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I was sitting down on a rock in the sun, letting the wind caress my wavy black locks.

"Shouldn't we warn her about the orks?" a voice said behind me as I heard running footsteps and I sighed.

"Yes, come on, we'll be able to keep them at bay from the higher up." another voice said and they sprinted towards me and started climbing up.

"Look, women should not travel alone! Not in these places!" an older male said to me, clearly a wizard. I opened my eyes and I looked down at him, and blinked, and the dwarf

and hobbits scrambled up the rock face, along with an elf and two humans. They were being pursued by a company of one hundred orks, and I picked up my sword and I buckled it on quickly as I climbed down.

"Are you mad, woman?" a human demanded of me and I merely regarded him with a cool even tone and I continued on my path down.

"We can't just let her kill herself!" a young hobbit muttered and I smiled as the orks burst forth from the forest and I watched with cool and emotionless eyes.

"Who are you, woman?" the ork asked me and I merely pulled out my sword, and watched the advancing ork with indifference.

"Who I am is of no importance, the real question is whose side I belong to." I answered with an innocent smile. I watched as one of the ork growled at me.

"Normally we wouldn't kill a woman, so, we're just going to take you with us." the ork said to me, and he stepped closer to us, completely ignoring the sword I held.

I brought up my sword, and swung to the side, the ork hissed at me in surprise, his throat appeared severed. I looked at the ork and with my foot I pushed the body back, and the head rolled away.

"Now, he died because he was going to defile my honor. You, I am going to kill, because you are probably thinking along the same lines, and to put it bluntly, I don't like you." I said and then I stepped back as a giant axe was thrown at me.

I ducked down as a sword was swung above my head and I rammed my own sword into the ork's chest. I pulled out my sword as I shoved the ork out of my way, and I rose from my pose. An arrow flew by my head and killed an ork in front of me and I sighed.

If they wanted to help, who was I to complain, I wanted to look normal.
Blood was dripping on my sword, but surprisingly none was on me, and I wiped my bloody sword clean on the body of a dead ork and I put my sword away and I sighed.

"Who are you, if you do not mind me asking." an elf asked me and I looked around, I could smell the next company of orks, a couple miles away, but there were about two thousand.

"You may address me as Kagome, and you have to leave, more will come. I will accompany you to the castle of the tai youkai Sesshomaru, he may grant you safe passage in his vast lands." I answered and I started off, leaving them to catch up to me,

all the while asking me questions, which I answered as long as it didn't have anything to do with who or what I was.