Well here it is, the very last chapter. I am so happy and sad that it's come to an end, in that I'm glad that I've finished yet another story I'm proud of and saddened that the pirates' ventures are over. Enjoy the final installment of A Pirate's Life for Us.


Happy Endings

The sun wasn't up yet and the island was quiet. This was the perfect hour of the morning and, even if he detested waking up early, lately Riku had been doing just that.

It had been six months since the curse was lifted and in that time life for the pirates had changed enormously. Their motives since joining the crew had only been: treasure and freedom; the two most valuable things they could attain in their lifestyle. Times were changing in the world though and new restrictions were put on land and sea, policies being formed to eliminate the growing battles at sea. There was an interesting loophole though Sora pointed out: if they sailed under a nation's flag there were no restrictions as long as they did it in name of the nation.

So four months ago the pirates returned to Destiny Island and unanimously agreed to take up their privateer titles for good. And so here they were, once again in the palace, and once again enjoying their time on land.

Riku checked his watch to see how much longer until sunup, sighing when he saw he had another half hour to go and sitting down on the balcony. Even before they joined the ship once led by Xemnas life had never been routine or normal, so naturally the life of luxury was a pleasant change of pace. It couldn't and wouldn't last forever, they all knew that, but the one thing Riku knew and the others refused to accept was that they could never return to the old days; month after month sailing through foreign seas and towering over the world as the most feared crew on water. Times were changing and they were as well.

With their only duties being to lead few rare sea missions beyond the navy's usual routines and defend the crown there was ample amounts of free time on their hands. Xigbar and Demyx were rarely found anymore and it was only a month ago the others learned they'd secretly bought a villa on the other side of the island and had been living together there.

Luxord also frequently disappeared and showed up once or twice a week for the usual get-togethers. Namine was the first to learn that he'd taken over the bar he once visited quite often during their last visit to the island. He'd changed it a bit though and quickly introduced the people to different forms of gambling, illegal on some islands but not yet outlawed on this one.

Speaking of Namine, she was the newly appointed ambassador of the island and was rarely present. Her negotiation skills had grown quite astronomically since becoming a pirate and Sora handpicked her after watching how she handled a recent outrage in the court.

Zexion was the one who caused the court's outrage. He almost immediately assumed a seat in the court when they took on the privateer name and not too long ago one of the members found out about his talents and necromantic abilities. Since the island was quite religious any affiliation or mention of dark methods were frowned upon but Namine quickly cleared up the mess. It had been over 6 months now since Zexion even touched his magic, though the pirates all knew it wouldn't weaken or fade.


As for himself, he was happy with where he was. He looked back and saw Sora in the doorway, half asleep still and rubbing sleep from his eyes, "What are you doing up so early?"

"Waiting for the sun," Riku told him as he patted the other half of the bench. Unlike the last time they visited Sora was completely stress and worry free with no serious threats to his life or his kingdom and it was a great relief to all.

Sora came over and sat down, pulling his robe tighter to block out the morning chill, "It's not like it's going to skip a day. I'm sure it'll rise just fine if you don't watch," he insisted with a yawn before leaning against him. Things were finally the way Riku told him they always would be and he cherished every day of it, "So what's on the agenda for today?"

"Go back to bed, wake up, then laugh at the court's newest priority," Riku said, laughing as Sora hung his head. To both of their shock, and later Riku's humor, the court recently asked Sora the most interesting question: "When can we expect an heir?"

It was certainly a shocker, especially since Sora was still quite young and the court didn't know he was sexually active. Regardless it was something that would have to be addressed…several, several, SEVERAL years down the road. "Think they'll ever catch on?" Sora asked, wondering just how much longer their secret relationship would last.

"Zexion's bound to have a slip of the tongue one day," Riku told him, "They already caught Axel and Roxas so it's only a matter of time."

"They caught those two because they chose to do it right in the courtyard," Sora said with a strong hint of embarrassment, "Oh, and Roxas sent a letter yesterday."

Dear Sora,

"Axel! Hey wait up!"

Things are going well here.

"Gotta catch me first!"

We're both fine and very happy and I hope you and Riku are too.

Roxas leapt at Axel and tried to grab him but missed by only inches, instead falling down into the sand. Axel quickly stopped and turned back to see if he was okay.

Axel says hi and many other things but I won't write them because they'll probably offend you and get him in trouble with Riku, who he also says to say hi to.

As soon as Axel helped him up Roxas tagged his chest and ran off towards the water, laughing with glee at his trickery. Axel was hot on his heels though and he didn't bother looking back.

We'll come back to visit soon but for now we're happy and plan to stay right here.

Roxas ran out into the water and turned back when it was above his ankles, yelping a bit as his lover ran into the water after him and latched onto him tightly. It wasn't even a year ago when Axel refused to set foot in the ocean, but that along with so many other things had changed.

So much has changed Sora.

"You're it damn it," Axel huffed out of breath.


Their game of tag was unofficially over and they laughed as Axel led them back onto the sand.


Roxas looked up at the beach house in the distance with a happy smile. This was the way things should be.


Just him and Axel, together and far away from the rest of the world; even if they were only on the other side of the island.

I'm sure you've heard all about the pirates' ventures and the time I spent with them too, and it's incredible to see life like I grew up knowing it through a new set prospective. I'm quite glad your wedding night was ruined in the end, because despite everything that happened I found the one thing I can not live without.

"Look!" Axel said, pointing out across the water. Roxas looked away from the house and to where he pointed as the sun came up slowly. He smiled and hugged onto Axel, resting his head against his chest and staring out as the water set on fire. Axel was watching him instead of the sun when he asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Love, Roxas.

Roxas smiled and looked up at Axel, "How wonderful things turned out in the end."

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