Missing you Phoenix Never Dies, Neither our love By Melissa

Summary :
Bowen is killed during the second Great Battle, that same evening Madison gives Birth to to their First Son Nicholas Bowen of Briarwood.
What Happens when Bowen returns after 5 years he's been dead.

Chapter One 5 years ago :
It has been the year of the Great Battle, Bowen and the Rangers continued to fight Diacon, The New Master of the Underworld. Since the destruction of the sealed door, Diacon and his army made their way thru the doors and began to destroy any human they came too.
Udonna and Alianbow managed to calm me due to my pregnancy. But I was frightened to lose Bowen . I was close to my due date , that was when the war began.

That evening:
WATCH OUT!" yelled Malachi Bowen looked back as he now motioned himself from the styxiods weapon."Kyai!!!!" screamed Noah as he did his final attack on the group of styxiods as he looked back seeing Xander in a hurtle with a two group of styxiods. "Mind if I join" said Noah as he now attacked the First group of Styxiods.

"Hurry, we have no time we have to send them back to the underground now !" Yelled Adriana.
"She's right, we can't no longer hold them off!" yelled Xander.

Bowen now looked back as he sighed, "Alright, with all the power we have guys, ready!" screamed Bowen.

Bowen, Adriana, Xander, Noah and Vida forced their powers as they now drove the evil back into the depths of the Underworld .

without an hesitant sight, Diacon managed to slither his hand as he struck Bowen straight into the chest as he now went down onto his knees.


The team mates screamed out as they now forced the darkness back into the doors as Clare appeared to Seal the Gates once and for all.

They ran to their Leader as Noah knelt down seeing Bowen's eyes opened

He slowly raised his right hand over to them as he now closed them , "I failed to protect you Bowen of Briarwood," he whispered.
the snow was now filled with dark Red blood as Noah slowly picked up Bowen and walked back to the Castle .

Vida and Adriana rounded up Starlyght and the other Unicorns as they walked. All four didn't speak to one another as they now mourned for their letter.

Meanwhile back Briarwood Castle :

I cried out in pain as she pushed one last time , "IT"S A BOY!" The Son of the Phoenix" smiled the midwife.

"A New life is reborn tonight" she added . " Born at twelve o clock midnyght of Two thousand and Seven" she finished
she slumped back as she now rested as she closed her eyes , she suddenly heard screaming as she looked to Lady Udonna whom was inside the Bedroom with Madison made her way out as she wondered what was going on, she patted Madison slightly as she now walked out as she met her husband half way.

"whats going On?" she asked as she now looked over her husbands shoulder as she noticed her son
"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. "Oh, no no no no," she sobbed.
Alianbow held his wife tightly as she cried, " I have to inform The Princess" said Daggeron.

Alianbow sighed. "It's not the right time to tell the Princess anything yet" said Alianbow

"Tell me what?" asked Madison.

"Princess what are you doing out of bed?" asked Daggeron.

" Come Princess, you need rest " said Daggeron.
He managed his way inside as he walked with Madison as Alianbow and his wife now Followed. there I laid just looking to him wondering where Bowen was.

she looked to Udonna as she spoke. "Udonna , why are you crying?" she asked
"Madison, I have some bad news" said Alianbow.
"What?...Is it V?...Bowen? " I began.
Alianbow Nodded. "Is he alright?" I asked.
"No, Bowen...Bowen is dead" said Alianbow.

The news sunk into Madison as tears now swelled upon her eyes.

"He...He...He can't be, We spoke just before he left. he said he be returning to me today" I told him as she suddenlt felt weak as her knees gave out on her.

Daggeron suddenly caught her as he now picked her up and laid her in bed.

One Week Later:

The Burial took place at briarwood cemetary , Bowen's body was burried inside the Mausleum where the other warriors and Rangers were burried.

I never knew there was so many warriors.

"Today we have come to bury Prince Nicholas Bowen of Briarwood, Loving Husband, honorable Leader. none of use never thought that we be burying our Friend", Began Xander.

with her head lowered as tears flowed from her eyes, Madison stood at the glass casket revealing Nick his Mystic White Uniform.

"I Love you Nick" she whispered.

Udonna now arrived at her side . "Baby Nicholas needs his mother right about now" she said as she broke the silence.

Madison looked to Udonna then to her son. "He looks so much like Bowen" said Madison.

"Yes he does," smiled Udonna as she now handed the infant to Madison.

"Come , It's time to go home" she added as they now both turned and walked away from Bowen's casket.

with the Flash of Red Bowen's body disappeared.

That evening:

"You promised, you promised you come home to me Bowen" I cried.

" You know M'lady there is a saying that when a Phoenix Dies, It Comes back reborn" said Cashia.

Madison looked to Cashia as she now given her a assuring smile.