The Power of Hope part 1

The Power of Hope part 1

Many years have passed for the digidestined and the human-digimon. Felicia, Tai and Sora's daughter, is nine. Felicia doesn't take from Tai nor Sora, but a mixture of both. Tai and Sora tried putting her in soccer camp once and she when Felicia came back, she said she would never play soccer again. Just recently, she developed a liking for tennis and she does like to help Sora in the flower shop, except that it makes her sneeze. She's more like her Aunt Kari, because she's always saying she wants to be just like Kari when she grows up.

Mimi gave birth to twin girls, identical in looks, but non-identical in behavior and attitude, they are seven. Phoebe takes after Mimi, wears a lot of pink and red, acts like a princess, and sometimes she even wears the pink hat Mimi wore! Kat, however, takes after Matt. (I came up with the idea of their names, they sound the same: Mimi: Phoebe; Matt: Kat.) She play the harmonica very well, learning the guitar a bit and even styles her hair the same. They both have blue eyes and light brown hair, only Phoebe's is long and curly, like Mimi's, and Kat's is short, spiky and wild, (like that girl Jane on "One World"). She even bleached it blond. If they are like this when they are seven, wait until they're teenagers! Phoebe is Felicia's best friend, but Kat and Felicia don't get along very well. What the girls don't know, is that they're related.

Izzy and Dawn have a seven year old boy named Ryan. He's smart like his dad and religious like his mom. He's got the best grades in the class. Izzy's proud, but also stressed that he doesn't have to help him with his homework! Ryan often gets picked on at school and that's when he made friends with Kat. He likes to hang with her (for protection!). Kat looks like a punkster, a lot like her father, but also like her father, she is a real friend, except when Felicia ticks her off. She and Ryan are great friends. They both are in the band class he plays the trumpet and she plays the guitar and the drums. Sometimes they go to each other's houses to study and play music.

Joe and Sally were unable to have children, but they don't let it bother them. They keep working. They even have two dogs to keep them company, Rocky and Duke, golden retrievers. They also have been talking about adoption, but never got around to it.

T.K and Kari have been trying for a baby, but Kari has had some illnesses. She'll get pregnant, but have a miscarriage. She already had three miscarriages. Kind of like in Joe and Sally's situation, but Sally was just unable to get pregnant and Joe couldn't give her a baby either. Amazingly though, Kari got pregnant again and she is hoping for a baby boy. But she's been having weird symptoms. She has been keeping this from T.K and visiting Joe alone.

The digimon humans have found work suitable for them. Arnold, (Agumon) is in the army, Birdie, (Biyomon) has become a pilot, Gary, (Gabumon) is a daredevil, Keith, (Tentomon), is a power-line worker and electrician, Lily (Palmon) became Mimi's assistant, Greg, (Gomamon) is a lifeguard, Adam, (Patamon) and Angelica (Gatomon) are pro figure skaters. The new digimon humans, Alison, (Grazemon) is a firefighter, Liz (Lizardmon) is a meteorologist, and Josh, (Ninjamon) is a kung fu master. Only Angelica and Adam are married. The rest are too busy earning money to become financially able just to live alone! They found it too tough, so they became roommates, Keith and Gary moved into Arnold's apartment. Josh and Greg became roommates. Birdie and Lily are roommates and so are Alison and Liz; all four girls live in the same apartment building and the guys live in another.

"Kari, I feel odd being secretive about this," Joe admitted, about to tell her test results.

"Is it that bad?" she asked.

"Let me call T.K," he said, not able to answer.

"Must be bad," she mumbled.

He began to pick up the phone, but she stopped him, "No, I want to tell him. Please, Joe, just tell me what my results are. What's the matter with me?"

"It's hard for me to tell you because you're my friend," he moaned. "Kari," he set her back down and kneeled to take her hand, "You're dying."

"Dying?" she gasped, almost unable to say it, nor believe it. "No, no!"

"You have cancer."

"C-cancer?" she stuttered, "I have cancer? Where?" she put her hand over her mouth,

"Your lymph nodes."

"Luekemia," she stated.

"You also have Anemia," he added.

"That explains the nosebleeds and fatigue," she whispered, her chest heaving.

"The cancer's spreading fast, that's probably why I just been able to tell what it is now."

"I can't die, Joe!" she shook her head, "T.K will be heartbroken!"

"Kari, I know this hard…"

"Is this why I've been so sick? When I was a kid, I got sick a lot."

He nodded, "must be. I heard about what happened in Digi-world."

"I don't understand, Angelica gave me her blood. Shouldn't it have helped me?" she asked. "When our digimon became human, they still kept the ability to heal fast and their blood has more antibodies, so why do I have cancer?"

"The blood she gave you treated the symptoms you had then. But I guess it can't cure cancer," he said sadly, "I still need to study this."

"How much longer do I have?" she asked.

"I honestly don't know," he admitted, "A few weeks, maybe a month, a year. I'm just not sure."

"I don't want to die!" she cried. "Is God punishing me? I've always been a good person, I'm a vet, I gave my self up to Myotimson, I did what I thought was right. Why is this happening to me? Why, Joe?"

"I'm only a doctor," he sighed, giving her hand a soft, reassuring squeeze, "sometimes, Kari, bad things happen to good people. It's not because God is punishing anybody. It really hurts me to say this to you. I hate losing patients, they're my friends."

"What can you do?"

"I'll give you some antioxidants that should help with the pain and their safe to use during pregnancy."

"I can't lose another baby, I can't!" she groaned, letting her hand out of his grasp. "But, if I'm going to die, the baby could die too." She wiped a tear away, "but I'll take them. Maybe there will be a miracle. Do you believe in miracles, Joe?"

He nodded, "of course, I see at least one every day. We're both doctors, Kari."

"Yes, we are," she stood up.

"You need to get plenty of rest, just stay off your feet as much as possible and take those pills at least twice a day," he ordered. "Now come on, give me a smile."

"Sure Dr. Kido!" she said, smiling and trying her best to be as cheerful as possible, "I will!"

"That's what I like to hear!" he said with the same enthusiasm, "laughter is the best medicine!"

"Then I laugh until I can't laugh anymore!" she said, giving him a hug, "thank you!"

He hugged back, "now, you have got to tell T.K and if those pills don't work, we'll have to let Tai know so we can check his blood."

"For a bone marrow transplant, right?"

"If needs be, yes," he muttered. "It'll be our best hope."

"I'd better be going home now, I do feel a bit fatigued." She grabbed her purse and as she opened the door she stopped in the middle, looked back and smiled, "oh and Joe, thanks, you're a great friend and doctor. I don't know how this hospital will manage without you around."

He smiled back, absolutely touched, "you're welcome and thanks."

"Goodbye," she said, still smiling and left.


T.K got home earlier than usual. His boss said he could go because he knew that Kari was pregnant. His exact words were, "Ishida, go on home and be with your wife! Let Kari know we're thinking of her." He even gave him a bouquet of flowers to give to her.

Lucky came to greet T.K and he pulled on his sleeve.

"What is it, boy?" he asked, "have you been fed yet?" he put the flowers on the counter, "Kari, are you home sweetheart?"

Lucky pulled on T.K's sleeve harder, with a short growl. It was like Lucky was trying to tell him something.

"Lucky, what is it?"

Lucky kept his mouth on T.K's sleeve and led him into their bedroom, where an unconscious Kari lay face down on the carpet. Luck let go and whimpered as he put his head on Kari's side and pushed it, trying to get her up. He looked at T.K as if to say, "I can't get her up."

"Oh no! Kari!" T.K shouted. He ran to her side, knelt down and turned her around. Her nose was bleeding and her forehead was hot, oh so hot, that T.K's hand felt like it could melt just touching her forehead, "Kari, can you hear me?"

Lucky whimpered again and licked the blood from her face. He looked at T.K again, as if to say, "what's the matter with her?"

T.K checked her pulse and breathing, she was breathing, shallow and her pulse was so weak he almost couldn't feel it. Kari looked like she was off in another world. He put hand down on her belly to feel the baby's heartbeat, still as a stone. He wiped the rest of the blood from her nose with a tissue. A bottle of antioxidants were grasped in her hand, the top gone. In a daze, he just took it and put it in his pocket, telling her to hang on as he lifted his weak, helpless, close-to-death wife in his arms full of strength and valor and carried her out.

He could hazily hear Lucky barking as he ran down the steps and to the car, he put her in the backseat and smoothed a hair out of her face. "Hold on baby, just hold on for me, okay?" he kissed her forehead and sped off to the emergency room.

Tai and Sora came to visit them just after T.K left. Felicia told them that she came to visit Kari everyday. Yesterday she wasn't feeling well and when she came to see her today, she didn't come to the door. Felicia wanted to come again and since Tai had a copy of the house key, he didn't question her.

"Nobody's home," Tai murmured, "honey, was the car here when you came?"

"Yes, Daddy," she nodded, "it was there and so was Lucky. I could him barking when I knocked on the door, but Aunt Kari didn't come to the door."

"Was T.K's motorcycle here?" Sora asked.

"No, but the car was. I'm scared," she said, shivering and wrapping her arms around her, "I kept knocking and calling for Aunt Kari, but she never came to the door. I stayed there for about 15 minutes."

"I hear Lucky barking," Tai observed, opening the door. "You two stay here, I'm gonna look around."

"I want to come too!" Felicia objected, "What if Aunt Kari's??"

"Just stay here, Felica, I'll be right back."

"But Daddy!"

"Just let your father go, honey," Sora murmured softly. "He knows what he's doing."

As Tai walked up the stairs, he kept his hand on his crest of courage, "Don't be scared, don't be scared, don't be scared," he kept chanting to himself. "Maybe Kari's just watching T.V." His mind flashed back when she got sick when they were younger, and in Digi-world, and when Kari was in the hospital from the dog bite. All the other times when she got sick. It's all adding up, he thought to himself, Kari's illness. When he got the door, she gulped when found it wide open. Lucky was barking in the living room and he ran toward the bed room, came back and barked and ran to the bed room.

"Smart dog," Tai mumbled, following Lucky. Lucky pointed his nose to the bloody tissue and the blood stains on the carpet. A couple of pills laid on the floor with the unscrewed cap. Tai took one look at the articles and stepped back in a short breathless gasp. He didn't need to ask Izzy what it all meant: His little sister was in trouble. He picked up the pill and the cap, and ran outside, Lucky right behind him.

"Sorry, Lucky," Tai said stopping to pet him, petting him, "I'd take you with me, but you should stay here."

The dog whined, but obeying went back inside and Tai closed the door and locked it.

"Good dog," Tai murmured and ran back down, where his wife and daughter waited for him.

"Dad, what is it?" Felicia asked.

"Kari's in trouble, honey. We've got to get to the hospital," he put the car in gear and sped off to the hospital, unaware of what they might find.

T.K walked back and forth. He'd just called Matt and Adam. They both said they'd be here soon. T.K couldn't believe it. His wife and best friend laid in a hospital bed and he couldn't do a thing to help her.

"Uncle T.K!" Felicia shouted, running to him and throwing her arms around his hips, "we'd thought you be here. You weren't home!"

"How'd you know I'd be here?" he asked in surprise. He looked up, "Tai, I was just going to call you!"

"No need," he mumbled, taking the bloodstained tissue, the pills and the cap, "I found these. I knew something was wrong. T.K, what happened?"

"I found Kari on the floor, with this in her hand," he picked took the bottle out and handed it to Tai. Tai nodded and put the pills inside and screwed the cap on, "where's my sister?"

"Over there," he pointed to the room.

"What's wrong with Kari?" Sora asked.

"Joe told me that she has cancer. Kari just saw him today and she's been going secretly."

"Kari did what?" Tai shouted, "I don't believe it!"

"I said about the same thing," T.K admitted, "Kari didn't want us to know about it. She didn't want to worry us."

"Well, we're worried!" Tai fretted, "How long has this been going on?"

"Couple months, I did suspect something going on, but Kari didn't say anything. You know, Tai, your sister really knows how to keep a secret!"

"What about the baby?" Sora asked.

"They had to take it out by Caesarian. It's chance of life might be as slim as Kari's," he said, slumping down in a chair, "when I found Kari, I couldn't feel the baby's heart beat."

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Felicia asked.


"My new cousin is a boy?" she mumbled, but then stopped to think of it, she was still older, "that's pretty cool!"

Matt, Mimi and their family came in, followed by Adam and Angelica. Adam and Angelica said hello to everyone stood by Kari's window.

"T.K, are you all right?" Matt asked, giving his younger brother a hug.

"I'm so glad you're here!" T.K cried, "brother."

"I'm your brother, where else would I be when you need me?"

"Hi Phoebe!" Felicia said, slapping her a high five.

Phoebe smiled, "hi Felicia, glad to see you here!"

"Yeah, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"To see our Aunt Kari."

"Get out!" she laughed, "she's my aunt too!"

"No way!" she turned to her mom, "Hey mom, why didn't you tell us we were cousins?"

"Ask your father."

"We're cousins?" Kat grumbled, "great."

"Well, you see, T.K's my brother and Kari's Tai's sister," Matt explained nervously.

"You didn't tell them?" T.K demanded, "Matt, have you been playing in concerts too long to tell them that they're cousins?"

"Yeah dad," Kat said, "is it because you thought we wouldn't like her?"

"Hey, I like her!" Phoebe objected, "Felicia's cool, but she could dress better."

"Phobe?!" Felicia gasped, "what's wrong with what I wear!"

"I never see you in pink, pink would really look nice on you!" she said.

"Oh yeah," she joked, "well, let's see you try holding a tennis racket!

The two girls giggled and linked arms.

"I can't believe I'm cousins with you," Kat said, crossing her arms.

"Hey, that's not very nice!" Felicia snapped. "You take that back!"

"Yeah, Kat! Felicia's our cousin!" Phoebe cried.

"Oh great," Mimi sighed, "Matt, I knew this was going to happen."

"But Mimi, I!"

"You see, Kat takes after you and she's not getting along with Felicia," Mimi said, "Just like you and Tai."

"That's right Mimi," Sora said, "and Felicia takes after Tai."

"Actually, hon, she takes after both of us and Kari. If Felicia does take after me, she'd be a soccer champion."

"You look like the girl in the slasher movie!" Felicia said to Kat, "who do you think you are with that hair?"

"Do you always start conversations like this?" Kat demanded with a sneer.

"So how many fights do you get in everyday? 5? 8? 11?"

"You talk too much!" Kat accused, pushing her back.

"Don't touch me, you punk!" Felicia demanded, pushing her back.

"Oh yeah Tai, just like Kari," Matt grumbled. "Should of raised her a bit more carefully!"

"Don't tell me how to raise my daughter!" Tai ordered, grabbing Matt's collar. "Just look at yours!"

"You know mom, if Kat was like me, we wouldn't have this problem," Phoebe said, "and we'd be friends too."

"Punk!" Felicia snapped, pushing Kat back again.

"Da-weeb!" Kat grunted, her next push to Felicia was a harder shove.


"Girls, stop it!" Sora ordered, grabbing Felica's arm.

"Cut it out!" Mimi grabbed Kat's arm, "You shouldn't be fighting in a hospital!"

"Sorry about that Mimi," Sora apologized.

"It's okay," Mimi smiled, "no how are we supposed to separate our husbands?" she looked at Tai and Matt, who had each other by the collars.

T.K stepped in between Tai and Matt, socking both of them in the mouth, "Now that's enough! Ever since you two met, you got into fight after fight after fight! I'm sick of it! Now when your girls meet each other, they start to fight! I can't take it anymore! Don't you know that Kari is dying in there? Huh? My best friend in the world could die today and there's nothing I can do to help her!" he shouted, pointing to Kari's room. "she could lose another baby, but she doesn't know. And here you are fighting over something stupid Open your eyes people!" he saw that he just lost control in front of his loved ones and his little nieces. Adam and Angelica turned around in shock. Everyone stood, blinking. They just couldn't believe what happened. "I'm sorry everyone, I'm…"

"Uncle T.K?" Felicia sniffed, "our cousin, Aunt Kari…" she stopped as she found the words impossible to say.

"Could die?" Phoebe finished the question.

"Oh how awful," Kat mumbled, making their phrase complete.

The three girls looked at each other, they were all related and two of them were fighting over nothing when they were supposed to be family.

"Sorry, Kat," Felicia said.

"Me too, Cuz," she smiled.

"Cuz? I like that!" Felicia laughed. "It's okay, Cuz."

The two girls shook hands.

"Tai, I need to tell you something," Joe said, walking to the group, "Kari's condition is worse."

"Oh no," he mumbled.

"You're her closest relative and we will need to check your blood."

"Joe, why would you need to check Tai's blood?" Sora asked.

"Because he's Kari's brother," He explained If you both have the same blood type, we'll need to do a bone marrow transplant."

"I've heard of those, Daddy," Felicia said, "It's really painful for the donor."

"Can't be more painful than losing Kari," he said, "Okay, let's do it. I'm not scared."

"Joe, there's a problem," Jim said, "the kid in room 412."

"Oh no, not the kid in the knife fight again!" he groaned.

"I can't get through to him, Joe. Seems like you're the only doctor he'll listen too."

Izzy's family just came in, "Hi, Jim just called us." Izzy said. Ryan went to comfort Kat.

"Okay, I'll go, can you take Tai here to the lab so we can give Kari the transplant?"

"Sure, come on Tai."

"Can I see Aunt Kari?" Felicia asked.

"We all want to see her," Kat added.

Both Jim and Joe nodded. "But you won't like what you'll see," Jim said.

The three girls went in to visit their aunt and found her sleeping. They sat next to her, waiting for her to wake up.

"Look, Aunt Kari looks like she's coming around," Felicia observed.

"Hey, Aunt Kari? Can you hear us?" Kat leaned over and gave her shoulder a push, "Hey, wake up!"

"What's that around her neck?" Phoebe asked, "Mom and dad has one like it too!"

"Wow," Felicia gasped, "and so does my parents. Uncle T.K too."

"Ugh," Kari moaned, stirring, "hi girls." She smiled.

"How are you feeling?" Felicia asked. "Gosh, Aunt Kari, you don't look so hot."

Her crest of light glowed, "I'll be fine," she murmured.

"Aunt Kari, what's that?" Felicia asked, picking it up. "It's glowing!"

"My crest of light."

"Really? Mom and dad has one too."

"Yes, Felicia," Kari said, "your dad has the crest of courage and your mom has the crest of courage."

"That's cool!" Felicia smiled. "And Uncle T.K's?"

"the crest of hope," she murmured gently.

"Wow," Kat said, "what about my parents?"

"Yeah," Phoebe said, "Dad has a blue one and mom's is green."

"the blue one is friendship, the other is sincerity."

"Cool! I'd like a crest!" Felicia admitted.

"Hey wait, Mr. and Mrs. Izumi have crests too," Kat said. "I'm quit sure of it, I was at Ryan's and he was helping me study…"

"Kat and Ryan sittin' in a tree!" Phoebe interrupted.

"Hey, stop it!" Kat snapped, "He was only studying with me because I said I'd keep those jerks from beating him up everyday!" Kat felt her cheeks become warm.

"Aunt Kari, where did you get this crest? And Mom and dad?" Felicia asked, sounding confused. "I didn't see any stores that have 'em!"

"They're not in stores, honey. I got them somewhere else." Kari said.

"Can you tell us?" Kat asked.

"It started when both your parents went to soccer camp when they were kids," Kari explained, "Joe and Izzy were both there."

"Joe?" Felicia asked

"Dr. Kido, the younger one," she said.

"Where were you?" Kat asked.

"I was sick."

"Well, can you tell us some more?"

"Sure, when they were at summer camp, it began to snow and they went to a really awesome place called, Digi-world…"