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Author: Field Innocence
Title: Mate
Summary: In a world of all the Naruto character as cats. Hinata is left with Kakashi and his pet, Sasuke. Things started to go from bad to worst when Hinata has the need to breed.
Rate: M (bad language and sex theme, etc)
Paring: Sas/Hin
Genera: Humor, Drama
Warning: Bad grammar
Declaimer: I do not own Naruto... awww, come on X(


The next day came nice and fast for our cute little white cat, Hinata. She got up from Sasuke's little bed and use his litter box to do her business. After he business, she walked pass the living room, and spotted Sasuke still trying to escape from the baby crib.

In the animal mind

"What are you doing? You know you can't come out there without the key," she giggled at the worn-out Sasuke.

"I know that already" he was breathing heavily.

"Than why are you trying so hard to get out?" she asked sweetly, approaching slowly.

"Because I fee...," but before Sasuke could finish his sentence, he quickly notice where Hinata just came out from, "Did you just came out of the restroom?" he asked curiously.

"Yes, why?"

"You use my litter box! I told you to stay away from my things damn it! The second I get out of here I'll.."

Out of the animals mind

While the two cats were talking Kakashi enter the living room catching Sasuke meowing loudly toward Hinata, "Sasuke! Quit meowing at Hinata. You know what! Quit meowing for the rest of day, because you were meowing the whole night, all the neighbored were mad at me because of you. And you wonder why I put you inside the punishment cage," Kakashi picked up Hinata and took her in the kitchen for her to eat, "Oh, I will be back for your food later," he said before leaving a very tick-off blue cat, while the fluffy white one shiver in the ninja's arm.

In the animals mind

"That human! How could he treat me like this! He is going to pay, they all are! …..just as soon I get out of here," Sasuke was still in the jail crib with his two little blue paws holding on the bars like a true prisoner.

With Kakashi, out of the mind

"There you go Hinata, now eat up, because you need to be healthy for the vet today," he said kindly, as he preparing for Sasuke's breakfast.

"Meow," she replied softly, than began eating her fishy meal quietly.

In the animals mind

They all ate their breakfast nice and quickly. Hinata ate hers in Sasuke's bowl, Kakashi ate his while reading his little orange book and as for Sasuke. He just ate his food regularly; while planning his revenge on the white cat and at his back-stabbing owner, "Yeah! That is what I'm going to do. Yeah its the perfect plan. Oh I... hey! where is my freckin drink!"

Kakashi just came in to give Sasuke's drink, "Here, here, now finish up because we are leaving in about ten minute," than he left back in the kitchen.

"Good! Now where was I... Oh yeah the plan. Oh I can't wait. Muhahahahaha," than after that, he drank up his little bowl, along cleaning his face like any other cat does every time they feel like cleaning themselves.

Out of the mind

At the vet

"What!" Kakashi was freaking-out about the hold 'getting Hinata a mate to breed' thing. The man just got in for two minute and already he receive lecture about how to solve Hinata's problem.

"What do you mean she 'have to mate'. Can't she wait for the next month or so. I need to live!," Kakashi was tightly griping on the veterinarian's coat, shacking him rapidly.

"Please! Let go sir, this kind of thing happen all the time," the veterinarian try his hardest to free himself from the ninja grasps, but the animal medic wasn't as skill or strong as Kakashi, so he was doom. Just like every normal civilian in this village.

"Listen to me, if anything happen to Hinata, not only that I lose my head, I'll never live long enough to read the next new issue of Ich Ich Paradise that is coming next month. So I need her the way I got her from her owner," Kakashi let loose of the veterinarian after his statement.

The veterinarian is going to have a few problems with his client, while that was going on, Sasuke and Hinata were left in the back with other felines.

With the cats and in the mind

Hinata was running for her life. She been at it since she got into this place. She ran through other cats, going above, under and even beg for them to hide her but nothing works, "Oh, I hope he doesn't find me," she was out of breath until she heard him.

"Here kitty, kitty," he said with an evil smirk on his face and lustful eyes.

"S-Sasuke," she shuddered as he legs maintain her weight but kept her balance.

"Where were you heading pussy cat? Don't tell me, you were planning on running away from me, were ya?" Sasuke had his claw ready to scratch something and his teeth ready to eat something hard. 'Soon, I'll hump you and hurt for touching my things,' he thought.

All Hinata could do is watch as Sasuke prepare himself to jump on her. Hinata had her paws covering her round face as her eyes were shut to prevent herself from seeing the damage that Sasuke will do to her. 'Oh dear, please make this quick,' she pray in her mind.

Just before Sasuke was about to jump, another cat jump on him. The great jump was strong that it made both cats roll around on the ground.

"SASUKE!" shouted the other cat.

Sasuke turned around to glare at the idiot who ruin his opportunity to mate, "You idiot! Who do you thin..." but before Sasuke could finish, the other cat interrupted.

"Sasuke it's me! Naruto, don't you remember me?" hyperactively said a very weird cat considering that he looks more like a fox than a cat.

Sasuke gave a good stare at the orange color cat, "Dobe. Is that you?" he asked warily.

"Yes! Oh you do remember me!" Naruto ran toward his long lost friend and gave him a kitty hug, very tight. 'I can't believe I found Sasuke. Oh, I feel so happy,' said Naruto in his head.

"Oh, how can I forget. You were that stupid cat who couldn't stop talking! I thought they put you to sleep," Sasuke was struggling to break free from the orange feline.

"They were about to, but the humans gave me another day to live to see if any human would want to take me in. And they did, a human took me in and fed me this delicious food. I think it was call... um raameenn. I donno, so how was your life, did you have fun? Huh-huh Sasuke, so how was it?" Naruto was started to annoy Sasuke with his big mouth, until the blue cat couldn't take anymore. 'Damn his mouth! They've put that to sleep,' Sasuke thought.

Sasuke grab Naruto's mouth and said, "Shut it or I'll make you!," than he let go of poor Naruto's mouth.

Naruto was rubbing his aching mouth, "Fish-Cat! Sasuke, why do you have to be soooo meannn, ow," he said. 'Did he just say 'Fish-Cat'. What the hell does that mean?' Sasuke wondered.

Sasuke was about to hit him for talking again but was stop by another cats voice but this time it didn't sounded friendly, "I won't do that if I were you," said another cat, who was standing in the shadows so it wouldn't be seen in the light, but one feline noticed him.

"Hey Gaara! What are you doing in the dark! Come out so we could see you right," waved the orange cat.

"No thanks, I'm better here," said a calm red cat.

"Are you sure!"

"Yes Naruto, I'm sure. Also it's not necessary to shout, I'm a few paws away from you" said Gaara. 'Damn, you could be stupid sometimes,' the red cat rolled his eyes.

"Ok. He said he doesn't want to come, but if you ask me, he is afraid of the light," Naruto whispered to Sasuke at the end and waved friendly back at Gaara as if he had never said anything bad about the red cat. 'Why do you even bother, Naruto? I'm right here,' Gaara frowned.

Sasuke slightly slapped himself, "Are you sure your even a cat?" he ask to Naruto.

"Well duh! Why do you think I have a tail, whiskers and two pointy ears," Naruto was playing with his two cute pointy ears.

"Because you are stupid,"

"oh hahahaha Sasuke. You sure are funny, very hilarious,"

"You have no idea," Sasuke got even more annoyed by Naruto and his talks.

While Naruto was laughing his butt off, Sasuke took this chance to escape from the crazy orange cat.

Naruto looked around to see if Sasuke was still there but was gone, "Sasuke, where did you go?"

Sasuke ran through countless of cats, in search of the white eyes one, "Where could she be?" he asked himself, searching around the cage that the human had put him in.

Meanwhile, Hinata was with these strange feline. One looked mysterious; it could be mistaken by a stone. All it does is sit and stare straight at something. While the other one keeps saying that its not a cat but a dog. Weird, isn't it?

"I'm telling you guys, I am a dog. See watch -cough- WWWooof..meow,"

"Wofmeow? Dogs don't wofmeow Kiba, they bark, huh Shino," Hinata spoke to the stone cat. Shino just nodded at Hinata's correction. 'He shook at me! So he just doesn't sit there and stare, he move also,'

Kibe stared at both Hinata and Shino angrily, "What do you know? You're not even dogs. You," he points at Shino, "just stand there and you," he points at Hinata next, "just came out gods-who-knows where. What am I talking about, I'm leaving. Screw you guys I'm going over there," Kiba pointed at the other cats and left Hinata with Shino alone.

Few minute later

"What happen with 'over there'," asked the quiet cat. 'So he talks too! What a great improvement for Shino,' Hinata smile at her new friend.

"Shut Shino!" Kiba sat next to Shino who gave a grin at Kiba. Hinata was surprise that Kiba came back so soon, which was only been a few minute.

"I'm bored," Hinata was tired of sitting and watching Kiba and Shino doing nothing and was sick of it.

"Well than, why are you hanging around with us cat?" asked Kiba who was very angry at the moment.

"I was hiding from this blue cat that was trying to kill me for using his stuff and, when I saw you cats just sitting there, I thought maybe you cats could help me," she gave them a smile after she was done.

Both Kiba and shino gave this white cat a odd look, "So you are telling me that you just came here, interrupting our conversation just for help!"

"Yup, pretty much it," she said staring at Shino and Kiba innocently.

"Well than, you came at the wrong place," answered Kiba while his angry started to fade as he stare at Hinata downfall expression.

"What! Please you gotta help me, if he finds me" Hinata was suddenly interrupted by a very aggressive voice.

"Here kitty, kitty," he said. Hinata turned around slowly and saw a very scary blue cat with a smirk on his face.

"Now where were we," he said but before he could do whatever he wanted to do on Hinata. A voice came hearing through his ears.

"Well, well, it isn't my little brother, Sasuke. What Sasuke, your mate doesn't come to you so you must come to them. I always knew you were a pussy," said another cat, much a like the blue one but he was older and had black fur instead of dark blue like the first.

"Itachi I have no time for your craps right now," Sasuke turned to face his older cat-brother, in fact its his only cat brother, some how his cat parents didn't have that many. Didn't know why.

"Aw, not happy to see your favorite cat brother,"

"Your my only cat brother,"

"Thats why it makes it easier for you to pick me as your favorite!,"

"And easier to pick as the least favorite,"

"Temper, temper. Remember what cat mom said, you must control your temper, she said,"

"Oh shut the fuck up, you just made that up,"

"Yeah I know,"

"I have no time for ass right now! So go away, I have a fury white ass to kill,"

"Hu-ah, don't you mean fuck,"

"What do you care, I bet you haven't fuck a cat in your life,"

"Thats what make me more attractive!" than suddenly a whole a lot of female cats came rushing toward the black cat.

"Oh Itachi I love you," "Please be my mate" "I want to have your kitten" "Hey he's mine," You better stay away from my mate" Hu-ah he's mine mate," "No, you both are wrong he is mine!" "No he's mine!" "Mine!" than suddenly all the female cat started to have a 'cat fight' for the one attractive black cat.

While all the female cat were having their 'cat fight', Sasuke and Itachi left before the 'cat fight' ever began. And as for Hinata, well she felt as if she wanted someone on top off her, again. "Oh, not again, I feel a little tingling..." she scratch herself.

"Do you want to mate than?" ask a calm voice.

Immediately, Hinata turned around and lower her rear, "W-What did you say?"

"Sorry, if I scared you. My name is Gaara, and I sort of heard you..." he blushed.

"Oh," Hinata slightly stared away from her little embarrassment.

"So, you're on heat," he said, trying not to blush to hard, which was okay because he's already red outside, so it wouldn't make any different if he did blush.

"Heat? What's that?" Hinata asked innocently, sitting down with her furry tail swinging slowly side to side and her head tilt to a slight angle.

Gaara eyes widen, "You don't know,"

Hinata shook her head no.

"How old are you?" he gave a questionable look at the young attractive feline.

"Ummm... I believe one. My mistress celebrated my birthday last month, but I don't know my real birthday because I found as a kitten on the street. So that wasn't my real birthday, just my other birthday, the day my Mistress found me," she explained.

"Oh," he smiled.

"What about you? How are you?" she asked curiously.

"Over two," he answered with his two fingers holding on air than place them down.

"You're really old," she pointed out, which got Gaara a little embarrass, "But nice," she smiled. Again, he blushed.

"So are you. Nice by the way," he replied.

Hinata giggled, "My name is Hinata," suddenly her body reacted by approaching to Gaara in a desirable way. Her tail rose high as her eyes stared deeply into his, gazing like a begging feline. Gaara is very familiar to those kind of stare, his urges wouldn't let him back down right now, he must proceed on the ritual.


"Yessss," her answered as she smelled something very blazing from Gaara that got her hypnotize.

"Would you be my mate?" he asked with his tiny nose a few inches apart from hers.

"Yes," she nodded, not caring what her body was about to do, instead she obey his order and turned around to show him her high tail.

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