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Chapter 8

«Not so lucky»

It had been 2 years. Two years since that day. Sometimes he wondered how Sakura and Sasuke were. Had they grown up? Was Sakura more mature? Was she the same annoying mosquito buzzing in your ear? Had Sasuke stayed the same, with his 'cool' attitude?

Naruto didn't know much about their current condition, but sometimes he would take a peek from the outside of Konoha. In the past 2 years, he had been trained, achieved a higher status and failed some missions. He also grew taller.

Naruto looked into the mirror. He couldn't remember how he looked like before. But, he remembered his face being rounder and smaller. His jugular was now more defined and his eyes were sharper.

He stepped out of the bathroom into his room. It was quite plain, only necessary furniture and no personal belongings. All of his stuff was still at his apartment. Or maybe it wasn't anymore. Maybe the village had burned all his clothes and objects.

Like he actually cared. He felt good here, in Orochimaru's lair. It sounded odd even to him. They had moved out to another place. He had learned that Orochimaru wouldn't stay more than a year in the same location.

He walked through the well illuminated corridors to the dinning room. There were already several people whom he knew at the long table. These were his favourite times: when they would all sit together during meal time. It was like a big family.

The door opened again and Orochimaru entered. Everyone rose from their seats and greeted him. Naruto, who was already standing, lowered his head in a greeting.

Orochimaru didn't say anything and sat at the end of the table. Naruto took a random seat and started eating. Today it was egg rolls, fried rice and miso soup. They had a very good cook in the kitchen.

Naruto glanced at Orochimaru and saw him eating gracefully his egg rolls with chopsticks. How he was able to do that, Naruto didn't know.

Some people chattered, but it not too loud. They were careful not to disturb Orochimaru's or anyone's breakfast. Although it was early in the morning, the people were already full of energy.

Some discussed today's missions. Others, who were more bashful, gloated about their hardest missions and how they succeeded in defeating their opponents at the last minute. Of course, Naruto knew they were dramatising several parts, but that's how interesting stories were created.

"… And just when he was about to pierce my heart with his katana, I managed to dodge it by a millimetre and swiftly slashed his throat. I didn't even have to use my chakra supplies to kill him, I only used taijutsu. And then…"

Naruto smiled at how silly some sounded.

"What will you do today, Uzumaki-kun?" Everyone treated him by his family name. Only Orochimaru used his first name.

He looked at Suigetsu with a small smile. "I was assigned to investigate Akatsuki from a distance."

"Akastuki? Maa… It's really hard to trace those bastards."

"Humph. I'm sure since it's Uzumaki-sama, he'll be able to do anything." Karin looked at him not so friendly. She seemed to admire Orochimaru, but she hated. It seemed Orochimaru favoured him. But Naruto couldn't see that. On the contrary, he was always pushed to his limits and never once had Orochimaru gave him signs of being pleased with him.

"I bet you'd be able to do it as well, Karin." His smile for her wasn't as true as his for Suigetsu had been.

She frowned at him and looked at her plate.

Suigetsu sighed. "Man, why are you always poking him, Karin?" The pink haired woman and the white haired man started to argue.

Naruto shook his head slightly at their antics. He ate his last egg roll and took a sip of his soup. It was delicious. The cook had exceeded himself this time. Naruto glanced at Orochimaru and he caught the man looking at him. He felt a little embarrassed whenever that happened.

Orochimaru closed his eyelids and rose himself from his seat. He walked out of the room and Naruto followed him. He didn't answer to Suigetsu's "Goodbye, Uzumaki-kun!"

He followed Orochimaru closely.

"Akatsuki is a very searched organization. Whoever knows of its existence knows how dangerous it is." He stared at Orochimaru's wide back.

"I need you not to fail. This is a most important mission. I will not accept any mistakes." Although 2 years had passed since they had met, almost nothing had changed between them.

"Hai, wakarimashta." Naruto had grown to be an educated man. Orochimaru had made sure of that. All the intense training had made him become more patient and rationalize a little bit more.

They had arrived at Orochimaru's office. There were many documents on the desk, divided in two neat piles.

Orochimaru took his seat and looked directly at Naruto with his golden piercing eyes.

"Naruto-kun…" sometimes he would feel like those eyes could see everything.

"I see you have adapted quite well. It's been two years since you've been here." Orochimaru joined his hands. "You've failed a couple of missions. And although you're a chuunin now, I don't see any progress in this last year. Your abilities remain the same."

"Hai…" That was because he had evolved too much on the first year, and now, on the second year, it was harder to see the difference.

"You know our agreement. Don't think I can't carry out my part because time has passed." Orochimaru narrowed his eyes slightly. "Uchiha-kun and Haruno-kun… their existences can be erased whenever I want. They may have grown a bit, but that's all to it. They're still the same weak children. Konoha has lost its most powerful weapon: you. Without you, Konoha can be destroyed."

Naruto lowered his gaze. That may be true, but he felt a little tired always having to worry about their safety. While he was tied up by this man, they were living their lives without a worry. "I will try harder."

Orochimaru sighed as if annoyed. "I don't want you to try. I want you to produce results. And you can show me those results by accomplishing this mission."

Naruto stared at Orochimaru. "Don't come back until you've succeeded."

'Don't come back…?' Something stabbed his chest. If he were not to come back, where would he go? Konoha had classified him as a missing nin. Everywhere he would go he had a price on his head.

He hadn't thought about that, not until now.

He clenched his teeth. Would he always be bound by Orochimaru?

"I will give you a week, at the most." Orochimaru lowered his eyes to the documents and started scribbling. Naruto knew he was dismissed.

A week would be impossible. He hated Orochimaru. Why was that guy so unreasonable? Akatsuki wasn't so stupid to let itself be found. If they could be traced in a week, then they would have already been discovered by others.

Naruto leaped from tree to tree. His black pants were comfortable enough to let him enjoy the travel. A matching long sleeved sweater clung to his chest in all the right places. His pouch, tied around his leg, contained shuriken, kunai and a scroll.

His black sandals made his every step lighter. He had grown used to this attire. It was elastic and allowed him to move fluidly. As time passed, he had come to like the black colour.

His hitai ate was slashed, a sign that he didn't belong to his village anymore.

"Let me think… Orochimaru had said that their base was around here." At least he got somewhere from where to start. There was a mountain ahead of him. The forest ended there. But, since he had been travelling for 2 days, he needed to rest. So tonight he would camp around the mountain.

"…There is someone with an identical chakra here." Sakura looked expectantly at Sasuke.

"Should we take another route, Sasuke-kun?" Sai asked his teammate.

"We'll search for its source." Sasuke ordered Sakura to take the right side of the forest and Sai the opposite one. He would go investigate the mountain.

Naruto woke up. His senses alarmed him of the presence of 3 people. Two were prickling his senses, a signal that they were very familiar. The other one he didn't recognize but he could feel it was strong.

His consciousness returned completely back to him when those 3 chakra patterns dispersed around the area. There was one approaching his location. Naruto quickly hid after a boulder and tried to mask his chakra signature and subdue his presence. Judging by the look of it, whoever they were, they had already noticed his presence.

'There's just one reason for someone to come to a remote place like this… We're after the same thing… Akatsuki." And whoever knew of Akatsuki was well informed and probably dangerous.

He drew a shuriken from his pouch. He could hear steps entering the cave. The only way for him to escape was to defeat the opponent or enter the deep cave. He had camped there because he wasn't expecting other people to come, but now it seemed his idea was working against him.

The steps were a bit heavy and they grazed the rocky floor without care. Such things told Naruto that the steps belonged to a man.

The chakra was now very near him. Why couldn't he recognize it? The name of the person was on the tip of his tongue, still…

The steps stopped. Naruto's sensitive audition heightened in anticipation. Some seconds passed and he grew a bit impatient. Naruto opted to attack first. He threw the shuriken and rolled to his right.

When his eyes connected to Sasuke's, he stood still in a crouching position. Sasuke too seemed to be at least surprised.

"Naruto…?" Sasuke glared at the blond. "What are you doing here?!"

Naruto's left eye twitched. "I should ask the same." Sasuke's dark eyes scanned Naruto's figure. He noticed all the changes on his former teammate. New found emotions rouse inside of him. Was it nostalgia? No, it was something darker, more dangerous.

Naruto rose. He stood steadily on his feet, prepared to charge at Sasuke if the other did so. Sasuke too had matured a bit. Although his face had remained almost the same, he was now taller than Naruto and his body was wider than before. It annoyed Naruto… it seemed that Sasuke had been leading a good life up until now. They hadn't even searched for him.

Suddenly, Naruto felt betrayed. These two years he had been suffering, went trough rough training sessions and risked his life on every mission. On the other side, Sasuke had leaded a privileged life without a care. He knew that, since he had taken a look at him and Sakura from time to time, making sure that Orochimaru kept his promise.

"You know, you're rouge nin now."

"Yeah, I know that."

"Since Sarutobi was killed, Tsunade assumed her position as the Godaime. And she ordered to capture you, alive or dead."

He narrowed his eyes and assumed a defensive stance. "And?"

"«And», you ask?" Sasuke advanced two steps. "In case you don't know, I and other ninja from Konoha have the duty to capture you." Sasuke smirked at him.

How that smug expression irritated him. He just wanted to wipe it of his face. Naruto noticed Sasuke's hand sliding to his back. He quickly reacted and took out 6 kunai and threw them at Sasuke with great force. Four of them were deflected by Sasuke's katana.

"You still have to learn how to throw a kunai." Sasuke's snide remark edged him.

Naruto didn't have the time to reply. Sasuke had charged at him with speed that matched his own. Naruto avoided his head being cut off by crouching the nearest to the ground, and he swiftly kicked Sasuke with both of his legs.

Sasuke was caught off balance; Naruto grabbed a kunai and was about to slash Sasuke's chest, but his attack was blocked by the raven's katana.

"Tch." Naruto's eyes glowed with fierceness.

"Don't forget, I've always been stronger than you… dobe." Sasuke's free hand formed a chidori.

Naruto's eyes widened at this new technique and he dodged the fist by a mere centimetre. He jumped backwards quickly managing again to avoid the sharp katana.

Sasuke seemed to lose his patience with him. It was Naruto's turn to smirk at him. "Could you repeat that once more?"

"Hum. What are you getting so cocky about? This is just the beginning. If you haven't noticed it, my teammates will be here in any moment. That way, I can slash that pretty skin of yours…"

A crease between his eyebrows formed. "What? Can't you do that alone? Have you lost your pride...Uchiha?" That seemed to tick Sasuke off. His former teammate replicated the odd technique. Naruto responded by creating a clone and forming the Rasengan on his right hand.

"I wish I had fucked your brains out when I could." Sasuke's words made his eyes widen, and they shocked him to the core. Because of that, he wasn't mentally prepared for the oncoming attack. His clone disappeared and he more protected himself from the chidori than he attacked full force.

The clashing of powers brought instability to the cave. The ground was rumbling powerfully and the ceiling was dangerously deforming. Even though it would have been safer and wiser for them to get out of the cave, neither of them did so.

Naruto looked uncertainly at the exit, but he couldn't back out. Sasuke wasn't even worried about the situation; he was more determined to overpower Naruto.

Naruto saw the glint of the katana wanting to slash his side, and in order to avoid it, he jumped backwards and cut the connection between the techniques. Due to the small earthquake, his body was out of balance and his back slammed against the wall. He was left open for any attacks, and because of that, Sasuke's chidori almost got his chest. Yet, he managed to avoid it at the last second by stepping to the side. He was glad he had such great reflexes.

When Sasuke's powerful attack connected to the wall of the cave, it was all it needed to start to crumble. Heavy rocks started to fall from the ceiling and Naruto and Sasuke had to enter the deep cave in order to avoid being crushed.

They both ran inside the darkness.

When Naruto was at a safe distance, he turned around and saw that a barricade made of huge boulders blocked the exit. It would be very hard to blast it, since it had a big depth. And, if he tried to blast it with his Rasengan, then more of them would break and fall from the ceiling.

Naruto felt a blow land on the back of his neck. He fell on his knees. His vision blurred and he was feeling dizzy.


"Don't turn your back on an enemy, baka." He heard the rustle of fabrics and his hands, which were supporting him, were tied behind his back. He fell forward and grazed his chin when the skin made contact with the rough floor. Although it was pitch black, his eyes grew accustomed to the lack of light. He could see in gray and white hues, due to Kyuubi's chakra.

"Oi! What are you doing?!" He deduced Sasuke could see as well as him because of the Sharingan. Or else, how could he know where his hands were?

He felt two chakra signatures ahead of them. They were probably Sasuke's teammates.

"They are too slow." Sasuke muttered in the darkness.

He could now recognize the other familiar chakra signature. It was Sakura. 'So, the one I can't identify must be a substitute for me.' A hand grabbed him by the hair and pushed him to a standing position. He grunted at the pain.

He was starting to lose the feeling of his hands. His wrists were tied too strongly.

A voice whispered right next to his ear. "I could fuck you right now, Naruto." His eyes enlarged and he stopped breathing for a second. He felt something wet and then a bite on his ear.

He was feeling disgusted by Sasuke. "What benefits would bring you if you did that?"

"It would help me with this…" An arm wrapped around his hips and he was pushed onto a strong chest. He felt Sasuke's hardness pressing onto his lower back. "Mmm, you feel so good, Naruto…" Sasuke's other hand sneaked up to his bottom and squeezed it hard.

Naruto bit his lower lip at the pain and humiliation. If only he could reach his pouch… "Have you descended so low you will have sex with anything that walks? Where's your Uchiha pride?"

He was roughly pushed on the ground. The impact knocked the air out of his lungs. He turned over and looked directly into red eyes. A foot pressed onto his ribcage. His ribs were almost breaking. "S-stop…" He brought his legs up and pushed Sasuke's aside. He coughed once and he jumped upwards.

"You can't defeat me. It will be better for you if you comply with it."

'You don't know me at all, do you?' With sheer strength, Naruto ripped the fabric and freed himself from the bonds. He took a kunai and a shuriken from his pouch.

Naruto created 5 clones and all of them attacked at the same time. But it was a useless effort. Sasuke created a massive fireball and aimed it at him, burning his clones on the way. He dodged the attack and jumped. While in mid air, he took out 8 kunais and threw them at Sasuke.

Sasuke's eyes widened. That skilful way of throwing kunai was just like… Where had Naruto learned to throw them so well? Just like his aniki.

The Sharingan user dodged them with ease. Naruto grinned at him and he moved his fingers. A kunai stabbed Sasuke on the back. The raven winced at the pain and used his katana to cut the wires connecting the kunai to Naruto's hands.

"I see. Not too bad." Sasuke cringed when he pushed the kunai out. He dropped it to the ground. "But, not too good either."

Naruto was taken back when Sasuke had disappeared for a moment. Had his vision ceased to see in the darkness? After a second, Sasuke appeared behind him. Taken by surprise, Naruto leapt into the air when the katana was about to tore him in half, but the tip of the blade still managed to cut his left side.

He put a hand on the wound to evaluate the bleeding. It wasn't heavy, so Kyuubi should be able to heal it within no time. And he was right… the wound had already started to close. Yet the wound didn't even finish healing and Sasuke was already trying to slash him. He blocked the attacks but a katana was much more powerful and heavier than a kunai.

'The sharpest blade wins.' He concentrated his wind chakra flow to the kunai and now was able to fight on equal terms. At least before Sasuke copied his idea and his katana was now covered in lighting.

When the blade came down on him again, Naruto stopped it with his kunai. The moment they touched, a wave of lightning electrocuted his body. Naruto screamed in pain as every nerve of his body felt the shock.

His legs couldn't support him and he fell on all fours.

"Did you like that, Naruto? You'll like more what's to come."

He felt a kick on his back. He was forced to lie flat on his chest. The katana pierced his right arm and Sasuke forced the blade deeper into the ground.

"Aaaahhhh!" The pain was too much. He tried to move a bit, but the more he moved, the more the blade cut his flesh.

Sasuke grabbed his hair and pushed his head backwards. "I've always liked this bright hair of yours. It's a nice colour." The voice sounded too sweet to Naruto's ears.

"And I've always wanted to hear you scream under me…" His pants were yanked down. Naruto squirmed and tried to reach with his left hand inside his pouch.

"I don't think so."

A kunai stabbed his hand and dug into the ground, rendering his arms immobile.

"Aaarghhh!" He gritted his teeth in extreme pain. "Why…"

He could hear Sasuke taking his clothes off. "Do you remember? When you stabbed your hand and made a vow to yourself… that you'd stop relying on others and protect yourself?"

"Why aren't you able to protect yourself, Naruto?"

Sasuke grabbed his thighs and lifted his hips higher. Naruto winced at the movement. His flesh was being cut by both blades. He grimaced at his embarrassing position.

"You're so fucking perfect, Naruto." Sasuke's voice was raspier than before.

"Stop this! Why do you want to fuck a guy?" Naruto tried to convince him that what he was doing was wrong.

Sasuke seemed to be ignoring him when he spread his buttocks apart. The raven glanced at Naruto. He was bloodied and panting, spread open to his mercy. His face was contorted in pain. How he loved that expression on him.

He felt Sasuke position himself at his entrance. The tip was hot and pulsating. It revolted him. Sasuke tried to force himself in, but Naruto tightened his muscles, preventing him from being penetrated.

"You better relax, Naruto. I can do this by force if I want." Sasuke kept insisting.

"Aren't you already forcing me? Guh… stop it! Weren't you with Sakura?!" He was more than glad when his former teammate stopped.

"Me? With Sakura?" Sasuke chuckled. "That bitch was a mere distraction. She kept ranting on how much she loved me and how good in bed I was."

"Honestly, it was getting annoying." Sasuke's smooth hand caressed his skin almost lovingly. He felt the raven's chest on his back. He whispered on his ear. "Isn't it more fun to take someone unwillingly?"

"You sick fuck." Naruto tried to kick Sasuke off him, but his ankles were grabbed his strong hands.

"Do you want me do to the same I did to your hand? Now, hold still for a bit. I'll make you scream for me…"

Sasuke's shaft was almost breaking through him. 'No… I don't want this…' Tears formed at the corner of his eyes. He was going to break him, to take all of his dignity as a male in one stroke. Was this the guy whom he had called a teammate and sold himself to Orochimaru to save him?

Naruto heard loud sibilant noises. They were coming from the depths of the cave. He heard Sasuke scream and Naruto sighed in relief when his dignity wasn't shattered. He couldn't feel the weight of Sasuke's body on him, for which he was more than glad. He turned his head carefully so as to not push the katana deeper inside his arm.

He would have laughed if the situation had allowed him to. Several snakes were crawling to Sasuke's direction and they bit him anywhere they could. While Sasuke was distracted chopping the snakes off of him, Naruto painfully ripped his hand from the kunai. His tears fell and he grunted loudly. He relinquished in the feeling of Kyuubi healing the hole.

He pulled the katana out of his shoulder blade. Blood gushed from the wound. He saw something at his feet. "You…!" The snake he had found at the forest during the Chuunin Exams was looking at him with its yellow eyes.

Naruto smiled at the snake. "Thank you for helping me! Although, I don't have any idea from where you came from…"

He pulled the last kunai out of his pouch and sent it flying to Sasuke's leg. The cry he heard indicated that he had hit the bastard. That would make it harder for him to move.

He turned around and picked the snake up. It had grown and because of that it was harder to carry it. He created a clone and formed the Rasengan with his uninjured hand. He didn't care if he blasted the entire cave; he wanted to get out of it.

"Rasengan!" He hit the wall on his left and the ceiling started to fall. He looked backwards towards Sasuke, watching him dodge the falling boulders. When the Sharingan user glared at him, Naruto didn't felt any remorse for letting him there.

He kept his chakra flowing to the Rasengan so he could keep the technique longer while he excavated his way out. He wanted to avoid Sakura at all costs.

He looked upwards and he had to jump forward to avoid a descending rock crushing him. He applied more force into his technique as a small stripe of light indicated he was near the end.

The rays of light hit his face and he ran inside the forest.