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Chapter One:

In the Cell

"Kuso...where…am…I?" The blonde Hokage rolled on his side only to feel a stabbing pain in his arm. "Itte."

Naruto looked around at his surroundings. Black. He slowly raised his hand, and noticed he couldn't see it, though he knew that it was there.

It must be extremely dark in here…

The 6th moved his hands to the ground. Rock. His hands flew up to the air, moving them blindly back and forth, until the hit a cold sharp wall that was also made of rock. Naruto took a shaky breath, as his hand throbbed from the hard impact.

"Okay, what was the last thing that happened?" He closed his eyes, but nothing came to mind.

"Kuso." He swore again. The blonde sat still for a second longer, before deciding that he should try to get up.

The blonde's arms shook as he pushed himself onto his knees. A sharp jolt of pain went through he arm, and the hand he had hit the wall with. A sharp cry of pain escaped from his mouth, and he instinctively griped his arm. The teen was surprised when he felt clothe wrapped around his arm

A bandage?

Suddenly, a memory popped into his head.

That's right, I was drugged.

Once again, he closed his eyes hopping he'd now be able to remember more of what happened. Everything was blurry, but he remembered fire. Black fire.


(Earlier in the Hokage's office)

Black flames bite at the sky. They had easily engulfed the entrance to Konoha, setting it on fire, allowing the enemy into the village. The Hokage stared at them, thoughts raging through his head.

I've only seen Itachi use those black flames before…but he's dead…who else could've used them? It doesn't matter. The intruders have to be Akatsuki, and I don't have time to sit here thinking.

"Kuso!" Naruto ran out of his office, ready for battle. He'd taken no more than five steps before he was met by Sakura, his old teammate and now head medic of Konoha's hospital since Tsunade's retirement.

"When were we infiltrated, how many are there, how strong are they, and what's our status?" He asked her without stopping.

"Fifteen minutes ago," she tried to block his way, but he easily side-stepped her. "We've seen at least six probably more, all Sannin level." She tried to block him again, but once again went right around her. "All shinobi are fighting, would you STOP!" She screamed.

"Kuso, Sakura! We're in the middle of a battle: I've got to get out there!"

"You know its Akatsuki, don't you?" Naruto kept walking.

"The village can't afford for you to be captured." He didn't stop.

"Naruto, we can't let you fight!"

"I'm the Hokage! Do you think I'm just going to sit back and watch as my comrades risk their lives, when it's me they're here for?!"

"No," Sakura said calmly. "That's why I've got to this." Without hesitation she injected the anesthetic.


"Kuso." The blonde teen gripped the wall to hold him up, ignoring how sharp and jagged the rocks were. Naruto's breath came out in small gasps, but he didn't dare stop.

Who knows how long I've been out...I've got to find a way out of here… where ever here is.

"Oi, sleeping beauty's awake."

A shocked Naruto looked toward the voice who had just spoken. About fifty feet to his right was two men watching him, behind bars.

So, I am in a cell. Heh, and look at my guards.

"Yo." Shikamaru gave a half wave from where he leaned against a wall. Naruto grinned.

"Heh, heh. Nice guards they picked for me." The blonde joked. "I'm guessing you guys are so weak they didn't mind not having you in the fight, huh?"

"Teme!" Kiba said, jumping from the chair he'd just been sitting in, Naruto's words apparently hitting a raw nerve. "I'm way stronger than you! It's a fluke you're Hokage anyway!" Naruto grinned again.

"If you're stronger than me, then why is Shikamaru here too?" Kiba narrowed his eyes and growled menacingly. Akamaru barked from his side. Shikamaru sighed.

"Mendoske, you haven't changed have you?"

"Nope, he's the same idiot he always was." Kiba laughed, and sat back down, sure that he had gotten his come back. He leaned back, so that the chair was resting on one leg.

"Yeah, well there's a reason why they sent you to watch this 'idiot'!" The blonde Hokage scowled back.

Kiba's chair fell back down on all four legs, and Shikamaru glared at the shinobi suspiciously.

"Why do you mean by 'reason'?" Naruto smirked in reply. The 6th began forming hand seals, he's fingers turning blue with small chakra seals on them.


Naruto began to raise his arm, and then brought it down swiftly toward his stomach.

"Crap," Naruto said as his arm, merely an inch away from his stomach, stopped on its own accord.

"Kagemane-no-Jutsu(1), success." Shikamaru said with a smirk, but he instantly turned serious. "Are you mad Naruto?! What the hell were you thinking, using an unsealing technique to release the Kyuubi, you'd have killed us all!"

Naruto face broke out in a grin, making Shikamaru glare.

"Not bad Shikamaru, much faster than Kiba-"

"Oi, who the hell-"

"BUT," Kiba shut his mouth, and Shikamaru tensed. "Next time you might want to get the real one."




1- Shadow Bind Jutsu

2- Five Prong Unsealer

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