Three Men Walking Down the Aisle

"I can't handle this right now!"

"Why not!"

"Cause I have to leaveā€¦ crap right now. I'll talk to you after the wedding."

"Dad come on!"

"No Michelle I already had one problem with Casey and Jason!"

"Yeah but that was Kavanaugh's kid."


"This is Carson's? Please?"

Rodney sighed as he looked at his daughter's pleading eyes. "Fine, he can't be that bad." He said sighing heavily.

Michelle smiled. "You're the best." She said jumping up and kissing him on the cheek.

Rodney smiled remembering when his other daughter did the same thing.

"Rodney we're going to be late." Sheppard said in the doorway, Ronan was there too in a very Satedan looking suit.

"Well you guys got cleaned up well." Rodney said.

"Yeah well it's nice we can get this all over with in one shot."

"Who would've thought that our girls would all get married on the same day?" Ronon asked.

Sheppard and McKay looked at each other and shrugged.

The wedding was massive. So many people Rodney had known since before they had opened their eyes, so many mixes, they all looked just like their parents in one way or another and it was easy to see resemblances. Some of them had a sad look in their eyes, some had lost parents, moms, dads, some had even lost siblings do to the war with the wraith, but that was all over now. The wraith were gone, everyone was safe.

So Rodney could focus on leading his daughter down the aisle, many bridesmaids walked in front of them.

Rodney caught a glimpse of his wife. She was so pretty, just like her daughter. As he led her down the aisle he smiled at her. She had tears in her eyes, she had softened quite a bit since they had children.

Rodney frowned as he looked at the handsome man standing at the altar. This was the man he was giving his daughter to and he felt tears brim at his eyes as he stopped in front of him.

He handed his daughter over to the man then sat with Laura.

"I love you." He whispered kissing her temple as tears streamed down his face as the ceremony went on.

He glanced over at Ronon and John, both had tears in their eyes though they seemed to want to deny it, the women of course were crying very hard.

He was proud of his daughter, she had chosen the right man, he knew that. He trusted her.

Then as they turned around and their names were announced Rodney wiped his eyes and clapped.

The father daughter dance was the best. His first and last dance with his daughter. He was never a dancing guy but he loved dancing with his daughter.

"I love you." He whispered.

"I know daddy. I love you too." She said smiling at him.

"No matter what you'll always be my little girl, my baby." He said kissing her forehead.

"I know daddy, I love you." She said leaning her head against his chest. Rodney felt the tears coming back to his eyes.

It was hard to let go, but he knew she'd be happy.

Memories flew by in his head. Of him teaching Ronon how to change a diaper and then of his wife announcing the first birth of their child, of running all over Atlantis trying to keep track of toddlers, of how mature they were when one of them was hurt. When Casey went on her first date and now walking her down the aisle. What would come next? He didn't know, he loved his daughter and he would be there for her as long as he could, for the rest of his life.