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Chapter Four:

So it's him


Night began to fall in the village hidden in the leaves, but no one was resting. The clangs of metal on metal and cries of pain echoed through the city as the light of the falling sun cast an eerie glow, giving Konoha a doomed feeling to it. The source of light for the long fought battle was now at the horizon, a sliver of what it once was. Twilight's coming had brought a mixture of emotions to the battling shinobi.

The younger, less experienced ninja began to rejoice. Their attitudes grew cockier as the night approached, expecting an advantage to arrive with it. Had they been out in the forest, or fighting in an enemy's village, they wouldn't be so at ease. There they'd have been at a disadvantage, but they weren't else where. They were in Konoha, the village they'd been born and raised in, and each shinobi knew the nooks and crannies of the village like the back of their hands. Didn't matter whether it was pitch black, or a bright sunny day, they knew where they could hide, fight, and ambush the enemy.

Wiser shinobi, however, were uneasy. They'd fought for many years, and though the village had been at peace for just about all their lives, many knew that fighting at night wasn't always an advantage. All it took was background information prior to an attack for the enemy to be just as at ease in a village as those who had lived there their whole lives. As it was, the older shinobi could tell from the past 19 hours they've been fighting that the enemy was certainly not ignorant of the village. Even though they'd been told that a majority of the enemy hadn't been to Konoha before, their knowledge of the surroundings was impeccable. As if that wasn't bad enough, the always seemed to have counter attacks for even their most secret tactics. If they let their guard down even a little, who knows how long they'd survive.

Older shinobi weren't the only ones to notice the enemy's knowledge of their tactics. These same thoughts haunted a certain pink-haired medic.

Sakura brushed the sticky strands of hair from her face, and wiped the sweat from her brow. She'd just finished removing some poison from a recent victim. Though she and the late Chiyo had killed Sasori, he had left behind old poison samples, which Akatsuki was now coating their weapons with. The ninja she'd been treating informed her that he'd been hit in a counter attack to tactic Alpha. Her emerald eyes stared vacantly out the tent window, and at the setting sun, as she wondered how Akatsuki could know their tactics so well.

Itachi was part of Akatsuki. It's not surprising that he informed them of past tactics as well as the layout of the village.

Sakura's attempt to put herself at ease failed.

But Itachi left about 13 years ago, there was no way he could learn these more recent tactics. There have been reports of counter attacks from only 5 or 6 years ago. The village may not update tactics every year, but new ones a placed every 2 or 3. More so, Konoha was rebuilt after the chuunin exams. Though he visited while construction was being done, he couldn't have gotten the future blue prints or defensive plans that were being put in effect around that time. They have to have had someone else as an informant.

She reluctantly returned to reality and stared at the sun in front of her. Sometimes she liked to sit and watch it set; the way its colors mixed with the colors of night usually calmed her. Today, it just made her more miserable.

"Hello Ugly."

Sakura jumped into a defensive stance, but stopped herself. An angry nerve popped on her forehead, and her words were angry, yet relieved.

"SAI! Kuso! Where the hell have you been! You were supposed to report on Naruto's location almost a half hour ago. Well?"

Sai just smiled one of his fake smiles in reply. Sakura and Naruto had been his friends for years now, but he still hadn't gotten real smiles down yet. A few times he'd smiled for real, but he didn't seem to get how you could do it on cue. Sakura sighed in frustration.

"Did you find the baka or not?!" She yelled anxiously.


Sakura's heart jumped in her chest. She waited for him to continue, but then realized he wasn't going to say anything.


"Well what?" He asked looking at her.

"WHERE IS HE?!? Did you capture him?!"


Sakura felt like she was going to explode.


"No, I did not capture him."


"I felt he should be able to deal with his bonds himself."

Sakura stared at the pale boy confusedly.

"What do you mean?"

"When I arrived, he was fighting Sasuke-kun."

The color drained for the girl's face. Sai studied the reaction carefully, noting it for later examination of bonds. After a few more seconds of racing thoughts, Sakura snapped back to attention.

"And you left him there by HIMSELF?!?"

Sai shrugged.

"Dickless can handle himself."

"But this is Sasuke!"

"Exactly," Sai's voice was cold, and his usually emotion-less eyes were serious. "Naruto needs to fight him himself, he needs to live up to his promise and protect the bonds between them." The boy smiled fakely again. "Though Dickless is acting pretty dickless, he's only dodging, not attacking."

The medic ground her teeth together. Her eyes darted between the tent flap and the injured behind her. After a couple more seconds of silence, she made her decision. She rushed over to Ino, grabbing a pack of kunai and shuriken on the way.

"I'm going after him."

Ino's eyes grew to the size of plates, as Sakura ran around her, grabbing equipment.

"WHAT?! Are you CRAZY?! You can't leave!"

"He's fighting Sasuke!"

Ino hesitated, but then became stern.

"Fine! But I can't take care of all these people by myself!"

"Shizune should be doing her routine check in about 10 minutes, just survive until then."

Ino sighed. She knew that they both knew Sakura's leaving would be bad for the medical tent, but she also knew that Sakura would be too distracted here knowing her old teammates were fighting each other.

"Don't underestimate me forehead girl."

"I don't need to Ino-Pig. I'll be back as soon as I can." Sakura was about to leave when Ino grabbed her arm.

"Don't look for them by yourself. Find someone else to go with you and Sai."

"I can't just pull someone out of battle!"

"You have to realize Sasuke's the enemy now."

Sakura was about to object, but Ino cut her off.

"You have to accept that! If you're pulling someone out of battle to help you with an enemy, it's fine. You're not on a wild goose chase anymore, and you won't be able to defeat him by yourself."

Sakura sighed at the truth in her friend's words.

"Okay, I'll look for someone."


Kakashi was exhausted. After how many hours of fighting, they'd finally defeated one of the Peins.

[Flash back]

"Father…" Chouji sobbed, as his father now lay dead before him. "You were protecting me."

"You can cry later Chouji."

The surviving Akimichi looked up shocked. Kakashi stood before him, though he was worse for wear, alright.

"Master Kakashi?!"

"I'm fine, now—"

"But how?!"

The silver haired shinobi sighed.

Why can't these kids just shut up and listen?

"Before the attack, I'd stocked up some chakra to make the attack less powerful." The jounin decided not mention he had used just about all of chakra between that and using the sharingan. "Now listen: Go to Tsunade, and tell her about Pein's powers. I'll go to Sakura's medical tent and inform her."

And get some medical aid, I'm about to fall over.

"H-Hai Kakashi Senpai." Chouji stared down sadly at his fallen father.

Kakashi sighed again, and laid a hand on the younger man's shoulder.

"He was a great man Chouji, but you have to leave him before we get attacked. You don't want his sacrifice to be for nothing. The brunette sobered up, and nodded before running the opposite direction.

Kakashi stood there for a second longer. Slowly he put his head band back into place, and turned.

Now to find Sakura.

A flash of pink caught his eye, far to his right. He turned and stared at the building.

…… either I've lost my mind, or the world just likes screwing with me.

Despite knowing that Sakura couldn't have left the medical tent, the jounin went with his instincts and followed the flash of pink hair.

I'm too old for this.


Sakura felt guilty as she ran through the village secretly. She'd left Ino to take care of everyone by herself, and she'd lied to her. After asking Sai for the coordinates, she'd sent him back into battle.

The Haruno had no intentions of finding back up. Not only would she be taking away an able shinobi, but she'd be wasting time.

What if I'm already too late? What if one of them is already dead?

She shook those thoughts from her mind.

"No! They're not dead." She whispered out loud. It was then she heard someone following her.

Sakura stopped, and whipped out a kunai from her pouch. She was right outside the village now, the entrance gate stood open behind her, and the forest lay in front. There was another rustle, but this time from the trees. Her head looked from the trees to the gate, her heart pounding hard. She felt a tap on her shoulder and she swiveled around ready to kill.

Her old sensei stood there, hand raised in greeting.


Sakura sighed. "Kakashi-sensei! What are you doing here?!"

"I could ask you the same question, and I will. 'What are you doing here' and why are you not back at the medical tent?"

Sakura hesitated. Kakashi HAD been team 7's sensei, and was as close to Naruto and Sasuke as she was. By all means, he had just as much right to know that they were fighting as they speak. Nevertheless, she didn't want to drag him away from battle. Still…

"Sasuke's here."

Kakashi's one black eye narrowed, as he motioned for her to continue.

"He and Naruto are fighting about 13 km ahead of us. Now, what are YOU doing here?"

"I saw a flash of pink hair just as I was going to head over to see you for some medical treatment."

"Oh! Are you hurt?! What do you need?"

The male shook his head to calm her worry.

"I don't have many major injuries, but I'm low on Chakra, and am especially in need of some chakra pills." Sakura nodded, and began to dig in her pouch for said pills when Kakashi sensed someone's presence.

"Why the hell are you looking for my Sasuke-kun?"

The two's heads snapped in the direction of the voice in unison. A red head with reddish eyes stepped from the trees. She stood akimbo, dressed in a black cloak with red clouds, obviously one of the enemies.

"YOUR Sasuke?!" Sakura snapped. The other girl looked her up and down.

"Yeah, and who are you bitch?" The girl said coolly with a toss of her head.

Kakashi grabbed Sakura's arm to stop her from killing the other girl.


The red head smirked. "Oh, so you were that slut who used to follow Sasuke around like a love sick puppy." Sakura's forest green eyes were ablaze, but the girl continued as if she didn't notice. "Well, sorry to inform you, but he's MINE now."

"Sakura, stay calm." Kakashi said raising a hand in a weak attempt to stop the rising tension.

"TO HELL WITH STAYING CALM! This bitch is going down!"

"Bring it on slut."

Sakura pulled her arm out of Kakashi's grip and tossed him the bag of chakra pills she'd been holding.

"Find Naruto and Sasuke, and break them up. I'll deal with this whore."


Kakashi nodded, knowing better than get between two pissed girls.

"Be careful," was all Kakashi said before running away.

"Don't worry; it won't take much to squash this bitch."

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