Chapter 1


Orochimaru – 31

Naruto – 13

Sasuke – 14

Sakura – 13

Kakashi – 23

Iruka – 21

Sandaime - 49

Naruto was currently in the training grounds laying on the soft and fluffy grass. Today was the 1st Chuunin Exam. He was anxious.

'It would be an opportunity for my experience to grow.'

All of Konoha's population thought Naruto was weak. Well, it was actually a lie… a big one. He was stronger then any other jounin, his power rivaling a Sannin's, without Kyuubi's chakra.

Naruto's determination brought him there, and his natural skills. He was way stronger than Sasuke, yet, he didn't want anybody to know about his truly self. It amused Naruto to no end when no one ever saw behind his mask. Sasuke thought he knew a bit of Naruto's true face, yet, he made up that tiny part. No one knew him truly.

He switched his body to the left side, gazing at the training grounds. On team 7, Haruno Sakura, a weak kunoichi, had a big crush on Uchiha Sasuke, the last survivor of his clan, due to Uchiha Itachi, his older brother, swiping off the whole clan. Naruto never had a crush on Sakura, yet, he liked her in a way: she was kind and caring, even if she didn't show that to Naruto, he knew better. The rare times he saw her actually caring for Naruto were when they were in great danger. Of course, the most of her concern was for Sasuke. He didn't mind, at least, that few concern she had for him was enough.

Uzumaki Naruto… He never knew who his parents were, nor did he have the idea. He had to admit that his appearance was almost exactly as Yondaime's.

Tsunade (A/N: Tsunade is in the village, yet she isn't the Godaime, as Sandaime is still alive. She is just part of the council), one day, said to Naruto when he asked who his parents were, that she didn't knew, yet, when Naruto asked about Yondaime, her eyes left his and no word was exchanged between them about the subject.

He had to admit that he wanted to be Yondaime's son. Yondaime was Naruto's hero and curse at the same time. Hero because he saved the whole village by giving upon his life, and curse because he was the one to seal Kyuubi in him. For that, Naruto was always hated and many times beaten, yet he never attacked the villagers nor did he defend himself. He understood their pain, blinded now by rage. Kyuubi, the demon inside him was the one who killed all their loved and beloved ones, and he just couldn't bring himself to even lift a finger against the angry mob of villagers.

Naruto chuckled softly. He was indeed too kind hearted.

Lifting himself from the ground, he stretched himself like a cat and dashed to the local where team 7 was going to meet. He had a feeling that Kakashi was going to be on time today.

Since Naruto was an orphan, he lived alone for his entire life and never had love, not even from Iruka. He knew that the chunnin treated him to ramen, the rare times that were, as to inspect Naruto if he was going to go 'berserk' due to Kyuubi. Iruka was just trying to keep him in control.

As he arrived at the bridge, he already saw Sasuke there, sulking as always, with Sakura attached to his arm, trying non-stop to take him in a date with her. 'Just for her insistence I would go on a date with her.' Naruto admitted to himself.

A small 'pop' could be heard from where Kakashi was now standing, his only visible eye arched and the usual peace sign as a greeting.


"You're early, Kakashi-sensei." Naruto said.

"Ah, you know, today I have something for you." He delivered them a formulary to each other.

"What is this?" Sakura asked looking at the paper in mild interrogation

"The Chunnin's exam." Naruto almost rolled his eyes. It was written on the formulary and all. Couldn't she put a good use to her pink head and read?

Kakashi glanced at Naruto. He was expecting the blond-haired and blue-eyed loudmouth to ask that. "Yes, exactly. If you want to enter the Chunnin's exam, you three must fill in those papers and deliver them by noon to the Hokage's office."

"What if a member of the team doesn't want to take part in the Exam?" Again, the pink haired kunoichi asked.

"Then, the team can't enter. If one doesn't go, the others 2 won't either."

Sakura looked at her sensei thoughtfully. Then, she glanced at Sasuke. 'I have to enter, or Sasuke-kun won't ever like me and think I'm weak.'

"What are we waiting for? Let's go deliver these now!" Her high-pitched tones made Naruto grimace.


Sandaime looked thoughtfully at the 3 youths. One was arrogant and anti-social, another was irritating and one love side blinded and the other… well, he didn't knew him very well, but he could say that was a loudmouth and trouble maker.

Sandaime sighed.

"So? When do we start?"

The 3rd Hokage looked at the owner of the demanding voice and answered.

"Tomorrow at noon, Sasuke." He glanced at Naruto and saw him anxious about something. Well, he was always hyperactive active so he didn't found that odd.

"You're dismissed."

Team 7 left, one to the training grounds, other to the Uchiha mansion and finally… the pink annoyance following Sasuke.

"Kakashi" The man appeared from the shadows. "You know that they are too young and they don't have the required experience. It's too early."

"I assure you, Hokage-sama, that my team is ready. If not, what harm could bring them this exam?"

"You know what happened to those who weren't experienced or skilled enough." He eyed the jounin eerily. "Are you sure that you want them in the exams?"


"Very well. State your position."

"Team 7, composed by Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto, are under the name of Hatake Kakashi, elite jounin for the upcoming Chunnin Exams." He said in a breath. 'They are strong enough. I'm sure of it.'

Sandaime sighed again. "It's your decision. You're fully aware that Iruka won't consent to this immediately?"

"Hai. I have already thought about that. To prove Iruka and the others that are doubtful, I recommend a test to be made on my team, without them aware that it's actually a test."

"Interesting. That will be the best. Please do advance with your plan. I will be waiting for the results." He said more cheerful now. "You're dismissed."

With that, Kakashi teleported himself to talk to Iruka.


Naruto felt really weird. Like someone was following them, namely, Konohamaru and his crew. The blond activated his enhanced senses and tried to feel the presence of chakra or hear steps.

'Got you. Left side, 25 meters on the south.' He glanced at his 'fanclub' and immediately started scheming a plan as to not involve the younger ones. What he felt was even weirder. 'His presence isn't threatening. What is he thinking?' Due to his enhanced smell, he could determine if the person was male or female.

'Well, better go with the flow.' He acted like nothing was wrong and that no one was following them.

They were at the bridge when he saw the figure appear in front of them and grab Moegi, hooking her up to carry her. All that was like in slow motion for Naruto's eyes. Yet, he still needed to know his objectives. 'He doesn't seem to want to harm her.'

"What are you doing with Moegi?!" Konohamaru yelled.

"I'm going to take her with me." The man said. "If you give up from the Chunnin Exams I'll leave her alone."

"What are you talking abou…" Konohamaru was stopped by Naruto as he put his arm in front of him, a signal for him to shut up.

"What if we don't give up from the Exam?"

The man laughed bitterly. "Then, she will die." He dashed to the forest, still carrying Moegi. Her screaming could be heard as the man disappeared inside the forest.

"Naruto-niichan! We have to save her!!!"

"Konohamaru, you stay here. Udon, the same applies to you." Both were dumbfounded when they started at the local where Naruto had been 2 second ago.

Konohamaru glanced at Udon and spoke for themselves. "How did he…?"


Currently, the blue-eyed blond was jumping from tree to tree with unnatural gracefulness. 'Humph. Couldn't they act better?' Naruto knew that the man was sent to test his capacities since he said to give up from the Exam. 'I'm certainly sure that Sakura and Sasuke are being tested also. He couldn't be a foreigner ninja, even though his hitae-ate doesn't have a symbol, a foreigner ninja cannot enter the village without identification. Even if he found another way to enter Konoha, why bother so much just to make me and others drop the Chunnin Exam?'

He forced his chakra to his feet, making him faster then the wind. 'There he is. Kinda slow…' Naruto created a clone of himself and ordered him to keep chasing the unknown man, so that it would appear that Naruto was chasing him, while the real one would go ahead and set some traps.

'He has already catched me. Amazing speed.' The man landed on the ground with a soft 'thud' and picked the girl, tying her to the trunk of the tree with rope.

"Are you really going to run?" He asked what he presumed to be the real Naruto.

"You're kidding me? Who talked about running?" The clone of Naruto dashed at him with a kunai on his right hand, making the man start running again.

'Just as planned.'

When the unknown kidnaper reached between 2 trees, he fell face to the ground. It seemed that a nylon wire was attached to each tree. 'Damn, didn't saw that coming.'

The clone still running after him, catched him easily and started a taijutsu combat between both of them.

'He has all the basics of taijutsu also.' The man mentally smiled.

Real Naruto already had Moegi untied. He gently smirked when he saw her asleep. 'Probably too tired from trashing and screaming around.'

He glanced at his clone. 'No need to worry.' He sighed. 'Better leave already. Udon and Konohamaru must be worried.'

Again, his incredible speed made him as an orange blur.

The taijutsu combat was still occurring between the figure and the clone, the man having the advantage. Once he saw an opening on the left side, he kicked hard Naruto's side making him clutch the spot in pain.

'Not much of a fight.' He thought. Yet, his eyes grew wide as he saw the supposed real Naruto disappear in smoke with a popping noise.

This time, the smile reached his face. He glanced at the tree where Moegi was supposed to be and he chuckled softly. 'He created a clone to distract me, even more, a kage bunshin, as the real one concealed his presence and chakra perfectly and without a sound, saved the girl. Indeed, it may seem simple, yet, at the same time, is quite complicated. And he even came with that plan in a matter of seconds.' He chuckled again and teleported himself from the forest.


On the other side, Sasuke had a hard time with his enemy. The guy appeared from nowhere when he was walking to the Uchiha mansion and asked him to give up from the Exam or die. Eventually, he said he wouldn't give up and started fighting with the supposed man. He even had to use his 'goukakyuu - katon no jutsu'. In the end, he won. It was then he realized that the whole thing was pointless, as the man wasn't attacking his vital points. Yet, he couldn't determine what was the reason behind all this.


Sakura had the worst day of her life. She was Sasuke being stabbed with needles by a strange man, and she almost fell for it if she wasn't a bit good at genjutsu. She was also lucky that in her fear panic she noticed the flicker on Sasuke's supposed form due to the weak genjutsu user. In the end, she had dispelled the jutsu and as that, she had won. The other man was also a genjutsu.


"So, convinced, Iruka?" The same form of the man that tested Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura dispelled from the henge and in the same spot, Iruka was standing.

Iruka hated to admit it, yet he still pushed his pride apart and answered. "Hai. They all passed."

They were in the Hokage's office, including the Sandaime himself. "I presume the Uchiha heir was the one with the most remarkable results?" Sandaime asked.

Iruka responded with a restrained voice. "No." That brought Kakashi's attention.

"What? Then who was it? Sakura?"

Iruka sighed. "It was Naruto. He has demonstrated a great capacity of ability in speed, scheming and taijutsu, from what I have seen. He even fooled me." Even if Kakashi had his mask on, he still could see his shocked expression. "Kakashi, don't tell me you don't even know your students?"

"Well… I certainly wasn't expecting Naruto to be the best of his team. In all the missions I had with Team 7, Sasuke was the one who improved better then anyone. After all, he was the top student in the Academy and is the 2nd one in the rookie nine, as Hyuuga Neji is the 1st."

Sandaime curiously eyed Iruka. "Is there a problem, Iruka?"

"Well, as I've told you, Naruto's abilities are above his team's. What if he goes out of control? After all, he has the Kyuubi sealed in him."

Sandaime and Kakashi held a thoughtful expression. "You're right Iruka. Yet, I'm sure that Naruto isn't the kind of person who would put in danger Konoha and its people. I know him longer than you, Iruka." Sandaime stated.

"They are authorized to take the Exam, Kakashi. I hope you are proud of your team. Tomorrow by noon, I want them at the proper local."

"Wakarimashta, Hokage-sama. Then, I'll be going." Kakashi disappeared with his usual 'poof' sound.

"Iruka, you are too dismissed." Iruka nodded and disappeared, yet, through the door.

"Better fill up. I got much paperwork to do tonight." With that, Sandaime reached inside his desk's drawer and grabbed a bottle of sake.


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