Ok so, I started thinking about this story and I realized, it wasn't a good idea to write it while I had 2 unfinished ones sitting. But one of them just needs an epilogue and the other… well I'm waiting for help. And I got a new idea. So why not start on it?

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Chapter 1: Just Another Day

"Dude, I swear if you hit that button one more time…" Sam told his older brother after the singing bass hanging on the wall of the restaurant finally stopped.

"It sings and dances! I swear, I can never get enough of these things…" Dean reached to press the button again but Sam slapped his hand down.

"You are way to easily amused." Sam muttered. Dean just shrugged and went back to eating.

"What do we got on this case?" He asked Sam, with his mouth still half full.

"String of girls, all young college students, and seem to have pretty innocent lives, all killed in their beds. But, the windows and doors in all of their houses were locked. So no one knows who could have gotten in or out with out someone noticing." The younger brother explained.

"Sounds like a succubus, but aren't those normally female? So why would they be attacking other girls…. Unless…." Dean trailed off.

"There can be male succubi I guess, and that is what this is looking like." Sam said.

"I guess we are going to check it out then… let's hit the road, where are we going?" Dean asked.


"I swear, Lindsay I know what this is!" She tried to tell her friend.

"You know what killed all those girls this past month? You know the murderer? Now that is scary…" Her friend teased her.

"Look, its right here in my book see!" She pointed to a word and the other girl read it.

"Succubus, a creature who seduces, and kills its victim." Lindsay read. "Oh Bella please. I know you are into this whole mythology stuff but you have to draw the line and cross over to reality every now and then."

"Yeah I know, but still, what if things like this did exist? It would make your job so much easier." Bella said.

Lindsay laughed.

"It's my future job, and yeah, finding out that paranormal creatures killed my victim, creatures that can jump buildings and fly and kill you just by looking at you, rather then slow, boring human beings… oh yeah, my job would be a whole lot easier." Lindsay said sarcastically.

Bella just sighed.

"Yeah ok you can be right this time. But I've got a class. See you later!" And Bella left her room and her roommate and went across the campus to her class.



"Welcome to the University of Florida." Sam said, looking at the campus.

"Dude, I think this could be my favorite job ever." Dean told him. "So when can we hit the beach?"

"Dean, people getting killed… supernatural creature involved?" Sam reminded. Dean just sighed.

"All work and no play makes Sammy a dull boy." He muttered.

"Shut up." His younger brother replied. Dean just rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Ok, let's go talk to these people." He said. "But after that, beach?"


The talked to some of the roommates and started to wonder why only one of the girls was getting killed instead of both. It almost made no sense. I mean sure, these were big dorms, almost like apartments. They weren't just your average two beds and a small kitchen. They all had 2 separate rooms, their own living rooms, and separate kitchens. They were nice.

"Where do you think this thing is going to strike next?" Sam asked as they walked out of one of the dorms, leaving the dead girls roommate in tears.

"I can take a guess and say somewhere in this building, since that seems to be the only place its going." Dean replied.

"So we stake it out?" Sam said.

"We stake it out." Dean confirmed.



"Oh come on, just come over tonight Bells, and bring your roommate, Lindsay. It will be fun! Some of the other guys are coming, and now that we are all legal, who knows?" The boy tried to flirt. But Bella wasn't having it.

"I have a test to study for, and Lindsay… well she isn't exactly a party girl." She denied.

"You two both need to have more fun! Come on, we only have like eight weeks until graduation and you have been turning me down all year." The boy told her.

"Well maybe that should tell you something Erik." Bella said, laughing a little. He just rolled his eyes and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Bella come on, look you don't have to do anything you don't want and you can leave whenever. But you just need to have more fun! Come on, in a couple weeks we are going to get thrown into the real world, and then how much fun can we have?" He said.

Bella thought. He was right. And he was cute. And it wouldn't hurt her or Lindsay to get out for one night. And her test tomorrow was in Ancient Mythology, something she could pass with ease. And, ok he was more then cute. He was perfection. Big blue eyes and dark curly hair, with skin that was flawless and a smile that could blind anyone. Not to mention his tall frame and perfect body.

She was almost what she would imagine a Greek god would look like. But there was just something about him that disturbed her. She couldn't pin point it, but no matter how much she wanted to be his friend, she just couldn't trust him.

"Ok, we will stop by." She caved, not wanting to argue anymore.

"Great, see you later." He said smiling before walking off. Bella sighed and walked back to her dorm.

"Lins? You here?" She yelled when she walked through the door.

"In my room!" The girl yelled back. Bella walked into her friends room and found her on her laptop, probably writing some research paper on how to solve a homicide.

"We are going out tonight. No discussion." Bella told her.

"Excuse me?" Lindsay asked, almost amused.

"Yep, now get ready." Bella demanded, walking out of the room. Lindsay followed.

"And when were you going to ask me?" Lindsay replied, obviously amused.

"Look, I don't want to go alone and you probably owe me one for something. And besides, it could be fun, and we don't have to stay late." Bella begged, really starting to want to go out tonight,

"Ok fine, but we leave by eleven, got that?" Lindsay said. Bella smiled.

"You're my favorite friend." She replied. Lindsay just rolled her eyes.

"Go get food, you're buying the Chinese tonight." Lindsay said as she went back to her room and started on the paper.


(Later that night Bella's POV)

We went to the party, ok it wasn't really a party. Just me and Lindsay and Erik and a few of his frat boy friends. Erik was trying to be smooth, hitting on and me Lindsay, especially after the beer kicked in. But then the feeling was back.

The feeling that told me something was wrong. I grabbed Lindsay at around ten thirty, telling her that I didn't feel good. She was just as ready to leave as I was and we went back to our dorm.

I showered, ate some left over Chinese, and she did the same, then we stayed up until around two, just talking about the night.

"Erik is cute, but he gives me this bad vibe… like, unsafe? And not in the good way." She told me.

"Yeah I know what you mean. Maybe he's just one of those people." I replied. But it felt like more then that. But I wasn't going to bother her with my whole supernatural suspicions anymore.

Then we went to sleep in our separate rooms. I loved these big dorms. They gave so much privacy but yet you could still bond with your roommate.

And that was perfect for Lindsay and me. Because we didn't necessarily need a lot of attention. We liked being alone, because we could work that way.

I fell asleep almost instantly, but I had terrible dreams. The ones that felt real and you keep wished you will just wake up, and then when you do, you are gasping for air and clinging to your pillow like it's a life vest with tears running down your cheeks.

But I quickly wiped them away and looked at my clock. It was almost noon. Which wasn't a problem since it was Saturday. I groaned and got out of bed.

But I didn't see Lindsay.

Normally she woke up way earlier then me. I got suspicious and knocked on her door.

"Lins? You awake?" I asked. But there was no answer. I knocked again. Nothing.

"Lindsay…" I said as I opened the door. But then I wished I hadn't.

Because there was my best friend, lying in a pool of her own blood.