The Power of Hope2

The Power of Hope Part 2

"Well, isn't it Dr. Kido?" the kid in room 412 grumbled. He had a bandage wrapped around his forehead and his left eye was covered with the bandage. He got in a terrible knife fight and got punched in the eye and his arm was cut. The people who fought him stole his money and tore his shirt apart. His brown hair was oily and it came about mid-neck. His eyes were gray.

"Hi Jedato, how you feeling today?"

"Fine and my name's Jed!"

"You shouldn't talk to my like that."

"I'll talk to you however I want!" he snapped.

"Listen Jed, you're lucky to be alive. Those kids could've taken more than just your money."

Jed turned his head and squinted to see the TV. He was watching a Music Television Channel. "Oh what do you care?"

"Where are your parents?" Joe asked, taking a chair and turning it around to sit on it. He put his arms on the frame.

"I don't have no parents."

"No parents?" he was shocked to hear it. "Friends? Nobody to rely on?"

"I don't need nobody!"

"I can't tell you don't have any teachers either." Joe mumbled. "Want to hear a story?"

"Hell no!" he snapped rudely.

"Well, I'm telling you anyway!" Joe snapped back, but in a friendlier way. "Listen, Jed, I once had a really cool patient. His name was Ray Duro. He used to be an excellent high school teacher and he got in a bad accident."

"Then he died, right? Gosh Doc, that's a stupid story!"

"I'm not done yet!" Joe said, "he was paralyzed from the chest down. He couldn't only blink and talk. He could move his head slightly."

"What a way to go, how depressing."

"It is depressing, but you know what? Ray Duro was different from many of my patients. He was happy that he was alive. He would tell me all about the kids he taught in his classes and how they thanked him for changing their lives. Some even came so he'd teach them."

"What happened to him?"

"He died in the big earthquake 7 years ago. Do you remember that earthquake?"

"Yeah, I lost some of my friends in that earthquake."

"Now, I want to tell you about anther patient of mine of mine. Taichi Kamiya. Heard of him?"

"The soccer player that became a racecar driver?"

"That's right, you've heard of him!" he laughed, "but he got hurt in a soccer game. Broke his leg real bad. When I told him he might not play soccer ever again, he became really bitter…like you."

"Oh shut up," he mumbled.

"Until I told him about Ray and man, did Tai change!" Joe still found it unbelievable. "He could still play soccer if he wanted, and his leg is fully healed now. For a year, he walked with a limp and now he could kick a soccer ball as far as you can see!" he said with a smile. "Boy, he sure proved me wrong. But now, he's just the soccer coach at high school and he's also a race car driver."

"What's your point?" Jed asked, obviously not interested in the idea.

"Tai realized that he couldn't linger on just a broken leg. He felt selfish and he changed back to his brave self. Now his kid sister is dying of leukemia and guess what he's doing right now?"


"Wrong! He's getting his blood checked so if he's a match, we'll take some of his bone marrow to put it in Kari. You know what a bone marrow transplant is like for the donor? It's not very pretty, but he loves his little sister so much, that he's willing to do a painful procedure just to buy his sister some time."

"That's quite a price," Jed whispered.

"It is and I hope this changes things, because I'm sick of your attitude!" Joe stood up and pushed the chair away. "You're lucky to be alive, kid! You just got a few scratches and black eye."

"When can I go home?" Jed asked.

"You have no home, Jed!" Joe said, "am I making this clear? You've got nobody! Who's gonna take care of you?"

"I can take care of myself, I'm 13 years old!"

"You got nobody!" he shouted, holding his arms out to the side, "When I was 13, I was in a different position and place you were in!" (Yeah, it's called the Digi-world!)

"Oh yeah? Well, what are you gonna do? Huh? Adopt me?!"

"What?" Joe mumbled. "What did you say?"

Unable to see the look in his eyes, he turned his head. "Look, Dr. Kido. I appreciate what you did for me. I never knew who my real parents were. I heard my dad was a drunk and left my mom, she couldn't take care of me, so she got rid of me. I got tired of people handing me from foster home to foster home, so I just went to the streets."

"That's what your papers say," Joe said.

"Life's a joke," Jed groaned, "it's a cheap joke!"

"Yours maybe," Joe argued, pointing his finger at him accusingly. "It makes me sick when I get patients that don't want to live!"

"Cut the crap, Doc!" he stared out of the window, he didn't want Joe to see his face.

Joe came closer, leered over Jed and turned his head so he could look at his face, "Do you really want to go home? Hmm? Do you? Fine! Go right ahead! There are a lot of suffering people in here and most of them want to live! You're making it harder for everyone else! You're taking up too much space in my hospital!" he pointed out the door, " Go on to your little corner on the sidewalk! I want patients that want to live, not bitter, rude and ignorant teenagers that think life's a joke! Go on and see if I care!" disgusted, he started to walk away, "You wouldn't last a day!"

"Dr. Kido, wait!" Jed shouted, forcing himself up. Joe left, ignoring his plea, "oh, great!" he slammed his fist down on the bed.

* * *

"Digiworld, digimon, digivices and crests?" Felicia mumbled, unable to understand or believe a word Kari has told her. "I don't believe it!"

"Well I believe it!" Kat said, pointing her thumb into her chest, "That's quite a story! The best story I ever heard!"

"Me too," Phoebe agreed.

"But I think it's way cool the way you gave yourself up to this Myotismon jerk," Felicia said with a smile, "that took guts, Aunt Kari!"

"I was worried that I wouldn't see Gatomon anymore and I thought it would make Myotismon stop," Kari explained, "it's too bad that there is no more digiworld anymore."

"That is a bummer!" Phoebe sighed, "but at least the digimon became human and they are still with you."

Felicia walked toward the window, "you know Aunt Kari, I wish I could go to another place, just like Digiworld. I've always wanted to get away from it all, see new things, find myself, have an adventure once in awhile…"

The Kari reached her hand to her heart and gasped, "I-I can't, breathe!" she managed out.

"Aunt Kari?" Phoebe mumbled.

The monitor made a long beep and it showed a flat line, Kari collapsed on the bed, unable to breathe, her heart stopped beating.

Knowing what the beep meant, Felicia screamed and ran to Kari to shake her, "Hey, Aunt Kari!?"

"We got to get the doctor!" Phoebe told them, trying to control her tears.

"Mom, Dad!" Kat cried, running out.

"Mom, Uncle T.K!" Felicia ran beside Kat as Phoebe behind Felicia.

"Felicia, honey, what is it?" Sora asked.

"Kat, slow down and tell me what happened," Matt ordered.

"Are you all right, Kat?" Ryan asked in concern, reaching his hand to her.

"It's Aunt Kari, we were just talking to her and then she said she couldn't breathe!" Felicia sobbed.

"Then she fell asleep again and we couldn't get her to wake back up!" Kat added with a cry.

"She was telling us a great story too, it was about digiworld," Phoebe sighed as Mimi kept her close.

"Kari did what?" T.K gasped.

"Digiworld?" the others said at once.

T.K turned to the window to look at his best friend in the world, he wanted to go in there to do something to help her, anything, to hold her hand, just anything, but he was unable to move. He couldn't even talk. He just stood there with fear in his eyes, the biggest fear he ever felt in his whole life. She could die today and there was nothing, nothing he could do but watch.

Jim, Joe and other doctors and nurses ran in to begin working on her.

"I can't stand and watch this," T.K whispered, "I've got to get out of here!" He began to walk outside.

"Hey, where you going, T.K?" Matt demanded, grabbing his arms.

"Out for some air," T.K murmured, "I can't stay here," his soft voice rose to a shout, "I just can't stand to watch Kari in that bed anymore! I need to get out of here!" He shook off Matt's arm and walked away.

"T.K, come back!" Matt shouted after him.

"Let him go, Matt," Mimi said, "he needs to be alone."

It was snowing outside and there already was snow on the ground. T.K stumbled away, while grabbing at his crest. He grunted and ripped it off his neck, "damn this crest of hope! It was nothing but bad luck!" he looked at it in anger in disgust, like the crest was covered with mud, "it took forever to glow and to make Angmeon digivolve! Why am I always the last one to get anything? Why? I was a good kid, I waited and waited for Patamon to digivolve, it seemed like decades! I hate being last!" T.K shuddered and paused, but he wasn't finished yelling at the crest, "Was it because I was the smallest, is that it? Why did I get stuck with the crest of hope? I hoped for a lot of things and nothing happened! Why couldn't I get something better? I feel so ashamed, I could just die!" and with that, he turned around and threw the crest away in the snow. He ran off to his car and went home, because he had no where to go.


Kari floated out of her body and looked down to see doctors and nurses working on it. "No, I'm dead?"

"Not just quite, Kari," a familiar male's voice to her left.

"Mr. Ishida?" Kari mumbled, "but you're dead!"

"Hi Kari," another voice on her right murmured.

"Gennai? W-what's going on here?"

"Do you know how special you are to your family?" Gennai asked.

"Yes, of course I do! I need them! I got to go back."

"And they need you, Kari," Mr. Ishida added.

"Yes, I know that, but what's the point of this? I can't die now!" Kari shouted.

"Kari, you kept this from your family, only to keep from hurting them," Mr. Ishida said. "You realize where T.K is right now? He just threw his crest away."

"No!" Kari gasped, "Not T.K!"

"You need to know how special you are, you are a digidestined, without you," Gennai whispered, "Myotismon would have destroyed everything, the dark masters would have ruled the digiworld forever if it hasn't been for your thoughtfulness and integrity."

"You also have a son in the hospital who needs you," Mr. Ishida said, "but we can't send you back until you strive to live, you need the will to live."

"But, I thought I did," Kari mumbled, "didn't I?"

"You thought you could handle this all on your own," Gennai told her, "you got to let others help you. Don't push others away. You can't do everything just by yourself. That's the point of this all, Kari. Right now, your brother is going to give you some of his bone marrow."

"But Tai's--"

"Just let him do it for you, let him do what he's always wanted to do. You've done plenty for him," Mr. Ishida said, "you gave people a lot of things, let them return the favor."

"I understand," Kari moaned, "I'm ready."

"Thata girl!" Mr. Ishida said. "Now go! It's not your time yet."

"Good, this out of body nonsense scares me!" she went back to her body and the monitor made the normal beeps as the screen gave easy lines up and down. Her eyes opened to see Jim, Joe and the doctors and nurses, "I feel…better." She murmured.

"Tai is going under the surgery right now," Jim said, "He'll be really sore for awhile, but it will make you feel better."

"I understand, let's get on with it," she said with a smile.

"Wow," Joe mumbled, "I'm surprised to hear you say that!"

"So am I Joe, so am I!" she mumbled back.


T.K was asleep on his lazy boy in the living room. He dreamed a really weird dream. He was climbing a mountain, similar to the mountain on his crest. It was dark and he couldn't see a thing. The sun was on the other side. As he struggled to lift himself up, he hear evil digimon voices talking to him. "You can't do it, little one!" they all said. "You are finished!"

"No, don't listen to them, T.K!" Kari said.

Matt's voice followed hers, "Come on, T.K, make me proud!"

But T.K still found it hard to climb up the dark mysterious mountain. "I can't do it," he whispered, "I'm a failure! What's the point?" and after he said those words, he slipped and fell to his death.

"Augh!" T.K leaned forward as Lucky pulled on his pant leg. "Thanks, Lucky." He looked on his lap, he was looking through Kari's scrap book. She kept a lot of things in it, she even kept the flowers T.K gave her in the digiworld and every corsage that she wore on each formal dance was pressed in with the pictures. There were some pictures when she and Tai were younger. He smiled at the pictures of Kari's past, but frowned at the thought of no pictures for her future.

The doorbell ran and T.K groaned as he went to go answer it, "I'm coming, I'm coming." He opened it and gasped when he saw Dawn standing in front of him, "Dawn, what're doing here?"

"Were you expecting Matt instead?" she asked.

"Oh, come in," he said, turning to the side.

"Thanks," she came in and sat down. "Listen, I know you're hurt, but you can't just lose hope."

"Why not?" he demanded, "there's no point in just hoping for things! I hoped for a lot of things and they never happened."

"Oh, I'm sure you got some things you hoped for," she persuaded, "I know there's a lot of things you hoped for and something did happen."

T.K thought back to the time when he was younger, "okay, when I was in camp, I nearly cut of one of Joe's fingers and I hoped that I'd miss and I did miss. He didn't get hurt."

"I'll be sure not to tell Sally!" Dawn laughed.

"And I did hope that Patamon would sometime digivolve, and he did. I also hoped that someday I'd return home from the digiworld and we did," T.K couldn't believe it was true, "well, maybe I was right."

"Anything else?"

"I also hoped that the 8th digidestined was someone my size and Kari is…well, was anyway," he whispered.

"What was something that you never gave hope on?" Dawn questioned, knowing that T.K had a lot of hopes.

"Since I was a little kid and my parents divorced," T.K sighed, "I never gave hope that someday, somehow, my parents will get back together and I'll be reunited with my family."

"And that happened, T.K, don't you see?" Dawn urged, "it was your hope that brought you this far! You can't lose your hope, not now when you need it most!" she reached her hand to her crest of faith, "I was once in your shoes for awhile. I also lost a friend to cancer and I lost faith in everything, until I went to a church. The preacher there was so nice to me. I confessed all my sins, they weren't big ones, but still, I felt guilty and I was angry at the world, angry at God that he took my friend away from me."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Dawn," T.K sympathized. "So what happened?"

"I went to church every Sunday," she said, "I got a cross and I wore it with pride because I knew if I always kept my faith, everything will be okay. Faith and hope are kind of like the same thing," she took his crest out, "don't you think?"

"My crest!" he shouted, taking it and kissing it, like it was a special treasure.

"I found it in the snow, I wonder how it got there," she said.

He tied it around his neck, "I'm never going to throw this away again! Thanks Dawn."

"I also want to tell you something, your hope made a miracle today," Dawn said, "they brought Kari back and as soon as she gets the bone marrow transplant, she'll be fine!"

"That's amazing!" T.K laughed.

"Your son will be able to make it too! It's a miracle, T.K!" Dawn cried. "Don't you believe in miracles, T.K?"

"I Sure do! Let's go!"


Joe was surprised to find Jed still in the hospital room, "I thought you were going home." He said grimly.

"I have no where to go." Jed looked at him with tear-filled eyes.

"Oh, I see," it was all Joe managed to say.

"I heard a lot of commotion," Jed whispered, "what happened down the hall?"

"Kari, Tai's little sister just went into cardiac arrest but we were able to bring her back. The bone marrow transplant will give her strength back."

"I'm glad." He reached his hand to the bandage covering his eye, "can I take the bandage off my eye now?"

"Yes," Joe carefully unwrapped the bandage from his face and saw that the wound was almost all fully healed. He saw a small scar and the bruise that used to be black was now a greenish yellow. "The stitches have kept that cut together nicely. Would you like ice for your eye?"

"No, but I could use a bath," Jed mumbled, "Dr. Kido?"

Joe was checking his pulse, "Yes Jed?"

"I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier."

"It's okay, Jed."

"Can I call you Dad?"

Joe dropped his wrist, "What?"

"Will you adopt me? I think you're the greatest doctor here!"

"Excuse me?" Joe said nervously. He hasn't felt this nervous since digiworld! "I think you suffered a concussion or something."

"I'm serious Dr. Kido!" Jed said, trying to sound convincing, "You've got to believe me!"

"Let me talk to my wife first," he turned around and saw that Sally was already there.

"Of course we'll adopt you." She said.

"But Sally!" Joe argued. "I was going to find some foster parents for him! Honest."

"Like who? Josh and Alison?" Sally asked, "Joe, look at him!"

"You don't want me!" Jed cried, "you're just like everyone else!"

"No Jed, that's not true! I was going to find a place for you to stay." Joe said, taking both of his wrists, in an effort to make him understand. "I have a lot of friends that would be happy to adopt you."

"I don't want anyone else," Jed threw his arms around Joe's waist and pressed his cheek against his chest. "I want you!"

"Joe, just look at the boy." Sally said.

"Please, Dr. Kido, I promise I'll do whatever you want, I'll even cut my hair and I'll straighten up! I promise! Just don't send me back to the streets, don't send me to somebody else!"

"We've talked about adoption, Joe and now we have our chance." Sally came up behind him, "Well?"

Joe looked at Sally and then at Jed. Looking at that troubled teenager's face, how could he say now? He felt the tears coming to his eyes, "Okay, Jed, son, you can stay with us." He held Jed's head close to his chest.

"Thank you Dr. Kido!" Jed cried.

"You can call me Dad now," Joe chuckled.

"Welcome to the family son," Sally said, her arms both around Jed and Joe. "We'll fill out the adoption papers as soon as possible."

"Thank you, Mom!" Jed cried, "oh thank you!"


Ryan kept hold Kat's hand when the surgery was finished. The doctors put Tai in Kari's room so they could be together. They talked about they good ol' days when they were kids.

"Your aunt's going to be okay," Ryan said softly.

"Thanks, Ryan," Kat whispered.

Ryan looked up at Izzy, "Dad, where did Mom go?"

Even with his crest of knowledge, Izzy had no idea, "I'm not sure," he mumbled.

Just then, T.K and Dawn came in, "hey, look who I found!" Dawn said.

"Is Kari any better?" T.K asked.

"She's even feeling better than Tai!" Sora said, "It's just a miracle."

"Hey Tai, remember that time when jumped in the pig pen when I accidently fell in?" Kari asked.

"Too well," Tai groaned.

"Well, thanks for doing it, I know it probably wasn't easy."

"Hey, it was easier than doing this!" Tai laughed, then groaned at the pain in his bones. They took quite of bone marrow from both of his legs. "but I'd do anything for you, you know that right?"

"Thanks Tai, you're the best big brother any little sister could ask for!"

"And you're the best little sister any big brother could ask for!" Tai laughed, then groaned again, "Man, I wish Mom was here!"

"You were always a softy, Tai!" Kari giggled. "Remember the time when---"

"Hey!" Tai cried, "I'm not a softy!"

Their parents came in, "Look dear, both our kids in bed!" their dad said.

"Just like when they were younger," their mom agreed.

Matt and T.K's mom came too and she brought her boys to her, T.K on her left and Matt on her right. "This is a miracle," she said.

"It's amazing what hope can do!" T.K added, his crest glowed, brighter than ever, like it was it's first time glowing.

"Yeah, just amazing," Matt said with a nod, "Just amazing."

From that day on, Kari's cancer got better and she never suffered from cancer again. She and T.K's son lived to and they named him Michael. The Digimon humans lived better lives and experienced more things than they imagined.


My fellow Digimon fans and readers:

Well, what did you think, folks? This is my final digimon drama fanfic.. And I'm serious about that people. I am afraid I won't be able to write any more digimon fanfics, not just drama. I am glad you liked my little series and my other digimon fanfics. I put a lot of effort into it. If you'd like the series to go on, email me and I'll give you some information about the, the new digidestined, (Sally, Dawn and Jim) the digimon humans, and the digidestined's children. If you'd like to add another new digidestined, that's okay. I'll still write more fics, I have some ideas for GW and a sequel to the Ronin Warrior/Sailor Moon crossover I made. I will always keep writing but for digimon, this is it. I know it's sad, but it's true. And those of you that can draw, feel free to draw scenarios from any of my fanfics. Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed my fanfics. Remember the legend of the digimon.


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