ok so here is the rated M chapter! ok so this has lots of sex on the honeymoon. if u want me to tell you about Zoey and Chases baby ur gonna need to tell me u want a sequel to this story. ok so i dont own anything but the plot!


"Logan where are we going?" Dana asked getting onto the Reese private jet.

"It's a suprise Mrs. Reese." Logan said smirking.

"You know thats the like, tenth time you called me that." Dana said sitting down on the couch.

"Yeah I know I like the fact that you and me are married." He said sitting down next to her on the couch.

"Ok buckle your seatbelts." The captian said through the speaker. Dana and Logan did so as they took off into the sky. Dana looked out the window and Logan sat right behind her when the seatbelt sign went off. Logan kissed her neck and pulled her onto his lap. Dana moaned when his lips met her spot and he bit down lightly. Logan pulled her up and picked her up with her facing him. Logan kissed her and walked to the back room with a couple of beds in it. He flopped Dana down on one and leaned over her.

"What cant you wait until we get off the plane?" Dana giggled.

"You have made me wait for a whole month and im not waiting any longer." Logan said taking off his shirt and locking the door. Dana laughed and pulled him by the belt loops over and on top of her. Logan put his hands on both sides of her and went to work on her neck. Dana arched up her neck and moaned out in pleasure. Logan unzipped her jacket and pulled it off of her.

"No shirt? I guess that you wanted this too." Logan said smirking down at her bra.

"Shut up!" Dana said rolling her eyes. Logan kissed her down to her bra, he reached behind her back and worked on it for a couple of minutes before giving up.

"Where is the stupid clippy thingy?" Logan said getting frustrated.

"Its in the front stupid." Dana giggled.

"I totaly knew that." Logan said playing it off.

He undid the clasp and threw it to the other side of the room. Dana undid his belt and wraped it around his neck before putting it off to the side. Logan kissed and played with her breasts and she tried to take off his pants. Logan helped her and pulled off her pants as well. Now the newly weds were in nothing but their underware from the waist down. Logan slowly kissed his way down to the waist line of her panties and used his teeth to take them off. Dana pushed him down on the mattress and straddle him. She kissed from behinde his ear all the way down to his boxers. Dana took them off and Logan took control again. Now Logan was ontop and Dana was under him. Logan attacked her lips with brusing force as she felt his hardness on her stomach. She smirked and bit his bottom lip which she knew drove him crazy. He moaned into her mouth and quickly thrust into he. She pulled away from his kiss and threw her head back in pleasure. Logan and Dana made love at a fast pace and both of them climxed at about the same time. They layed side by side and fell to sleep together for the rest of the flight. Logan woke up to a knock on the door.

"Mr. Reese? Mrs. Cruz..I mean Mrs. Reese were here." The captian said from the other side of the door.

"Ok thanks Jack." Logan said back. He leaned over and kissed Dana gently on the lips to wake her up. She didnt wake up or move at all. Logan deepend the kiss and Dana kissed back. Logan let the kiss go on for about 3 more minutes before he pulled back. Dana woke up and smiled.

"Hey sexy." Dana said stretching. Logan laughed and put on his clothes.

"Hey yourself. We're here babe." Logan said. Dana wraped the sheet around her fast and rushed to the window. All she could see was water, no land just water. She sat down on the desk next to the window. She looked out of the window confused. Logan went and wraped his arms around her.

"Uh Logan where are we?" Dana asked.

"You looked out the wrong window." Logan smirked. Dana blushed and walked over to the other window. She saw a beautiful island that had a house on it but she couldnt see any people.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Its our new summer island away from everything." Logan said.

"Are you serious?!" Dana asked excited.

"Yeah it was a wedding present from my dad and stepmom." Logan said smirking. Dana kissed him and picked up her phone.

"Hello?" A tired voice answred.

"Malcom, thank you so much!" Dana said into the phone.

"Your welcome, hunny. We couldn't picture Logan with anyone else other than you." Malcom said laughing.

"Well thank you and now i'll let you go back to sleep or whatever you are doing." Dana said.

"Ok hunny bye." Malcom said and he hung up. Dana got dressed and Logan watched.

"Why are you gonna get dressed? You know those clothes are not gonna stay on for long." Logan said getting up and putting his hands in Danas back pockets. Dana wraped her arms around his neck.

"I was thinking that I was gonna go check out the island and get off this plane." Dana said walking out the door shaking her hips teasingly. Logan followed her off the jet like a lost puppy looking for its mommy. Dana got onto a little boat and Logan sat down next to her. A couple minutes later they got onto the island. Dana ran to the house and up the stairs like she just saw a toy she wanted. Logan laughed and told the boat driver to take the bags up to the house and then to leave them alone for like 3 or 4 days. He followed her and looked amazed as well. Dana found a room with a huge entertainment center in it along with a huge couch. Logan found a bathroom that was outside with a huge shower that could fit 12 people and a bath that was made out of stone. Dana and Logan both found the bedroom at the same time. Logan saw Dana looking at the sheets on the bed and jumped on her.

"AH! Logan what are you doing?" Dana asked gigling.

"I told you those clothes wouldnt stay on to long." He said smirking. Dana screamed and got up and ran away from him. Logan was running down the stairs in socks and ended up falling on his stomach.

"Logan? Babe are you ok?" Dana asked looking worried.

"Oh so you do care." Logan said.

"Your such a dork." Dana said. Logan got up and tackled her. She tried to get out of his grip but it was no use. Even though she hated to admit it Logan got a lot stronger and taller over the last 4 years. Logan picked her up and threw her on the couch. Dana giggled and pulled Logan on top of her. Logans lips crashed down onto hers. Logan pulled off Dana's shirt and they both took off eachothers clothes like they were on fire. Logan reached for a condom but Dana grabbed his hand.

"Babe, what are you doing?" Logan asked looking at her confused.

"We dont need it." She said looking into his eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Logan asked.

"Logan dont you want to have kids?" Dana asked.

"Yeah."He said.

"You cant do that with a condom on." Dana said. Logan thought for a minute then shrugged his shoulders. Dana pulled him down into a passionate kiss. Logan gently sliped into her. She moved her hips into the rhythm that Logan had going. Logan kissed her neck as he thrust in and out of her. They were both moaning and panting in pleasure. Dana and Logan climxed at the same time again. Logan looked down on Dana and smiled.

"What are you smiling at, Lover boy?" She asked smirking.

"How lucky I am to have this awsome wife." He said. Dana blushed and turned her head away but Logan put a hand on her cheek and pushed her head to look back at him. He leaned down and gently pressed his lips down onto hers.

"I love you." Dana wispered after the kiss.

"I love you too." He said. Dana then fell asleep and Logan carried her up to their room and they both fell asleep. The next 2 days were full of exploring and sex.

ok so that is the end of this story the next part of this story will be called 'After Shock' . whats going on with the soon to be parents? whats going on with michale and nicole? wheres Logans mom and Glenn? hows life like for Dana and Logan? Well your just gonna have to read to find out now arnt u?

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