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Less than an hour later, Kiarra was dressed in a new t-shirt (one that was baggy, so it covered her physical attributes), and a new pair of jeans. Her hair had about an inch cut off the ends, ridding her of her split ends, and was parted in the middle, leaving her face exposed, although she consciously tried to conceal her features behind strands of her hair, not wanting others to see her face.

Kurama saw this display of self consciousness and sighed inwardly. It would take him some time, but he was determined that this girl was going to be openly flaunting her natural beauty and filled with confidence before her training was done. She just needed to learn to trust again.

She was walking alongside them quietly, looking at displays in the windows, trying to get a feel of what sort of clothes she would like. It seemed that she liked dark or neutral colors the most, and she wound up getting everything either black, white, or dark blue, shying away from the bright colored clothes that were being offered for sale.

Kiarra had stopped to look at some shoes that were displayed in a window, contemplating buying a pair, when she heard a voice behind her.

"Kiarra? Is that you?"

Hiei looked at her expression and his eyes narrowed dangerously when he saw her eyes go wide and her face go white. The girl whirled to face a boy who was about three or four years older than she was, dressed in blue jeans, a black t-shirt, hand short cropped black hair, and a pierced eyebrow.

He had a smile on his face, but something about it set the Rekai Tentai's nerves on edge. "Hey, it IS you!" He came forward and took her by the hand. "Ya know, you vanished on us. Where did you go? Me and Dad've REALLY missed you..."

Kiarra's expression was the look of one haunted, her eyes glazed over as she could only stare. She couldn't bring herself to speak. Yusuke and Kuwabara's teeth started to grind together, not entirely sure what was going on, but knowing she was obviously terrified of this guy. Kurama had a deep frown on his face.

Hiei suddenly had a series of images flash from Kiarra's mind to his own, and that was all the incentive he needed, aside from the fact that he felt her power slowly starting to stir within her.

Before the other three could make a move, Hiei had grabbed the boy, tearing his grip from Kiarra and slamming him into the wall. His sword was out of its sheath before anyone could so much as blink, and the blade was up against the boys throat.

Their eyes all went huge, and Kiarra took a couple steps back both in shock and relief.

"Hey, what the fuck?!" the boy said, but whatever else he might have been inclined to say died when he saw the cold, murderous glint in Hiei's eyes.

"Let me make something painfully clear for you, ningen... If you EVER attempt to contact this woman again, I will not hesitate to remove your head! This is your one and only warning, so I suggest you leave us now!! And believe me... mine is not an idle threat!!"

The man went white. "O... okay, buddy! You got it! I'll stay away from her! If I'd know she was yours now, I wouldn't have..."

Hiei snarled immediately, his brows furrowing in anger as he slammed the boy down onto the sidewalk now. "She doesn't BELONG to anyone!! Don't forget that!!"

The man's expression showed that he heard the message loud and clear. "Alright, alright!! I won't come near her again!!"

Hiei got to his feet and continued to glare at the man as he scrambled to his feet and shot off down the street.

Kiarra had a hand over her heart as she let out a sigh of relief. Yusuke came up beside her, his eyes following the boy as he vanished in the distance.

"Who the hell was that asshole?"

Kiarra blinked, hearing the question. "Just... someone I've been trying to forget," she said simply, seeing no reason to elaborate.

Hiei's eyes were now on her, but she quickly looked away from his gaze.

Kurama decided to leave this one lie for now, not wanting to press into matters that might backfire later. He laid a hand on her shoulder gently and gave her a smile. "Well, I say we get you a pair of shoes and then head back to the temple. It's getting late now, and you'll need your rest for tomorrow."

She sighed, evidently very much relieved to hear these words. "Alright." She quickly entered the store, the boys right at her heels. She came out only ten minutes later, having a new pair of shoes.

Yusuke grinned. "Hey, I wouldn't mind shopping with you more often... Most of the girls I shop with spend 90 of their time in the change room and it's hours before we get out of a store... but you got all your clothes in less than an hour!"

She cast a half glance his way. "My families were... impatient," she said quietly, again not wanting to elaborate.

Yusuke and Kuwabara exchanged a look, hearing those words, and both frowned thoughfully, but decided it would be best not to press her anymore. The look that Hiei sent their way supported their decision to not ask for further details.

Once they had finished shopping, they headed back to the temple.


When they had returned, they saw repair crews finishing up for the day, and telling Genkai that they would be finished the job in the next couple of days. She simply nodded and they went on their way, as she turned and saw the others returning. She stepped up to them immediately, giving Kiarra a small smile.

"The damage wasn't as bad as we thought. It won't take them as long as I figured it might for them to repair the walls." Then she clasped her hands behind her back and regarded them. "So, how did the shopping go?"

Kurama nodded. "It went well, Genkai. We got her everything she needs."

She nodded. "Good." She looked at Kiarra once more. "You be sure to get plenty of sleep tonight. Your training is starting tomorrow."

The girl nodded silently.

Yusuke grinned along with Kuwabara. "Well, let's get your stuff up to your room," he said, the both of them holding shopping bags filled with her clothes and accessories.

She nodded silently once more and started off, the two boys right behind her.


Hiei and Kurama went to walk around in the gardens outside the temple. The kitsune looked at the koorime curiously. "That boy that approached Kiarra... was he one of the ones who hurt her?"

Hiei scowled deeply. "He and his father both. The moment she set her eyes upon him, she was paralyzed with fear, and images from her past came from her mind to my own. The things that the two of them did to her left even me feeling sick."

Kurama frowled. "If that is the case, then I have a feeling I don't want to know myself what it was that..."

"You're right. You don't," Hiei said quickly, cutting off whatever else he had been about to say. Then he turned and looked up to the second level, seeing through the balcony window to Kiarra's room. The girl was putting her clothes away and saying goodnight to Kuwabara and Yusuke, the two boys hovering in the doorway for only a few moments before they left.

Kurama looked on with him, and then cast a glance in Hiei's direction. The koorime's eyes were hard as he looked at her unwaveringly, his expression very serious. "Hiei?"

"Hn. Her training will start early tomorrow and her thoughts are everywhere right now. She won't sleep well without help."

Kurama nodded. "Alright. I'll put together a tea for her that will allow her..."

"No," Hiei cut in. "I'll take care of it. Besides, she's likely to gag from the taste of one of your concoctions. My Jagen Eye will at least keep her from possibly losing her lunch."

Kurama blinked in surprise, looking at the fire demon, and then he let a small smile come to his face. "As you wish. I will give mother a call, and go to bed, if that is the case. I will leave Kiarra in your capable hands, Hiei."

He turned and started off, Hiei staring after him, his eyes narrowing slightly at the implication behind the kitsune's words. He scowled and looked back up at the balcony and into her room. She had just shut off the light and he could barely make out her form as it headed out of sight towards the corner of the room where her bed was located.


Kiarra sighed, shutting off the light to her room, and using the light coming through the balcony window to guide her to her bed. She pulled back the covers and climbed in, trying to get herself to calm down.

What a time for her to come face to face with a member of one of her former families! And especially THAT family!! She shivered, a brief flurry of images invading her mind, memories she had tried to suppress for years coming to the surface. She stubbornly fought them back and took in a steadying breath.

It had been Hiei who had saved her, and she had never felt so much relief before in her life. She had no idea what might have happened if he hadn't stepped in the way that he had. The way he had acted, it almost seemed as if he KNEW what Genjo and his father had done to her...

She blinked, something Hiei told her the night before coming back to her.

"It's called a Jagen Eye and it grants me additional abilities and increases my strength. One of those abilities is to directly connect my mind to another persons."

Her eyes went wide, the memory returning to her. Did Hiei know? Was it possible that he had SEEN the images as they flashed through her mind? Could he read her thoughts?

"Does that bother you?" said a familiar voice from the foot of her bed.

Kiarra let out a screech of alarm, sat bolt upright, and saw Hiei standing there, his strange red eyes upon her. She breathed a small sigh of relief before she blinked again, realization hitting her. Her eyes went wide and she felt her stomach drop.

"You mean... you CAN read my mind?! You actually KNOW about...?" She couldn't finish framing the question, but Hiei understood what she was asking nontheless and nodded.

"Yes. When my mind was connected to yours last night, I learned of the specifics of your past. And today, when that boy approached you, your mind was projecting the images very strongly. I do know, Kiarra. And I'll ask again... Does that bother you?" His eyes were looking at her unwaveringly.

She shivered under their intense gaze and held herself close. "It's just... I'm not used to it... To people knowing, that is." She managed to smile weakly. "I guess it's just something I'll have to get used to."

Hiei looked at her for a long moment in silence and then stepped around to the side of her bed. She stiffened slightly and he snorted.

"Hn. I've told you before, I'm not going to hurt you. I used to be a thief and I've even killed many times before, but never before have I treated a woman in the manner that you have been treated. And I have no intentions of starting now. You can relax."

She forced herself to calm down, taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly. "Did you... tell the others?" she asked quietly.

He was quiet for a long moment once more. "It was necessary. In order for us to help you, we have to understand you, Kiarra. We have to know what it is that you've been through. But before you ask, I didn't tell them anything specific or graphic."

She only nodded silently, knowing there was no point in being upset over that issue. It had only been a matter of time before they had found out anyway, she supposed. She blinked when she felt the edge of her bed depress as Hiei sat down, and her heart leaped into her throat when she felt his unnaturally warm hand touch her cheek. She looked up, her eyes wide and she saw his own red eyes drilling into hers. His expression was serious, displaying no emotion.

"You need your sleep, and your mind is too active tonight for you to do that on your own. That's why I came to see you. Your training starts tomorrow and you need to be rested for it. Just lay down and relax."

Kiarra almost hesitated, but then sighed inwardly. He already knew about what she had been through, so it didn't matter anymore anyway. And if he had wanted to do anything to her, he most certainly would have done it by now. She was surprised to find that she believed him... that she was starting to trust him.

She layed down silently, and she felt his hand move from her cheek up to her temple once more. She watched as he removed the headband, revealing his third eye. She closed her eyes, feeling a chill race down her spine. After a few seconds had passed, the world spun away from around her, and she fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Hiei looked down at Kiarra's soundly sleeping form for a long moment, replacing the headband he had just removed. So now she knew that they were all aware of her life circumstances. He wondered if that would affect her behavior around them in the future, and decided that they were just going to have to wait and see.

A lock of her platinum hair fell before her eyes and he reached forward, brushing it away from her face. Then he paused, his eyes widening slightly.

What the fuck? He growled deep in his throat. He had done what he had intended to do. She was sleeping and would be well rested for her training tomorrow. There was no reason for him to remain here. So why the hell was he lingering?!

He stood up once more and made his way to the balcony, taking a last glance back at the woman. He stopped again in spite of himself. She looked so frail... helpless, lying there asleep. But at the same time, she had so much power locked within her that if she were able to unleash it at will, she could easily have killed Toguro with a little to spare. She had so much power, but no idea how to use it... in fact, was afraid of it...

Hiei growled again, shaking his head. What the fuck was wrong with him?

He forced himself to turn away and vanished from her balcony, intent on finding a tree to sleep in for the night.

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