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Yusuke, Kuwabara and Kurama (aka: Suichi Minamino) were walking down the street on a warm sunny day, enjoying one of the few times when they weren't off trying to save the world rom evil psychotic demons bent on destroying it or its inhabitants. Even Hiei, who was normally nowhere to be seen on such days, was leaping from tree to tree at their sides, out of sight to the general populace and listening intently to the conversation taking place on the street down below.

"So, Keiko is in America visiting her grandmother?" Suichi asked Yusuke.

He nodded, a slight scowl on his face. "Yeah. It kinda sucks to tell you the truth. I mean, I'm happy she's not dragging me around shopping and all, but I do kinda wish she was here to spend some time with me on my day off."

Kuwabara smiled. "I'm sure she won't be gone long, Urameshi. But at least my Yukina's still close. I'm gonna go to Genkai's shrine later on and give her a visit."

Yusuke smirked at him. "Have you convinced her to go on a date with you yet?"

He shook his head. "Not yet. But I'm working on it."

The two of them looked at Kurama. "What about you? Any lady love in your life yet?"

The fox demon shook his head, a half smile playing on his lips. "No. I have many ladies after me, but I am afraid I have chosen to be rather picky about whichever woman I will eventually decide to be with."

Kuwabara blinked. "How come? I mean... you've gotta have women eatin' out of your hand, Kurama. Why be so picky?"

"For one, if I decide to engage in a romantic relationship, I want it to be a serious one... not a one night stand, although Youko could care less about matters such as that. And since I am seeking a serious long term relationship, that means I must find a woman who will not mind my absences when I do my work for Koenma. Also, because of my frequent absences, I will have to find a woman who has no history of premiscuity. It would not do for me to be with a woman who sleeps in another man's bed while I'm out killing demons."

Yusuke grinned. "And you want her to be beautiful, right?"

He grinned back a little ruefully. "Well, although physical appearance is not at the top of my list, it would help. It would be nice to be with a woman who was pleasing to the eye."

Kuwabara put his hands behind his head. "I guess Yusuke and I kinda lucked out. I mean... he and Keiko have been friends since they were little kids, and she knows about the Otherworld. Yukina's an Ice Maiden, so that solves my problems... but it's actually pretty hard to find women with all those qualities, ya know?"

"And it's not as if I have all the time in the world to locate one, either," Kurama said a little dryly. "However, I am sure that I will eventually find a woman who meets those primary requirements and..."

Before he could complete his sentence, Hiei was out of the tree and cutting them off. "Do you guys feel that?" he hissed.

The three of them stopped in their tracks and felt out with their senses. They stiffened as one as they felt what he had. It was spirit energy, and it was rising VERY quickly.

Yusuke looked around himself. "I feel it, but where's it coming from?"

His question was answered seconds later when an enormous explosion ripped through a residential area about fifteen blocks to the west of where they were. They could see a large arch of light blue aura as it reared into the sky, and the collapse of buildings, crunching of vehicles, and people screaming in terror.

The aura died out as quickly as it had showed up and they stood where they were, looking on in the direction of the disturbance in shock.

"What... what was THAT?" Kuwabara asked, his eyes enormous.

Kurama shook his head. "I don't know, but we should go find out right now. If the city is under attack by a demon with that much power, then it won't be long before the entire city is left in ruin."

Nodding in agreement, the four of them rushed off, heading toward the residential neighborhood, passing by many people as they were running in the opposite direction. People of all ages... women and children, husbands and senior citizens, all of them absolutely terrified and confused.

As they were nearing the outskirts of the destroyed area, a voice rang out. "Hey!! Guys!! Hold up a minute!!!"

They stopped in their tracks as Botan came down to them. "As you can imagine, I'm pretty busy right now, but Koenma told me that bringing you to him was top priority."


She bristled slightly. "I'll have you know that his reasons for seeing you are directly related to what just happened here! Things are not what they seem."

Kurama looked at her. "So... the city isn't under attack then?"

She shook her head. "Nope. I'd explain it to you myself, but I have a lot of work to do. Over five hundred people were killed and I have to escort them. I'm just going to teleport you guys to the Palace and then leave you be."

Kuwabara didn't look like he wanted to follow her anywhere, and just wanted to run into the area and see what was up for himself, but Yusuke shook his head at him in silent warning. If Koenma was stopping them after so many obvious deaths, then the runt must have a reason for it. The least they could do was hear him out since they had been assured that it was NOT an attack.

Hiei scowled deeply, but nodded as well, and with that affirmation, Botan teleported them all to the Palace.

She looked at them. "You know the way! He's in the throne room! I'd stay but I've gotta run before the spirits get freaked without their guidance! Later guys!"

She poofed out of sight without another word.

Kurama looked at them all. "Well, I suppose we should go see what the deal is. I really want to know what the cause of all the commotion was."

Nodding, the others all followed.

When they entered the throne room, they saw ogres swarming every which way in a frenzied panic, while Koenma was being handed pamphlets and folders and had people whispering or muttering in his ear every couple of seconds. The infant looked about ready to have a total temper tantrum before he noticed them standing in the doorway, taking in the sights.

He let out an enormous sigh of relief. "You're here! Thank you!!!!"

Hiei had his arms crossed. "Do you mind explaining why you called us here when we were about to investigate an unexplainable explosion that killed hundreds of innocent humans?"

The infants relieved look turned irritated. "I called you here because if you had just run on in there, you would have gone in with the wrong idea in mind and gone killing anyone that seemed to be unusually strong, when the fact of the matter is, this whole incident was actually nothing more than a VERY unfortunate and terrible accident."

Kurama blinked. "An accident? I don't understand, Koenma. We all clearly felt someone's aura... it was coming from a person, not some unrelated outside source."

The toddler nodded. "You are correct again, Kurama. The disturbance WAS caused by a person... however, as mentioned earlier, the person is not directly at fault."

Yusuke looked ready to explode. "What the hell are you talking about? Did this person cause the explosion or didn't he? And why? If it was caused by that person, if it was that person's aura, then how can you say it's not their fault?"

The expressions on all their faces told the Prince that they were all wondering the same thing.

He sighed. "Well, it's a little complicated, but I'll try to explain. You see... every once in a while, a human is born with an unusually high amount of spirit energy within them. THese are incredibly rare instances in which demons are not a part of the human bloodline... at least so far we have not been able to trace any blood to her bloodline..." Then he shook his head and continued, not seeing Kurama and Hiei's eyes spark in interest when he said 'her'.

"So it's one of these rare humans that caused the incident?" Kuwabara asked, blinking in slight confusion.

Koenma nodded. "Yes. But there is far more to it than that." He hesitated, clearing his throat as he started leafing through some files. "This is a situation that must be treated delicately. I have had my people finding any and all information they can find on this girl since the incident occurred twenty minutes ago, and we already have an enormous amount of her history. Unfortunately, none of it is good."

Hiei looked at him. "She a troublemaker?"

The toddler's eyes went huge and he shook his head. "Oh, goodness, no. In fact, her slate is clean in the behavoral department. But she has experienced nothing but pain her entire life." He leafed through the pamphlets. "Abandoned at birth, she was found discarded in a trash heap in southern Tokyo, parents were never found, placed in an orphanage immediately and given the name Kiarra by the head nurse. She spent all her seventeen years in and out of orphanages, on and off the streets, and experiencing various forms of abuse from most of the 'homes' she was placed in. She learned early in her life that if she displayed anger of any sort or defiance, it would bring her nothing but greater physical pain, so she learned to mentally lock away that anger and hatred that she felt. And, of course, anger and hatred are the emotions most commonly used to unlock spirit energy."

Kurama frowned slightly. "I think I know where this is giong. So, something caused this girl to snap, is what you're saying? She experienced something that unleashed her anger and it also unleashed her chi?"

Koenma nodded with a sigh. As he nodded, two ogres wheeled in a large movie screen.

"It might be easiest if you see for yourselves exactly what happened. Kiarra was living with another foster family who took her in from the West End Orphanage last week... and, the man of the family is especially abusive... or was in any event. As you can see from the interior view of the house, he was giving her a beating... for breaking a dish of all the stupid reason," he added with noticable contempt as the scene unfolded. The girl was crouched in a corner, a large man in his early forties screaming at her and kicking her none too gently. Her eyes alternated from being wide in fear, and shut tight in pain. But that pained look started to look angry as they watched.

The girl suddenly stood upright, her expression furious. "I SAID STOOOOPPPP!!!!" she screamed. The instant the words were out of her mouth, all hell broke loose.

The woman's back arched and her eyes went wide as the pupils vanished, the whites of her eyes glowing a faint blue as her platinum blonde hair flailed out wildly as if in a wild breeze. Then that aura exploded forth with a power that was terrifying and the image immediately blinked to an outward view of the home, from far up in the air. From this bird's perspective, they saw a quaint suburban family home explode outward with enormous force, and her blue aura stretching out in all directions, somewhat resembling the appearance of an A-bomb. It stretched out for five blocks in all directions, destroying everything and everyone in its path... the people in their homes, the children on the streets, the cars and the people inhabiting them. Upon having another close up of the girl, they saw that her expression and position hadn't changed at all. She looked as if she were in a trance of some sort, obviously not in any control at all.

And then, as they watched, the energy tapered off and the woman fell in a heap amongst the rubble that used to be the home. She lay there for a moment before she slowly lifted her head and her eyes went enormous in total shock and terror. Her adopted father had been vaporized by the blast and there wasn't anything left of the house larger than a match.

She scrambled to her feet, swayed with dizziness for a moment, and fell to one knee ass he trembled in terror, her eyes going blank in shock as she surveyed thed amage about her. Trears started to brim in ehr eyes as she looked at her hands in confusion and mounting fear. She was on the verge of hyperventalating when she realized that she had been the one to cause all of this destruction, filled with terror at what she had done, as well as confusion and overwhelming guilt when she realized that she had killed many people and she didn't even know how or why.

Through the image, they heard the wailing of approaching sirens and her head jerked up, her eyes going positively enormous. She shook her head as she scrambled to her feet and just shot off as quickly as she could go, tears streaming down both of her cheeks now as all she could think of was to get away from here as quickly as she could.

As she vanished amongst the rubble, the image died and the screen stood alone once more.

Koenma looked at them to guage their reactions to the scene they had just witnessed.

Hiei's eyes flickered slightly with surprise and perhaps even a little sympathy, but it was gone before the Prince could even be sure it was there in the first place. It was nothing more than an emotionless mask in the blink of an eye.

Yusuke's expression showed sympathy and mounting anger, having witnessed the abuse the innocent girl had been experiencing at the hands of a man who was supposed to show her love and protection.

Kuwabara looked totally shocked, more than a little sympathetic, and his teeth gritted together as he, too, remembered the pain the man had been giving her.

And Kurama's expression was deeply sympathetic as he had watched the scene play out from beginning to end. But his mouth was set in a thin line, showing his own anger.

Koenma nodded to himself, satisfied that they saw the severity of the situation as well as the reasons why the Prince had stopped them from engaging in their initial investigation.

"If I had allowed you to run in there the second it had happened, you would have sensed her power and immediately attacked, not knowing that she was not the one at fault. She simply has no control over her newfound abilities and right now she is very much alone and positively terrified of her own power. She has no idea what it is or how to control it, and she is devestated, knowing that she was the one responsible for the death and destruction that took place. Kiarra is a VERY kind and self-conscious young woman, who up until this point never even hurt a fly, as far as we can tell. And yet throughout her life, she has experienced nothing but pain and great suffering at the hands of the people who were SUPPOSED to love and care for her. She never intended for this to happen, and as you must know by now, she's not even sure HOW it happened in the first place. She doesn't deserve to be punished for what happened. She doesn't need to be killed for what she inadvertedly did. What she needs is HELP. And we are the only ones who can do that for her. Do you understand that now?"

Even Hiei nodded as they regarded him.

He sighed in relief. "I will send you to find and bring her here in a few moments, but before that, there are just a few more details that I should tell you. First off... she is NOT a strong human. Her body is too weak to stand the power she just unleashed, so she will be weak and, more than likely, in some degree of pain. I don't think I also have to tell you that other demons more than likely felt her energy and will now seek her out themselves. So it's urgent that you find her as quickly as you can. And also..." His expression was very serious now. "Remember... just because she is weak now, doesn't mean she's not dangerous, even though she doesn't want to be. Now that she unlocked the power with her rage, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it was unleashed again with fear. Approach her with caution and make sure she knows you do NOT intend to harm her. Fear is a defensive response and if her power unleashes itself again, it might do so in a far more devestating way than before. So be careful."

They all nodded as one and Koenma sighed again. "All right. Botan's a little busy right now, so I'll get another reaper to teleport you back to earth." A woman with violet hair stepped into the room. "This is Marrissa. She will bring you to the scene of the incident and it will be up to you to track Kiarra from there."

The four of them nodded and approached the girl who wordlessly opened a portal for them, leading them back to Earth. When they were there, she looked at them.

"I'd stay and help, but I have to help Botan. I'm sure you can find Kiarra on your own and know how to contact us once you have. You're to bring her to Koenma's palace once you have found her."

Yusuke nodded. "No problem. Thanks, Marrissa."

She nodded and popped out of sight once more, leaving the four of them to figure the rest out for themselves.

All eyes were on Kuwabara. "Do you sense anything, Kazu?" Yusuke asked.

The boy frowned and looked around. "I think so. It's almost like a trail or something... of energy. It's heading off that way," he said, pointing down a street leading out of the chaotic scene.

Kurama nodded. "Youko can sense it as well. It appears to lead back to the scene of the incident, so I believe this trail will lead us to Kiarra."

"Hn. So let's go find her then."

Nodding, they headed off, following the trail. Letting Kuwabara and Kurama lead them.

They passed by many people on the way, most of which were staring slack jawed at the devestation and trying to figure out what had caused it. There were some people with minor injuries from the debris, but they didn't seem to require immediate attention.

After a moment, Kuwabara spoke up. "I can feel her! She's only a couple blocks ahead!!"

Kurama nodded. "Then let's hurry up and catch up with her."

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