped it off. He put the note on top of her head, smiling. "There, now someone can find her and bring her home." It never occurred to him that he could carry her home himself. Mariku was apparently smarter when he was planning world domination than he was with logic.

He was about to walk away but turned back. He knelt down again to rummage through her bag. Then he found what he was looking for. He held a small tube of lotion in his hand. Without even opening the top, he could smell the scent that she usually wore. He looked down at Rebecca who was still knocked out cold.

I wonder how soft her hair is? He thought, reaching out towards her. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and let it run through his fingers. Looking furtively around him, he made sure that they were completely alone. He brought his face close to her hair and sniffed, the smell of her shampoo filling his nostrils.

A loud familiar sound caused him to jerk away from Rebecca. Malik had just pulled up beside them. He stared surprisingly at his darker half, his hands gripping the handlebars of his motorcycle tightly. He was gaping at the sight before him. Was he dreaming? Did he just catch his evil half sniffing a girl's hair? No wonder he acted so strangely…well, stranger than usual, these past five months! He was at a lost at what to do. Oh, wait! That wasn't true. A strange feeling rose from his stomach escalating up to his esophagus making him vomit. Well, not exactly throw up but more like-

"Hahahaha!" Malik laughed uproariously, pointing at Mariku and Rebecca. "You're in love! I can't believe I would ever see the day! Wait until Bakura gets a load of this! Ahahaha!"

"Malik…" Mariku said in a deathly quiet voice. Malik was too busy trying to keep his gut from bursting to be affected.

"Geez! Did you have to knock her out cold to get a date or something? Ahahaha!" Malik jeered, holding his stomach.

Growling, Mariku picked up Rebecca's book and threw it at the still laughing Malik. With an audible thonk sound, he was knocked out cold on his motorcycle. "Come on, Becca Becca. Let's go. I am not in love." He muttered stubbornly to himself. He walked away with Rebecca draped over his shoulder.

A/N: Okay so this chapter wasn't as funny as the first one but I tried. I'm actually been very depressed the past couple of weeks and my mind is back on suicide again. I don't actually want to die but things just seem to pile up.