"No you have to lift her up!"

"Push it under her!"

"No not the dirty one you idiot"

"Careful Rodney"


"Like that?"


"What are you guys doing?" Weir asked as she walked into the infirmary. Ronan stood holding a baby doll up in the air.

"We're teaching Ronan how to change a diaper." Sheppard said.

"Ronan shouldn't you be in the delivery room with Teyla?" Weir asked.

"She kicked me out." He said.

"And you waited till now to learn?" she asked.

"Well we were trying to cheer him up and he mentioned that he didn't even know how to change a diaper so we decided to teach him." Rodney said.

"Teach, you practically did it for him." Sheppard said.

"Ronan?" Becket called. Ronan headed to the room.

"Guys, come see her." Ronan said a few minutes later. They walked into the room, Ronan was holding the baby and he no longer seemed like the tough warrior that they knew. The men just melted over the little baby. They left a little while later, Sheppard and Weir hand in hand and Rodney meeting up with his wife down the hall.

"Hello." He said.

"So, Weir told me you taught Ronan how to change a diaper." Laura said. He nodded. "I didn't know you knew how." She told him.

"Well I had to learn something from Sheppard." He said.

"Well that's good cause you're going to need those skills soon." She told him. Rodney stopped walking and pointed at her.

"You… you're…" he didn't finish his sentence but fainted on the spot. Cadman laughed and woke him up practically dragging him back to their bedroom. She didn't think she would ever trust the three men with her child.