Missing you Chapter 7

By Mylissa

Chapter 7

Cyndi Russell: You are the only one whom gives me the faith and confidence to continue my stories, I have more story ideas for Nick and Madison. I know its to much, but They make a GREAT COUPLE in and out of Televison

Chapter Seven :

" Your daughter maybe hurt , or dead, she really needs help" said Alianbow.

Bowen managed to let his father get Madison as Nicholas now closed his eyes as he actually placed dead, in order for his father to remove his grip from his throat.

Alianbow rushed into his bedroom with Madison as Udonna gasped.

"What Happened!?" asked Udonna.

"It's Bowen, Bowen just killed Nicholas, hurry get the mid wife , she has to check Madison and the baby, " said Alianbow.

he now laid her in bed as he now rushed to his grandson's room, there he saw his grandson slumpt on his back with a rope around his neck as he laid on the bed.

Bowen was now found by his father as he was crying.

"WHY ,WHY!, he cried repeatedly.

"Why!" he screamed as he now broke a few things inside his son's room as it now woke everyone up.

"Bowen calm down son ' said Alianbow.

Bowen now looked at his Father with fire red eyes as he now growled.

Daggeron rushed to his mentor's side as he saw Bowen, in anger, seeing the hate, seeing the evil inside Bowen.

"Alianbow, what happened?" asked Daggeron.

"I do not know,, all I know is Bowen just killed Nicholas" said Alianbow as he now moved inside the bedroom as he peered to his son then to his grandson.

Daggeron looked to Alianbow as he now moved his way over to the bed as he reached over to carry Nicholas out of the room , instead Bowen charged after his Father as he now pinned him and Nicholas against the wall/

"Bowen this must stop, this isn't you son" said Alianbow..

"Vida , Xander, chip and Udonna quickly made their way as they saw Bowen.

"Bowen" called out Udonna . He looked back with fire raged inside his pupils, glaring at his mother as he wanted to kill her, Vida stepped foward as she looked to her leader.

"You will have to go near me to get to Lady Udonna Bowen" said Vida as she stood her pace as she stood up to Bowen.

Bowen growled as he looked back to his Father.

"Son You have to let me go, I have to get to the midwife , your son is dead " said Alianbow.

Yet again Bowen screamed out, another scream was heard as Udonna and Vida looked to each other, there they gasped as they rushed to Lady Udonna's Master bedroom.

there they entered as Madison was now pushing as she quickly slumpt back, breathing heavy as the midwife helped her.

"One more time M"lady" said the midwife.

Vida finally comforted her sister as she caressed her lower back . "I can't, it hurts" cried Madison.

Come on sis, you can do it, your daughter wants to be in the world with you " said vida .

one last push she gave as her infant daughter was bow born, she gave a cry but suddenly the baby died within minutes, Madison now slumpt back as she cried.

The midwife managed to clean the baby carefully, as tears strolled down her cheeks, she slowly carried the infant to her mother's chest.

"I will be back for the Princess M'lady, I will leave you be to mourn her death.

Vida didn't understand, the baby cried, she gave a look to Madison and to Vida,

"I don't understand" whispered Vida as she was now walked outside by Udonna.

now seeing her sister as she moved out the entrance there she was pulled by Udonna.

"Vida, Madison was thrown against the wall by Bowen, It seem's that Bowen is under the infulence of Lord Diacon" explained Udonna.

"Can we do something" asked Vida.

Meanwhile back inside Nicholas's bedroom,

Bowen still had his father pinned to the wall, he looked so evil that he had no choice but to remove his hands from the wall and turned away. there Alianbow walked to the entrance as he now handed Chip Nicholas and walked back into the room.
"Althia Unthamo Aspira" said Daggeron and Alianbow as it now knocked out Bowen cold.

they managed to carry Bowen outside the castle as they now placed him into a cage.

Meanwhile back inside the Castle :

Chip laid Nicholas down on his bed as he quickly noticed that Nicholas was breathing. "Is it over?" asked Nicholas.

"Nick! you ... your alive" said chip.

"Where's Mommy?" he asked. "Is sissy alright?" he asked again.

"No buddy" answered Chip. "Kyalia died" he answered.

"No, she can't be dead, she's only sleeping" said Nicholas.

"Take me to Mommy please Chip" said Nicholas .

"I can save my baby sister" he added.

Chip didn't want to argue with Nicholas as he now stood and made his way over to him.

"konky!" squealed Nicholas.

Chip turned as he now carried Nicholas onto his back as he walked with him to Lady Udonna's bedroom.

"Down please" said Nicholas as he now entered the room as he walked over to the bed as he saw his mother crying.

"Mommy no more tears, sissy is only sleeping" said Nicholas.

Madison looked to Nicholas. "No baby, your sister died," said Madison.

"Member when you told me that Phoenix's do not die, that they get reborn" said Nicholas.

Madison gave a nod listening to Nicholas.

"Dat's what me, Gwandpa, and Daddy are" he added.

Madison gave a wry smile he slowly placed his hand upon his sister's chest as she began to move and squirm in her mother's arms

she watched her son and daughter as she now held her daughter closely there the three huggled tightly as Madison now cried with tears of joy.