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Ch. 7

The next day rose within second from Kakashi's sleep, unfortunately for him it wasn't a pleasant morning because he just remember he has two abnormal creature to watch over until the curse can be made. "Fuck my life," he grumbled at his bed before taking her time getting up than heading straight to the bathroom.

As he shower off his sleepiness the two human feline argued something small and reckless.

"Come on, Hinata," encourage Sasuke pulling her arm toward him.

"N-No Sasuke. I-I think this is a bad idea," she softly decline and pulled her arm away politely than said, "beside he's awake," she faced toward Kakashi's room, "I can hear hits of water and sense heat. I think we should- Ah!"

She was surprisely interrupted by Sasuke's strength with her on his shoulder, "S-Sasuke!"

"I don't care if he's awake. You and I are leaving! Together," he announced in assurance with his eyes dark and fierce.

"W-W-Wait S-Sasuke," her eyes grew big, "l-lets talk about th-"

"Nope. It's decided,"

"But-But-But- Sasuke! Please stop rubbing my but!" her face turned completely red by Sasuke dirty hands. He smirked and slowly removed his filthy hands, "You kept saying but, so I just had to," he chuckled.

Minutes Later

"Ahhh...Much better," Kakashi walked out of his shower with a new face, or whatever face he has since he wear a mask on 24/7. By the time he reach to his Kitchen with his usual calm attitude he noticed something was missing, "hummm... something isn't right here," he rubbed his chin and thought of what was out of place.

Meanwhile in Konoha Village, two unusual freely human roam through the street, in regular clothes disguises.

"Umm-Umm Sasuke?" Hinata asked nervously with her two index fingers poking each other.

"Yeah," he answered looking around suspiciously incase his owner shows up.

"Where are we going?"

"Far from my owner,"




Silence and walking, until Sasuke approached close to her ears and whispered, "And to be alone with my pussy kitten,". That's when Hinata noticed Sasuke was being a pervert again and fearing the safety of her own life. 'I hope Kakashi find us fast,'.

Back with Kakashi

"Ummm... Wait a minute," he's head hit him, "where is my orange book," he looked around, "damn it. How can I start my day without my book," he began walking out of the kitchen in search of his small and perverted book.

Back with Sasuke

"Oooohhhh Hinata. Hinata? Hinata?" Sasuke called his mate through the crowd of buyers. 'Darn it! Where did she go?' he looked around and retraced his foot steps as he thought the last thing he said to Hinata.




"I-I'm hungry," she rubbed her stomach in despair, "Can we eat?" she asked desperately.

"Umm. I guess I can hunt a mouse somewhere, and we're going need our strength to get further through the day before Kakashi find," he chuckled with his faced staring straight ahead, "that if he ever find us, which I doubt. Than again he is a ninja. Mmmmm, maybe we should find a whole group so we can save them for later. How does that sound," he turned to stare at his empty-air right, "Hinata?"

End of Flashback

"I guessed she didn't want to eat mice today," he figured as he continued on his search for his beloved cat.

Back with Kakashi

"Damn. I can't find it. I bet Sasuke hid it," he frowned with his arms cross on his chest, "That's unfortunate," he comment than smirked, "For him. I'm a ninja. It's somewhere around and I bet it's lock away somewhere where I least expect. Lucky for me I know the in and out of this place, so finding it shouldn't take more than five minutes,". He than made a simple hand sign, "Clone justu,".

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Three smoke appeared before Kakashi than vanish, relieving three clone of Kakashi, "You all know what to do," he said calmly and all three nod and scatter around the room.

Back with Hinata

Sniff Sniff Sniff

"Mmmm, that smell delicious," she stated as wonderful smell drove her closer, "What is this marvelous sense? Its-Its wonderful," she admit as her nose lead her to a food stand full of cinnamon roll. "Oohhh what is this!" she stared down at the brown swirl bun and drool in hunger.

"Would you like a cinnamon roll ma'm?" asked the sale lady.

"Really? Why yes please," she smiled with saliva flooding in her mouth uncontrollability.

"Here is a sample of our new taste. Try it," the lady baker smile as she handed Hinata a hand size.

"Thank you," she immediately try the sweet, tasty and soft bread. And within second, after the first huge bite, Hinata was gone. "OOOOOHHHH YES!"

Instantly Sasuke's ear jerk to Hinata's direction, "Mate," he than ran to her.

Back with Kakashi

"Found it," he sigh, "Not the way I wanted to find it but I found it," Kakashi bend down to Sasuke's litter box and carefully pulled up his dirty graphic book as sand slide off, "Of course you would Sasuke. Of course you would," he sigh again.

Back with Sasuke and Hinata


"Yes. Do you have any so I can buy c-c-cccinnamon roll from the human?" Hinata stared up into her mate's eye in desperate need, "Oh p-please Sasuke, do you have any?"

"No," answered but didn't want to disappoint his mate.

"Oh..." she stared away in sadness which kick Sasuke in the guts. He didn't want to see that look in Hinata's face, he likes it when she blush or make any sexy expression that gets him turn on. He glanced at the stand and thought for a second than smirked.

"Oh my dear pussy cat," he lift her chin up to look straight at his dark taunted eyes, "do you really desire those cinnamon roll, eh,"

She nod, "yes," she looked hypnotize from his black hazel eyes.

"Well than. I will get you your cinnamon roll, if you promise me something," his smirk grew to a evil grin.

"Anything," she softly replied as if she was under his control.

"You will mate with me by the end of this day,"

"Yes," she did not hesitate nor resist from his deal. Either way both will win.

"Excellent," he voice slither evilly like a villain.

Back with Kakashi

He had his book in his hand and began reading as he walked back to his empty kitchen, "Alright, who's hungry?" he asked with his eye on the little orange book.

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