Is it just me or do you have to go through several bad ideas before reaching a good one? A friend of mine is making a doujinshi and she asked me to write the story over a month ago and I've been going through so many ideas it's been killing me, and nothing seemed right. This however is a story I feel very good about and can see everything playing out in my head very easily, so this is it!

I'm Mad-TopHat-Ter, most of you may know me from 'When the Circus Came to Town' my first AkuRoku story, and yet again this is a story completely different from the KH plot though keeping characters as they were. This is 'A Pirate's Life For Us' and as the title suggests this is about pirates! This will be an Aku/Roku and side pairings are unlikely but not impossible. Now you circus fans don't worry, just because I'm writing this story doesn't mean the other one is ending, it just means I'm double timing my work XD

Right, so I'm probably boring people and you've probably already skipped down past this and are reading the story now, if not though I'll go ahead and explain why this is rated M. This is a yaoi, there will likely be a lemon in later chapters, and rape. You've been warned.

Well enough of my ranting, I am proud to present chapter 1 of my latest story, 'A Pirate's Life For Us.'

SIDENOTE: Dra Huputeac is Albhed (the final fantasy language) for The Nobodies.

Chapter 1

Dra Huputeac

It was a celebration unlike any other. Guest came from all corners of the world to fill the palace and catch a glimpse of the festivities. The crown prince and naval admiral, two in one, was celebrating his marriage tonight to a girl he and his fleet had rescued from the sea earlier that month.

"Sora!!" his brother's shrill call made him look up just in time to see him come hurrying down the hall at him, "You can't be back here!" panted the blonde, out of breath and he grabbed his arm and started to pull him back the way he'd come.

Sora laughed a bit and pulled away, "I know Roxas, I just want to see her though."

"You can't," Roxas insisted, "It's bad luck to see the bride."

Sora rolled his eyes and pleaded with him, "Come on Roxas, the ceremony is just in an hour, I don't think it'll cause that much bad luck," but the unamused look on his brother's face made it clear he didn't agree, "Why is it that on my wedding day you're serious?"

Roxas grinned and said, "Because if I'm not then whose going to keep you from doing something stupid like this?" They laughed a bit and Sora patted him on the head, "Alright, I'll go back, only if you'll drop the serious and go back to the brat I know you are," he reasoned.

"Deal!" Roxas agreed quickly, more than glad his brother complied.

Sora started to follow him but then he looked back to the door to her room and sighed longingly, "Will you take something to her for me though?"

Roxas couldn't believe his brother was so head over heels for a girl he'd barely known for a month and he knew there was no reasoning with him, especially since tonight's marriage ceremony would not only bind them together but also make him king. Their grandfather was the current king, and while he hated their deceased parents, he loved his grandchildren more than could be imagined. It was his decision to name Sora the crown prince since it was his right as the older of the two, but only when he married would he get the throne. "Fine, just get back to the party okay?" Roxas gave up, there was no keeping him from her.

"Thanks," he said, taking a letter out of his coat pocket and handing it to his brother, "Give this to her. Tell her I love her, and that I can't wait for tonight, and—"

"I'll tell her you said hi," Roxas cut him off with a laugh, "Now go!" Sora hugged his brother then quickly hurried back down the hall, turning the corner and heading back to the party in the ball room.

Roxas made sure he was gone before heading the other way towards her room at the end of the hall, "What a goof," he said to himself. When he made it to the door he started to knock then he realized the door was ajar. He listened but he heard no noise from inside either; no giggling bridesmaids, no violinist playing to please the bride, nothing. He pushed the door open further and saw everything was in order…but there was nobody there, "Kairi?" he said, pushing the door open further to take a better look around. There was no reply though and he proceeded into the room. As he passed by the ajar door leading to the bathroom he heard her talking to someone. At first he considered saying something but when he heard the conversation he stopped himself.

"He suspects nothing…Ofcourse. With everyone at the ceremony any one of us should have no trouble cracking and emptying the vault. But what about the royal family? Have you any ideas for them yet?...Oh, interesting…No sir, he only has grandsons…"

Roxas realized she was on the phone, but what she was saying made him uneasy and he knew he had to tell someone before whatever she was talking about really happened. He quickly left the room, unaware that his hurried footsteps were heard by Kairi and she came out of the bathroom just in time to catch a glimpse of him leaving the room, "Sir, the younger of the sons was just in here, how much he heard I'm not sure…" she was expecting to be yelled at or cursed for being so careless as to not pick up on his presence.

But instead the man on the other end of the line just laughed a bit and said, "Well, that make things all the more fun."

Roxas ran all the way back to the ball room, not looking back once or stopping to catch a breath. He had to warn his brother, his grandfather, someone! He wasn't sure what it was, but something about this girl wasn't right and something bad was bound to happen tonight. "Sora!" he called as he hurried into the ball room and up to his brother.

"Roxas calm down, what's wrong?" Sora said, worried by the look of panic on his face.

"That girl, Kairi there's something not right about her," he quickly explained, stopping to catch his breath, "You've got to stop this."

"What?" Sora couldn't believe what he was saying.

"I heard her, she was on the phone with someone and what she said, you've got to trust me, there's something bad about her!" Roxas quickly said, "Sora please, you've got to stop this."

Sora said nothing, but he looked from the guest he'd been talking to, "I'm terribly sorry Captain he's usually not like this."

Roxas looked from his brother to the guest he hadn't noticed before. He was and well dressed in foreign attire with thick gray hair, and nodded, "It's quite alright. So this must be the young prince Roxas?"

"Yes, this is my brother. Roxas this is Captain Xem from the western seas, he—" but Roxas shook his head and cut him off, "Sora there isn't time. I don't know what she's up to but you've got to believe me!"

"Roxas, please, don't ruin this evening," Sora was annoyed now by his brother's accusations and behavior, "If you don't behave I'll have no choice but to ban you from the ceremony."

"If I may sir, an officer on my ship is a psychiatrist," interrupted the captain, "What the boy is going through is a common case. He's bothered by the thought that he is losing someone he cares about, you, to someone you care about. As a result their brain invents stories that come to them as daydream, though they never actually occur."

"I know what I heard!" Roxas insisted, grabbing his brother by the shoulders, "Please Sora you've got to believe me! This girl is no good!"

By now other guests had taken notice of the commotion and Sora looked around nervously, knowing this scene was anything but good for the royalty and he pushed his brother's hands off of him, "Roxas, this is your last chance."

Roxas stared at him for a moment before turning and walking off, shaking his head in utter disbelief. "Roxas," Sora called after him with a sigh, but his brother didn't stop. He watched him leave through one of the many doors, feeling bad even though he couldn't believe what he'd said. He walked back to his throne and sat down with another sigh, putting a hand on his head. After several minutes of silence Sora waved his hand and the two officers on either side of him said, "Sir?"

"…Direct the E squadron to survey and stand guard over the vault on the third floor," he ordered and one of them brought a small handheld 2-way out of his jacket and started to relay the order, yet halfway through he silenced and after several seconds of silence Sora looked up to see why he'd stopped. What he saw made him pale and immediately rise and turn on the man holding a gun to the side of the officer's head.

"…Captain Xem?" Sora was at a loss for words and the second officer quickly raised his gun and aimed it at the captain. "Drop the weapon," he ordered. The man just looked over at him and grinned a little and before the officer could figure out why he was grinning a shot was fired and immediately he fell, dead on the floor. The shot rang through the room sending the guests into panic and immediately they all hurried for the exits causing a mess of chaos.

"He's captain Xemnas," laughed the eye patched man who'd killed the officer, "And we're Dra Huputeac."

"Xigbar, our time frame narrowed. We're finishing this now thanks to that brat," Xemnas said, referring to Roxas though still not letting go of his captive officer.

"Shoot them! Open fire!!" Sora ordered as the officers around the room assembled to deal with the pirates. What they hadn't expect though was that there were others in disguise at the party that night and one by one they revealed themselves and launched an assault on anyone in their way. Sora saw his men were busy so he too got into the fight and without hesitation unsheathed the sword at his waist which had only been intended for decoration.

"Oh? So his highness is going to get into the fun?" Xigbar laughed and Sora charged at him, but someone jumped him before he could attack and held a small blade to his neck, "Behave rich boy, your only job tonight is to sit back and watch the show."

Sora knew that voice though and his eyes grew wide, "Riku?"

He heard him laugh and he took two steps back, pulling Sora with him and sitting down on the throne. Sora followed and sat on his lap, unable to do anything else with the knife at his neck, "It's nothing personal, just business."

"Nothing personal?!" Sora spat, furious beyond furious.

Riku grinned though, "Hush and enjoy the show," he instructed before whispering, "Just behave alright. We're just here for the documents in the vault. If witnesses say you couldn't stop us because you were stuck with a knife to your neck your precious name won't be dirtied at all and you can go back to life as it was."

Sora growled but he could do nothing but watch on as chaos ensued around them, the pirates massacring the naval officers and guests alike. But despite all the bloodshed Roxas was still oblivious to it and he continued to get as far away from the party as possible, furious at his brother for not believing him, "The nerve…The absolute nerve!" he was determined that if his brother wouldn't do anything then he would and he opened the door to Kairi's room, opening his mouth to demand an explanation. Before he could say anything though there was a blade at his throat and a tall blonde man stood there at the other end, grinning like a cat and Kairi was standing not too far away but did nothing to stop him, "Looking for something Roxas?" she asked.

Roxas said nothing but when he tried to back away he backed into someone and he looked back over his shoulder only to see the captain his brother had introduced him to earlier, "So, you're the boy who almost ruined this for us," he said chillingly with a smirk.

Roxas was frozen with fear and looked from one to the other then two other people entered the room, a tall redhead and a shorter blonde with a mohawk who had a thick folder tucked under one arm and a bag slung over his other shoulder. "Got 'em, ready to pull out?" the redhead asked, "The others have gotten out of the ball room and are heading for the ship, there were only a few survivors."

"I think we need one more souvenir," Xemnas said, making Roxas' blood run cold. Suddenly the captain's hand collided hard with the side of his head, knocking Roxas unconscious and he collapsed to the floor, "Bring him," Xemnas ordered.

"Him?" questioned the redhead, surprised by the order, "Captain, he's the prince. If we take him it's going to send the kingdom after us."

"And your point is? The boy got in our way," Xemnas said curtly, "Just do as I say Axel. Bring him."

The redhead nodded, obediently picking Roxas up and slinging him over his shoulder before following the captain and the others out of the room. That was the last time Roxas would see the inside of his palace.

Sora sat atop his throne looking at the mess of the ball room. He couldn't believe it. Barely half an hour ago he was happier than any person had the right to be…and now this. His wedding was ruined, and he'd just been robbed. The pirates had left and he cursed them for what had happened, but not as much as he cursed himself. He should have heeded his brother's warning and because he hadn't this was the result. Now there were naval officers cleaning up the mess, searching the palace for the pirates, and getting a count of survivors.


Sora looked up just in time to see the S squadron enter. They saluted him and the commanding officer of the troop relayed their discovery to him, "Your fiancé is nowhere to be found. We've searched the palace and the surrounding grounds."

Sora wasn't surprised to hear that, he knew his brother had been right and he knew it was his fault for not listening, "One of you go fetch my brother for me." When none of them moved Sora was annoyed, the last thing he needed right now was disobedience, "Bring me Roxas."

The commanding officer reluctantly relayed the rest of their findings to him, "…Sir, while we were searching the girl's room we found a message from the pirates."

"What is it? What's wrong?" Sora demanded, but when they took too long to reply he stood up and ran out of the room. Nobody tried to stop him and he kept running until he reached the open door to Kairi's room. The message his officers were referring to was not hard to spot. Carved into the wall by the door read:

We'll take good care of him

- Dra Huputeac

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