OK here's the info that you need to know whats going on and if you have any ideas to help with this story then give them to me and i will try to make it into a chapter to add to the story.

Logan and Dana have been going out for almost 2 years and getting ready to get married. They live right next door to Zoey and Chase that have been married for 6 months. Nicole and Michale have been going out for 9 months and live in upper california in the mountains but for the wedding their staying at Dana and Logans house. Nicole,Zoey are helping Dana with the wedding and the rest of the stuff. Dana is a singer and Logan is a director/producer. Zoey is a childrens doctor and Chase is a writer. Nicole is a fashion designer and Michale is a rapper better known as Shay.


Nicole tip-toed in to Logan and Dana's room and went over to the curtains. She stood infront of them and opened the curtains. To her luck both Dana and Logan were facing the window.

"What the hell, Nicole!" Dana yelled hardly opening her eyes.

"Come on Dana get up! Zoeys gonna be here any minute to take you to get your wedding dress and her and me a brides maide dress." Nicole said pulling on Dana's arm. Logan laughed and turned over. Dana sat up and pushed him.

"Whats so funny?" Dana asked.

"That you have to get up and I can stay here and sleep." Logan said laughing again.

"Oh thats where your wrong." Nicole said smiling at Dana.

"What are you talking about?" Logan asked turning over to face her and Dana.

"Well, as soon as Michale gets out of the shower you,him and Chase need to go get new tuxs." Nicole said smiling as Dana and her did their secret hand shake.

"When is he getting out, Nicole?" Logan groaned.

"Well he only takes..." Nicole said before Michale walked in with all of his clothes already on.

"Dude you need to get up! Nicole I thought that you said that you were going to wake them both up and get them ready." Michale said turning on the lights.

"God, Logan make the bad people go away!" Dana said as she snuggled up to Logan.

"You make them go away, their more scared of you then they are of me!" Logan said as he put a pillow over his head.

"Come on!" Nicole and Michale said together as they pulled Logan and Dana out of bed.

"Fine we're coming ok!" they both said getting up.

"Now go away so we can get dressed." Logan said. He pushed them out of the room and closed the door. Dana went over to the dresser and took off her PJs that were made out of shorts and one of Logans old shirts. He walked up behind her after she got her shirt off and started to kiss her neck.

"Logan stop...we have to...to go." She got out in between moans and breaths.

"Do you really want me to stop?" He asked as he hit her spot.

"No but...we have to." Dana said pushing him away. He sighed and put his clothes on as did Dana. After that Logan layed down on the bed while Dana was looking through the bed side tabel for who knows what. Logan grabbed her hand and pulled her down on him. She giggled and straddled his waist. She leaned down and kissed his lips. He bit her bottom lip asking for entrance. As soon as she let him in the door opened and Zoey and Nicole walked in.

"God no wonder it took you guys so long." Zoey said as she went over and pulled Dana off Logan."Come on you both need to get down stairs so we can leave!"

"Yes mom!" They both said as they walked downstairs.

"Hey you love birds." Chase greeted with a smile. Dana waved and Logan groaned upset that they interrupted his make out time with Dana.

"Something smells good." Dana said as she sat down at the kitchen tabel.

"Yeah it's french toast." Nicole said in her bubbley tone.

"Well to bad you 2 won't get any." Zoey said taking her plate away along with Logan's.

"What! Why?" Dana asked angrey.

"You slept to long and now we're late!" Zoey said.

"Sorry mom." Logan said stealing a bite from Michale's plate.

"Let's move it people." Zoey said.

Everyone got up and followed Zoey out the door. Dana, Nicole and Zoey got into Dana's Hummer after sharing kisses with the boys, While Logan,Michale and Chase got into Chase's Saturn because they all couldnt fit into Logan's lambo. Logan was off in search for the perfect suit and Dana was out to find her perfect dress.