Author Note: I've waited a very long time to make this and Now here it is! A world with all the Naruto's character as cats, oh yes Im evil! Muhahahahaha! Man I love myself.

Summary: In a world when all the Naruto's characters as cats. Hinata is left with Kakashi and his pet, Sasuke. Things start to go from bad to worst when Hinata has the need to breed.
Rate: M (bad language and sex theme, etc)
Paring: Sas/Hin
Genera: Humor, Drama
Warning: Bad grammar
Disclaimer: I do not own any Naruto's series, both manga and anime. All rights belong to their respect owners.

Ch. 1

A New Home

Its one of those days when you have to get up in the morning to do whatever you have appointed to, but not this creature. That's right, Hinata the cat, a feline who has two pointy ears, four furry paws and a nice long fluffy tail. She is only about one foot and half inches tall with lavish lavender eyes for only the most elegant creature could have and there aren't very many of them around. Consider as a rare breed from a long line of extinct feline. Now that some good to write in her resume, if only cats could write.

And whose is this lucky person to own this delicate and magnificent creature?

Miss. Kurenai herself. Coincidentally, she found Hinata alone in a rainy day and took her in as her pet to love and cherish for the rest of Hinata's life. Very unusual for a kind like Hinata to be abandon in a filthy street, but luckily she was found in good hand.

Every since that day, Kurenai has been feeding, bathing and training Hinata on her own, but all that joy of endless attention given by the jounin is going to change because Kurenai is leaving Hinata to one of her trusted friend….


"So let me get this straight. You are leaving to go on a 'business' vacation and entrusting me to take care-'

"Good, care," she corrects the gray hair man with half of his face showing, still telling himself he looks cool with it to show off at the ladies to make him look mysterious.

He coughs, "Good care of Hinata. May I ask, why? Or are you just going to lea-"

"Kakashi," she lightly interrupts him again, "Just do this one small favor for me and I'll probably buy you something after I get back. Beside, it's only for a month or so. Didn't quite get the memo," she said as she carefully place Hinata in her friend's hands.

Kakashi gracefully accepted the little creature in his arm, "Hummm...I see," he sighed helplessly, already predicting his troublesome time with two cats. 'How do I get myself into this mess,' he thought in defeat.

"Okay, I guess that's it. You got everything?" she asks Kakashi, with her suitcase in her hands and her sunglasses on. Looking ready for this peaceful vacation! 'I look so cool on these sunglasses,' she smiles in confidence.

"Yes I do. Her and her things are pretty-" but before he could finish his sentence, again, Kurenai was gone. She waste no time.

"Damn her," he growl before carrying Hinata inside, than stare into her bizarre eyes color, "Oh, so you have white eyes. Ah, now that is cute. I guess Sasuke would have to deal with you for awhile, considering the fact that I'm your new owner, for right now," Kakashi declared as he took Hinata to another room.

He let Hinata down gently first before leaving to attended on putting her stuff away.

(In the animal's mind)

Hinata scrutinize the place that she would be staying for about a month. She walks in a room that had a table, a chair and a ...Bowl! But not a dog bowl, oh heavens no! She may have four legs and is cover in fur, but she is no canine. No sir! She is a cat, and a very thirsty one too. She began to feel very thirsty since dawn, and it already the afternoon. Apparently her mistress was such in a rush that she accidentally forgot to give Hinata her drink. She just needs a sip, it won't kill her.

Without any hesitation or second thought to check who the bowl belong to, she hurries toward the light blue bowl to take a few lick, but before she could put her dry tongue in, she heard a very unpleasant voice from behind. "Get away from MY bowl, little pussy cat." There a hiss.

Hinata halt and turn to see an another cat that have two black eyes and dark blue fur. "S-Sorry," she apologizes, "I didn't know it was yours. I was thi.." Before she could finish her sentences he bluntly interrupts her.

"I don't care. The bowl has my name on it and I don't see yours," he pointed at the bowl with his name scripted on it.

Hinata read the bowl that had the word: SASUKE (A/N: Yeah I'm surprise she could read. It prove to you that Kurenai cared for Hinata that much :)), "Oh I'm sorry. My name is Hinata," she said as she politely bowed in front of him.

"So!" Sasuke twitches his left black nose to one side to show his angry, "I don't care what your name is. I want you away from my bowl, and every other stuff that is mine, you got that pussy cat," he demanded as he tries to scare her away with his sharp nails and pointy teeth.

Hinata began to take a few step back when Sasuke's evil feature approach closer with his nails popping out and his teeth ready to attack. Just before Hinata could run away, Kakashi picked her up just in time.

(Out of the animals mind)

"There you are little kitty," Kakashi smiled, than gaze down at his cat, "Oh, I see you found Sasuke. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, but I do hope you guys become good friends." Before Kakashi could even put Hinata back down he felt Hinata shiver in his hands. "Hum? Why are you shivering? Is there something the matter, little one," he stare at her eyes and then to his little devil, Sasuke, and that's when the problem came to him. It hit him like that giant rock that ruined his eye. Not related but the similarity are kinda there, just without the physical part.

"Sasuke! What did you do?" he asked, staring down at the blue feline.

Sasuke just turns away and drank from his catty bowl like a good kitty.

"Damn it, Sasuke if anything happen to Hinata I would get so much trouble with Kurenai. And do you know what does that mean?" he asks, worry about what the answer might be if she was here right now. Lucky for him she wasn't, or was she.

Sasuke kept cool, like his owner, and replies, "Meow." Like any other cat's short answer to their human friend, it was simple and true. So he relax down on his fluffy couch that seem to appear out of nowhere close to his bowl.

"No Sasuke. Not meow. She would kill me, and I would never get my new issue of Ich Ich Paradise that is coming out next month. And they said it's the most extreme porn-able, and yes I made that up, issue ever made in the whole world and I need to stay alive to read it," Kakashi continues to blab on and on about his minor problems and his porn book.

(While in the animals mind)

'Damn this human of my. What is he talking about again, pore, pon, poe. Argh! I don't care I'm going out' he got up and started walking out toward the door.

(Out of the mind)

Kakashi was still blabbing until he heard a 'meow' interrupting his speech. "Yes Hinata, you want something," he ask his friendly cat, hoping she got something good to say to him, or at least has something good.

But nope! Instead Hinata was pointing at Sasuke, who was about half away from the door. Before he could reach to his little door out, Kakashi got him. Gotcha!

(In the animal mind)

'Oh crap. I hate being small. Damn him and his ability to pull me up,' Sasuke hiss as his owner drag him close.

(Out of the animal mind)

"And just where do you think your going," he picked him up by the back of his skin, causing it to stretch really long. "Don't you dare hiss at me, Sasuke," Kakashi glare at his troublesome cat.

"Meow," was all he could say before his owner took him back to his punishment cage, which he got out a few hours ago, now he's back. He's always a return a prisoner and primary suspect of every incident that happens in his owners life. Sasuke twitches at the sight of his unstoppable, unbreakable and steal cage. It got upgrade from cheap wood to actual metal, way to go smartness.

"You know the rule Sasuke," he reminded Sasuke before placing him inside. "And I just got you out. Anyways, its best you stay here for awhile since you got Hinata all scare," he locks the cage, which look like a baby crib but with bars on five sides, except the floor.

"There! Now you two be good because I'm going out to take care of something for awhile. See ya," he said before leaving Hinata alone with a jail-up Sasuke.

"Meow?" Hinata said before Kakashi shut the door.

(Inside the animal mind)

"Hey, you Hana. Huna. Uh, Hnata, Whatever. Go get me that key where my owner left," he said pointing at the key that was all the way up on top of the book case.

"No," she simply answered, walking away and leaving him behind.

"What! Listen to me or I'll-"

"You what. You can't do anything while you are inside that box,"

"Are you forgetting that I'm not staying here forever. Once I come out I'll get you for this," he said clawing around the bars which made Hinata startle a bit. It's true, once he come out, he will unleash fury before Kakashi could set him back. But by than, Hinata will probably be dead. Oh, the cruelty of this whole situation for poor little Hinata. 'He got me. I must obey in order to save my tail.'

"W-What w-will happen if I help you? Will you be nicer to me?" she asked calmly. She wants to assure herself that he will keep a deal with her that will protect her fur.

Sasuke notices her fear and could maybe fool around with it. "MMMaaaybe," he said, teasing her.

Hinata gulp, "Umm, if I help you would you please stay away from," she asked.

"Fine. I will, now get me out of here, I'm bored," he said having his little paws on the bars like a jail-up prisoner. Now, if only he had his little black and white stripe jail suit than he'll be the more adorable jail cat ever!

Hinata jump up on a near by chair that was close to a wooden table. After that, she quickly claw her way to the curtain. She had her claws scratching on Kakashi's expansive pink curtain every where.

'Huh, I never really like pink,' Sasuke said honestly in his mind while having his black eyes on Hinata, which was a few feet away from the key. 'I wonder if she could see my old mouse up there?' he wondered.

Hinata made it to the top of the book case. She carefully walks around the area which could barely hold her 10 pound weight. She felt the wooden object moving with every step she took. "Careful Hinata, just tiny steps," her nails were leaving scratch marks while shacking uncontrollably.

She then felt a crack. "What was that?" She glanced around quickly and saw how far she was from the bottom. 'Oh! I'm so high.'

"What is taking so long!" shouted an impatient blue cat. 'Probably she found my mouse and is taking time to play with it. Damn her if she is! I warn her not to touch my stuff,' Sasuke hissed.

Hinata began to shake, her nails pin in the wood, "S-Sas-skue I-I can't g-get d-do-own," she stuttered in panic. She could feel the bookcase tilting. 'It's shaking!'

"What do you mean you can't get down? Damn it! Just drop the key down here," he said impatiently, as if he had any in the first place. 'She did found my toy mouse, and using that excuse to have more time to play with it. Oh, we will see about that,'

"O-Ok" Hinata took a good deep breath before dashing to the key, slipping it out of the top to cause it to land on the ground. Simultaneously, the bookcase also collapse and Hinata jumps on the curtain making her landing safe. But leaving the pink curtain with a few long cuts.

"Good, you're still alive, now get me out of here," he said. 'What-do-you-know, she didn't find my mouse. That's good. Oh wait! Than where did my stupid human leave it?'

"But the human's thing, t-they a-a-are...they a-are..." Hinata felt guilty that all the man's belongings are ruin.

He scoffs, "Not important! He could buy new things," he said harshly, 'and buy me a new mouse,'

"Now get the key," Sasuke commanded. Hinata couldn't believe how can this kind of human could put up with Sasuke. She felt sorry for him.

Hinata looks around for the key. Since the book case collapse onto the floor there were books everywhere. It would take her forever to find it. She thought about ditching this mess and let Sasuke take the blame but that wasn't her, she was honest and truthful. She maybe a scare little kitty but she was no coward, no sir. She has class. So she searched under, above and even inside the books, pretty much anywhere she could get her tiny paws on.

As she was looking inside in one of Kakashi's books she notices two human with no clothes on that were doing weird things with each other. Along with human doing odd funny faces with each other. It made her feel tingly inside for some reason. It was a weird feeling that never occur to her before. That is new.

"Have you found it yet. How hard it is to find one key?" he asked as he walk side to side in the crib. 'Seriously! It's the only key in there for Christ Sake!...Wait, Christ?...Oh that's right, Christ! That was the cat's name whose mouse I stole. Now I know where my stupid human left my mouse. Note to self; Steal back my mouse,'

Hinata kept searching but every time she looks in the books, her little body was reacting to something warm and tingling in one area she never suspects. She begins to scratch herself below the ears. "What's wrong with me, I haven't scratch myself since I was just a kitten. Oh dear, where is that key," she said still scratching herself. No long until she glimpse to a shining object glaring from above the crib. "The key, yes!" she ran toward the crib with her eyes on the key.

Sasuke notices she was approaching close. "What are you doing?" he asked curiously.

Hinata jumps as best as she can but only half of her little body made it, unfortunately she wasn't tall enough to reach the key. "I can't reach the key," she sorrowfully admits.

Sasuke saw her above him and heard her whimper. "I got an idea. Stand on my head," he said sticking his round head out of the jail crib.

Hinata did as she was told and put two of her rear legs on Sasuke's head. 'Whoa, she isn't that heavy.'

While Hinata was busy retrieving the key, Sasuke sniffs something in his air. 'What is that smell' he smelled around. The strange scent became strong above his head. 'That smell very... nice... and-and,' his noise was moving up toward Hinata's tail, than he took a really long sniff.

Hinata was a few inches away from the key before she use her trim nails to get the key quick. She finally got the key and jumps out of Sasuke's head. "I got it!" she exclaimed with the key in her paw.

"Good, now open it," he said strangely calm.

Hinata notices Sasuke was acting different just now but didn't put any attention toward it, she just did what she was told. She use both of her paws to stick the mental object inside the hole. Once that was in, she strongly turn the key to the left for it to open the cage.

The crib finally opens and in came out a hungry looking blue furry cat. Sasuke swiftly jumps on Hinata, causing her to startle confusion. "W-What? I did what you said. Get off me," she became pin down on her back, while Sasuke was on top of her staring into her white innocence eyes.

"Sorry my little pussy cat, I guess I had other plans for you," he said with a smirk. He licks her on her fury chick which made Hinata blush. Than he turns her around. 'W-What i-is he d-doing?...No, why am I letting him do this?...something isn't right,' she wondered helplessly while her back was facing him and position himself on her.

Sasuke was feeling heat all over and it was because of her steamy stench that he couldn't resist. He already knew why his body was acting like this. Heat. Yes, it that time again for him to go through mating mode, and knocking on her would make it go away, for awhile.

(Out of the mind)

Before Sasuke could allow himself to enter inside of her, Kakashi enter the room with a bag of cat stuff. His eyes widen in shock. His living room was a mess and two cats that seemly appear to be in a doggy-style position. "SASUKE!" he ran quickly to separate the two almost attach cat. He than locked Sasuke back to his cage and left Hinata in the next room.

"Damn it Sasuke what were you thinking. I left you for just 30 minute and here I find you with my precious books on the floor and you on top of Hinata. You are just begging for me to get you fix. Well we will see about that," he growled than left Sasuke in the crib and put away the stuff he bought for the cats. After that he began cleaning the mess that Hinata made, but blame it on Sasuke.

(In the animal mind)

Sasuke glared at his owner as he clean up the mess that was originally created by Hinata but is blame on. "Damn that cat, I almost had her. Shit I need Argh!" Sasuke couldn't take the lust inside of him, he needed someone or something to stop this desirable needs that he is going through. 'Or at least give me my toys to screw.'

(Out of the animal mind)

Kakashi finished cleaning the mess and setting new curtains. Luckily for him he keeps extra in his closet along with his other thing that shouldn't be seen by youth eyes.

He walks to Sasuke and notices his little devil pacing around the cage, panting as he look around for an exit. 'Odd. Why is he...' He then suspect something that made him assume that Sasuke might be going through heat.

A few minute later, he brought Hinata in his hands with a smirk on his face.

Sasuke could only watch in horror as his owner play around with Hinata fur, petting her, twirling around with her tail like a toy. Sasuke could feel himself craving for her, but kept his cold, trying not to show his owner that he wants her. He just sat there and stare, in irritation.

"Come on Sasuke, I know you want her. It's that time for you to go wild, right," he said while having Hinata's back side facing Sasuke. "Well, you can't have her. She is unavailable to anyone until Kurenai gets back from her vacation. Which I have no idea where she may be. Humm, I wonder what she is doing right now." he ponder.

(Somewhere in a near a beach inside a casino)

"Come on! Mommy needs a new pairs of shoes!"

"13 black! You lose"

"Dang it! Yo waiter another drink"

"Coming up"

(Back with Kakashi)

"Whatever. Anyways you keep your pervert paws away from her. Got it. You're sleeping in this crib tonight while Hinata sleeps in your bed for a day. Than tomorrow we're going to visit the vet to get you fix!" Kakashi smirked leaving a traumatize Sasuke behind in his jail-up crib.

(In the mind)

"What. Did. He. Say. NONONONONO," Sasuke went full blown anxious mode, "I need to get out of here, I can't get fix. I'm Sasuke, I don't get this kind of treatment. Its all her fault, once my owner is out of the way, I will get her. You hear me, I will get you for this, pussy cat!" Sasuke shouts out of his crib with his paws scratching every thing inside.

(Out of the mind)

Kakashi puts Hinata in Sasuke's bed, all comfortable and relax. "Hope Sasuke doesn't take that veterinarian thing all to seriously."

(With Sasuke, in his mind)

"I'm going to kill you!"

(Back with Kakashi, out of the mind)

"All well, good night Hinata," he patted on Hinata's round head where she laid on Sasuke little light blue bed. "Meow" she said. Then the light went off, creating the room shine bright blue from the full moon night.