SEPTEMBER 28 8:58 AM Maya stepped into the defense lobby and looked at phoenix and said "Phoenix you have two more minutes before the trial starts!!! how is your defense looking" and phoenix said "uh, well, um, uh, well" and maya then put her fists down and puffed up her cheek and said "phoenix if you don't defend me properly in today's trial I will be mad"
Phoenix remembered what happened. Maya was alone in a room and a man died in there. It couldn't have been maya it must have been someone else! Maya then said "It looks like persecutor NEKOJESSICA (;;) is going to be persecuting on this case!! phoenix said "Oh no, not the legendary persecutor nekojessica! heard she was franziska von karma's persecuting partner in germany, and the two were a tag team of pure evil!" maya nodded and cried. "Phoenix if you don't get me off and i get executed i'm going to have pearl summon my angry spirit so i can kill you!!" phoenix was not used to hearing harsh words from maya but he felt bad so it just took it. Then the baliff said "everyone in the courtroom" and they all went in the courtroom.

SEPTEMBER 28 9:00 AM Phoenix stood at his desk and maya stood at his side at his desk. The judge banged his gavel a lot and then everyone was really quiet and the judge said "COURT IS NOW IN SESSION, but where is our persecutor" and everyone looked around and there was no persecutor. And then all of a sudden the persecutors desk exploded and nekojessica appeared at the desk!!! "Mwa ha ha haaaaa" she cackled. She was beautiful in a silky red gown and sexy and also deadly and had a russian accent. "I hope you are praying to not win this case, mister phoenix wrong" and phoenix said "wright" and then she laughed because she thought he said "right." The judge banged his gavel and said "Ok let's start this trial. Persecutor will you please tell us what happened" and nekojessica said "That girl murdered Mr. Jenkins in a closed room. They were the only ones in the room so it had to have been her!" phoenix sweated. nekojessica did a raelly cool animation and pointed at maya and said "You have no defense you pathetic lawyer!" and phoenix said "Objection!!!!!!!!" and everyone clapped and phoenix said "I have a defense" and she said "oh" and the judge looked.

The judge asked for phoenix's side of the story and phoenix said "Well maya was the only other person in the room, but this can not be proven! anyone could have been in that room!" and then nekojessica said "objection" in her russian accent and she said "you can't prove that" and then he said "Yes I can, because YOU, NEKOJESSICA, were in the room!" and then everyone in the courtoom talked and nekojessica did a cornered animation where she screamed. The judge banged his gavel a million times and said "ORder order order" and maya said "wow thanks phoenix this is totally going to win us the case" and phoenix felt good.

When everyone was quiet nekojessica said "What motive would i have for killing mr jenkins and why would i frame maya?" and phoenix said "it's because he was your ex lover!! you loved him until he broke up with you and you were so mad that you killed him. and then you framed maya because she was in the room!" nekojessica screamed really dramatically and exploded and everyone talked again and the judge banged his gavel a lot. Then she admitted to doing it. "It was me, I killed him, I am evil!!!" and maya said "yay thanks" and confetti came from the ceiling and the judge said "NOT GUILTY!!!!"

SEPTEMBER 28 9:02 AM Everyone stood outside of the lobby and maya said "Thanks phoenix you saved my life!" and phoenix said "you're welcome" and maya said "Hey let's go out for burgers, you're paying the bill" and phoenix said "OBJECTION!!!!"